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Some suggestions about a party I'm playing at tommorow


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Hi Guys,


a friend of mine is having a small party up the mountains tommorow at a farm house and he requested I played some music since I'm renting them the gear and they don't want to invite DJs because that means that they'll either have to pay them or they'll bring their friends/crew.


I know my goa, new and old but when it comes to modern stuff (post 2001 more or less) I'm a bit clueless. The organisers like goa and they like melodic stuff but I'm pretty sure they'll get bored and will liike some Psy, melodic full-on or fast progressive. They know their music, so they'll chip in too.


In terms of modern stuff I like ovnimoon records, dacru records, tesseract studio (serbian prog), iboga as well as the Swedish prog. However, in terms of full-on and psy, I have no clue. I don't like the nano sound at all, although they have some nice tracks here and there.


So fire on... Some hard dance floor goa suggestions too (i.e UX), as I'm more of a melodies guy!

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*Some Russian Psytrance/Psycore.? I really like the new Psykovsky album, especially the 2nd CD. There's always Deja Vu Fabrique CD too , which is very nice as well.

*How about the new (2013) Juno Reactor album.? -- I dont know how to categorize this one. Melodic, industrial with tons and tons of Indian classical instruments like Sitar, tabla, Veena, flute and what not.

*I'm sure you are aware of the Morphic Resonance - Chromatic World ep :)

*Progressive? Kick Bong's New Album - Lost Valley.


Sorry dont know much of Progressive or Melodic Full-on. May be you'll like some of the above :)
Have a good time.
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Delirious Noon - Launch to Lanctus


The album I play to people new to modern (ish, 6 years ago now!) psytrance. Cracking, phenomenal melodies, punchy bassline, peaks and climaxes.


In terms of Goa stormers, Transwave - Quasar, Zero Density, GNOTR - Ring of Fire, Cosmosis - Howling at the Moon.

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Thanks for the suggestions.


The party went well, we played music until 10 in the morning and then cleaned the place. I played a track from delirious noon too.


A guy who's a sound engineer came to the party too and although he was unprepared he played some good music (with what I had) and the sound was always top notch (wouldn't expect anything else).


The atendees were very high or tripping but I let all of them sit behind the decks and the computer whenever they asked. I Was correcting their errors all the time, snice because of the influence they kept forgetting the crossfader or pressed buttons that messed the sound or just couldn't get things done.


Anyway, they played some horrible stuff too like Revolted (bliaaaah) :excl: :excl: :excl: :excl: [PUKE] and a lot of modern non-sense prog/full on: Ridden, Ital, Conwerter (bliaaaah).... but most of them are young kids or new in this kind of music so they just know of what they are being fed from the party crews in Athens. Anyway, hope I made them realise that there's much more stuff out there that is very interesting.


We played some classic goa at the morining too: Shakta. Etnica, Infinity project... And threw in some UX, Delta, X-dream in between the Full-on ness.

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