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"V/A - Goamystica Vol. 1"

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Trance2MoveU    408



Artist: Various

Title: Goamystica Vol. 1

Label: Mystic Sound Records

Date: April, 2015


01. Maiia303 - Great Spirit
02. Imba & Jagoa - Unidentified Flying Spores
03. Space Elves - Trance India Express
04. Fiery Dawn - Feelings
05. OXI vs Ancient Vision - Balkania
06. Afgin - Nothing Is Over (John Rambo)
07. Jikooha - Going Forward
08. Somnesia - The Flight Of Horus
09. Cactus Arising - Changes
10. Khetzal - Damocles
11. Main Sequence Star - Low Earth Orbit



Mystic Sound Records is a label founded by Alla Vagner (Maiia303) and Edward Cybered and their goal is to release music from across the psychedelic spectrum be it trance, downtempo, or psychill. This is a digital release (which is a shame cause that cover art is mindblowing!) and it sports quite the impressive track list. And let me tell you it is a solid compilation with a fair amount of superb tracks as well as good ones. Maiia303 fresh off her album Sky In Diamonds and EP release Sleepless in Anjuna absolutely wrecks the box with a stormer that I had trouble getting past. Just kept hitting repeat. Imba & Jagoa as well as Fiery Dawn rattle a few windows with some massive sound. Afgin's back and his Rambo track made me smile cause I grew up on Rambo and I have a nice smile. Hide your girlfriends! Jikooha does what Jikooha does and wraps the listener up in a time sucking vortex of twirling that was over far too soon. The second half was pure madness!


The only one I didn't care for was the Space Elves track with it's annoying repetition. Just didn't sit well with me. However the biggest disappointment on the compilation was from Khetzal. It's a good track, but when I think of Khetzal I think of Corelle and this wasn't close to that awesome bliss.


Nice work and thanks to a friend for putting me on to this album, he knows who he is. Here's to hoping one day we can get a physical release outta this. Oh and by the way...I think I'm in love with Maiia303...





Mystic Sound Records Bandcamp

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Aspartic    106

Really good goa compilation! It came a bit out of the blue, but I'm pleasantly surprised.

Warm acidic goa sounds are all I need.

The acid in Maiia303's great spirit is fantastic. Imba and Jagoa do perfectly what you would expect from a super collab like this.

Acid with a tight bassline underneath and a great story.

Fiery Dawn, OXI and Jikooha deliver superb goa tracks each.

Indeed the Jikooha track's second part is mind blowing. It pushes like a train.


Afgin's Rambo makes me smile too and it's a nice track, on the verge of cheesiness. Nothing wrong with that.

Space Elves and Somnesia let me down here. I can't get into the tracks. Something special is lacking. A good thick bassline or simply a journey from start to finish.

Khetzal goes a tad darker than we're used to. I really dig it.


Very nice compilation here and definitely looking forward to a sequel!! :)

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Alek    37

Quite a nice surprise :D Maiia seems to be very productive these days with a number of quality releases coming out.


The standout tracks for me here are Khetzal (showing his darker side) and Jikooha's climax is a tidal wave!

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Penzoline    352

The middle of the Oxi track is superB. True rave goa. Too bad the later melody is medicore at best.

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