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I would like a banner or a logo

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But I dont know where to turn, really.

The one I have now, is just something random I made in photoshop really quickly, beacuse I decided on my new artistname, so I would like a banner to go along with it, and also I am working on my website, which I will use to promote my music etc.

So I am an up and coming artist, and would like something like a banner.

The image I used I found on google so I would want something original obviously.


Does anyone here want to do this for me, no need to spend hours on it, but just so that it is original and I can call it mine :)

The layer with the Elirium-115 I could send you as a transparant .png so you dont even have to work on that at all.

Only the image itself and the name :)


Sorry if this is breaking the rules, but I hope its okay to ask here :)


Thank you again, and If you would like a donation, I could donate something small in either BTC or Paypal. I am not rich at all, ini fact I am very poor, but if you insist I could donate something like 10 dollars or so. I know its cheap but I really just want something original, but not something I want you to work hours on.


Thank you in advance!


To penzoline; I have looked over all of your art on your page at deviantart, and you have amazing talent, so I am hoping you would want to do something but obviously I will take anything from anyone, because I cannot create such images myself :)




Thank you again! PLUR!

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I would like to help you, but I can not offer digital imaging...


I could, however, offer to make a little painting for you that I photograph ... my avatar has been made with this technique ... I could draw you a logo, but be aware that this will take me some time.


And it may turn out shitty because I haven't been painting in AGES, literally. But I'm looking for a purpose for a new entry point to painting anyway. Let me know

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Hello astralprojection,


I think I can help you, but tell me more details please.

Should be ELERIUM be the maine name?

Do you need a logo AND a banner I think.

If you want to place the banner at your webside, it would be helpful to know the pixel size from that space.


Maybe we can help together with RTP :o)

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