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Masaray - Cosmic Trancer


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Artist: Masaray

Title: Cosmic Trancer

Label: Psy-Harmonics

Date: May, 1995


1. Cosmic Trancer

2. Time Traveler

3. Ether Relay

4. Xyber Siva

5. Scorpio Sun Eclipse

6. Time Traveler of Trance







"Yeah, I got a 247...young Bieber in distress. He's no longer a belieber...I repeat no longer a belieber!"


Canadian ass wart Justin seriously wants to know why the f*ck this album sucks. And for the first time ever I agree with him. It's got all the makings of a great goa trance album. 1995. Nothing bad ever happened in 1995.







Yeesh...f*cking Santa died?


All right, f*ck 95, I was a drunken mess singing Alive by Pearl Jam in my lumberjack flannel and gorging myself on Cheeseteaks. The cover still has the color of sunshine and an ancient symbol that screams hippie bullsh*t. Where have I seen that before?





AHHHH!!!! F*cking nazis!



I don't believe in anything anymore. To say this sounds dated is an understatement. Clearly the sound palette is limited and the ideas are as well. Did they put a cat meow on Xyber Siva? Sounds like they were just noodling about and decided to record it in one take. It's not until the final two tracks that we actually discover signs of life. That said those last two tracks are pretty great. But the rest fall far short of what a goa trance album from 1995 should've been. And please don't hand me the "it takes multiple listens" line or "they were limited by their equipment" nonsense. Plenty of great goa came out in 95. I've listened to this more than enough times to know it sounds old and raw. Sometimes that can be a good thing, but this could use a remake.


But hey some call it a classic and would be happy to sell it to you for $100. But for me this was a huge disappointment.

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So you were the one who grabbed it from Earwall!

Thank god I went with downtempo and got some gems. I feel sorry for you. I gave it a listen and couldn't convince myself to spend any money on it, however rare and fair price it was available at.

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Allow me to suggest another angle.


Anyone going into this expecting a banging kickdrum, screaming acid, dancefloor trance album is going to be disappointed. This album speaks to Goa's connection with synthpop, and as such, its production and musical content are as they should be.


Are you familiar with any of Ray Castle's and Masa's other music? Or the style Ray DJed in late 80s Goa? I'm not saying that to be snobby. This is different from what you usually review and requires a different frame of reference to appreciate.

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This is different from what you usually review and requires a different frame of reference to appreciate.


Now that I can appreciate. As we are all fond of saying, musical taste (read artistic) is perhaps the most subjective thing in the world. In truth with the praise this received I was expecting something entirely different and as such was disappointed.

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I was surprised too, by how bored I was when I listened to it last year.

Then I noticed there was no review here and thought I should write one but I forgot about it.


1995 was long time ago but still that year there was fine music released (Koxbox Forever after and Etnica first album for instance, Juno reactor and Hallucinogen).

This is considered to be a classic but it must be one of the most boring old school CD I have ever listened to, which makes the price asked on Discogs even more laughable.


For collectors only. Not my cup of tea.

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Got this some days ago.


It's indeed one of the most overrated albums. Best track (or should I say the only good track?!) is obviously the last one and is conveniently available on the Boyd in the Void CD. Track 4 has indeed what seems a cat meowing.


It was recorded in '94 so a bit of sympathy and appreciation goes for that, but still, this is way to blown historically speaking.

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