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Cataloguing software


Music catalogue software  

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  1. 1. Which cataloguing software do you use?

    • Do I need one?
    • My discogs is enough.
    • OrangeCD
    • Collectorz Music Collector
    • Any other

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Do you have a favourite cataloguing software? Do you even use one? Or do you think your discogs account is enough?


Personally, for more than a decade I use OrangeCD. Cheap to buy, you keep it forever, constantly updated and has everything you need (and more).


So, what program do you use? (if any)

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I'm using a DNLA MediaServer (self-coded) that extracts all metadata from the tracks, stores it on a database and exposes it via a defined search query syntax (UPNP ContentDirectory).

Similar to http://mediatomb.cc


Unlike mediatomb, my server does not have a web-interface, but I run a small second app to talk with the MediaServer. It just forwards search queries I enter and then presents the tracks, with play & download button.

Just as an example - if I'm looking for some night sound I have not listened to a lot of times yet, or any Chris Rich track, I enter something like "(bpm > 150 AND bpm < 165 and playcount < 5) OR artist contains 'Chris Rich'" , hit "Submit" and then I get a list of all tracks that match the given criterias.

Yeah... very technical solution, but extremely flexible and powerful after you learned the query syntax.

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