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Vedama & Spies - Photonic EP


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Artist: Vedama & Spies

Title: Photonic EP

Label: DAT Records

Date: December, 2015


1. Vedama - Photonic

2. Vedama - Scanate

3. Spies - Ceremoniak

4. Spies - Backwash

5. Spies & Space Dimension - Ritual Rise

6. Spies - Backwash (Space Demon Remix)



DAT Records have had an awesome run with nary a misstep haven't they? They just keep bringing back music that people clamor for and most times making it even better. Yeah I.F.O. was great...but a 3-CD I.F.O?




*choir sings Hallelujah! Hallelujah!*


Draeke could probably release his nephew's 6th grade piano recital and rack up sales. Not saying that he would, but *yells at nephew* "B flat! That's a B flat f*cker! We'll stay here all night! All f*cking night! You don't think Antic can't tell the difference between a B flat and an A sharp? Think again!"


So I bought this EP with the Pleiadians and Opale (f*cking awesome by the way) EP and I'd never heard of these projects. Of if I had it went to the memory graveyard swimming in a pool of bong water or Doritos crumbs. Did I need it? Did I even give it a listen? Nope, but it's DAT so your just do it. Where the Opale EP was powerful melodic stuff that could've come from the mind of the Pleiadians or old Astral Projection, this is more of a crunchy style. Somewhat dark that blurs the line between goa and psy. Perhaps experimental where chances are taken with quality results. Backwash throws some tribal elements into the mix, but it gets truly psychedelic with the ever changing Ritual Rise and the Backwash Remix. While not my favorite DAT Records release (how could it be?) it's a solid psychedelic journey and might appeal to those who need a break from the classic goa sound.


DAT Records



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Very trippy and personal sound. And Dark!! Favourite tracks: the 2 made by Vedama + the collaboration between Spies and Space dimension, as Mdk said lots of things happening in this one. Unpredictable stuff.

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