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Ziptnf - Planetary Alignment [progressive psytrance]


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Wow, what a year! I stopped DJing last year at this time to focus on my life and get some things done. Since then, I got engaged, bought a house, got married, and switched jobs. Much like a planetary alignment phenomenon, all my planets have aligned and I'm happier than ever with my new life. I doubt I will have the same volume of output from a music standpoint, but I am back, and I'll put out some more mixes as the mood strikes me.


Vandeta - Machine with Emotion [solar Tech]

Flexus - Magnetic Field (Opposite8 Remix) [iono]

Alter Nature - Dawnbreak [spin Twist]

Egorythmia & Dual Resonance - Cosmic Transition [iono]

TOT - Dreams of Dreams (Pointfield Remix) [iNTrance]

E-Clip - Chandra (Ovnimoon Remix) [Power House]

Asya - Blind Colors [Goa Crops]

Egorythmia & E-Clip - Time Travellers [iono]

Kid Vicio & Ultrajett - Space Station [Fresh Frequencies]

Lyctum - Experience [Magnitud]

Planet DIsconnect & Seven Ways - Kepler (Magnus Remix) [Pharmacy]

Sixsense - Over Site [Power House]

Attik - Travel [Expo]

Side Winder - Faith (Electit Remix) [Power House]

Kingpink - Destiny (Micky Noise Remix) [Phoenix Groove]

Indecent Noise - Warsaw 2.0 [Mental Asylum]

Chris Voro & Bl1tz - Space Race (Magnus Remix) [blacked Out]


Soundcloud Link:


(left-click to download)

Ziptnf - Planetary Alignment (1:33:45) 226MB ~320kbps


Image credit to daelly.


Enjoy! :D

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Thanks guys! I look forward to the feedback. Two not so great transitions early on but the rest is smooth sailing. I'll mark that off as rust ;)


I'll try to see if I can find some more ideas rattling around in my head.

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Brightens my day when someone enjoys my mix.


I want to make sure that when I put out a mix, it's the highest quality possible. I'll fine-tooth my mixes a little more next time. I will stand by my track selection and programming 100% of the time though ;) Iono and Yellow Sunshine had the best year from a release standpoint.


What my next mix will be, nobody knows. I will make sure it's awesome <3


Send any requests via PM.

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