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Found 8 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Lurve Connection Vol. 1 Label: Mystic Sound Records Release: September 14, 2018 Tracklist:- 1. False Identity - A State Of Delighted Astonishment 2. Antandra - You Make Me Feel So 3. Shantam - Fly VS Glass 4. Oglob - Nur The Flur 5. Maiia - Lazy Sunset 6. Planet B - Clouds 7. Ben Rama - Initiate (Jeremy’s Aura Remix) 8. Envoka - Ossified Hyoid 9. Nibana - Space Bumper 10. Tuatara - I Forgot To Tell You Something Cute With Mystic Sound Records aiming for Timewarp Records level of output it can be hard to find that special one. Too many choices, or as Alvin Toffler would say, Overchoice (Oh Alvin). And who can blame us, with our ever increasing high standards, insatiable lust for something new and really believing that we deserve to be treated to something special it's a hard dig out there. Well dig no deeper for that special feeling. Jeremy and his Aura has got you covered with 10 dubby, bassy, mystical, beautiful and lovely tracks that will take you to that special place. The place where False Identity brings you a warm tea, wait did he just slip something from an eyedropper into it? No time to think as you are eased into the mood with a soft foot rub, showing you the care and attention that you've been craving, the tea is delicious. Antandra Comes along give you the emotional connection and empathy you've been daydreaming about for so long, to let you know that he is there to listen, that he cares. Feelings are good and all, but Shantam wants to get funky and decides against the traditional episode of Netflix, reaching for the fruit bowl and cream, but there are only oranges and rockmelon, before you know it you're covered in citrus and the least sexy of the melons, are those oranges smiling? Now that the clothes are off Oglob lights the candles and comes out with the room temperature papaya juice and a contract for a pair of antique bronze snap buttons, that de-escalated, are these grandma's snap buttons? Maiia brings the hot wax and dips your toes in it one by one why the toes? you think to yourself, deep deep down you feel like you can remember why, if only you could remember how to remember. Planet B Bursts into the room to raunch things up a bit, with a text book of with words dripping from the cover, no shoes and socks that will soon become your gag, why do they smell of cigarettes you ponder? Eyes watering but with a fresh nicotine hit you glance over to see a bartender shaking away, you wipe a tear from your eye and see Ben Rama pouring thick dull sludge into a glass, or is he pouring a glass into the sludge? He sprinkles it with a hint of Jeremy's Aura and sends it over, straight away you smell it, rockmelon and papaya. Now there is a bear. Where the fuck did a bear come from? Did Envoka really bring a bear? This was meant to be a nice night. Someones at the door, oh no, oh hell no, Nibana with a basket full of Rockmelon, even the bear is staying the fuck away from all these melons. You're tired, you need sleep, mouth wash, a shower and someone to whisper lullabies into your ear. Tuatara is in the bed, covered in actual Tuatara's. Some have shed in your bed, you don't care, you march outside to replay your Lurve connection Vol. 1 album on repeat, curl up in a ball and allow yourself to be spooned while the wall melts into the floor. https://mysticsound.bandcamp.com/album/lurve-connection-vol-1 If you're having trouble finding a worthy downtempo, psybass and dub album then look no further. Every track here is a standout and completely different from the last. The only track I didn't like was Tuatara's closer, it felt like he could have toned down the sweeps and psychedelia by about 10. Regardless it's a wonderful album that I 100% recommend going through and buying to support some funky, trippy lurve music. definitely going to be in my top 10 downtempo list. https://mysticsound.bandcamp.com/album/lurve-connection-vol-1
  2. Artist: Maiia Title: Shining Dragon Label: Mystic Sound Records Date: March, 2017 1. Tale About the Shining Dragon 2. Princess From the North 3. Natural Energy (Album Mix) 4. Maiia303 - Electric Particles (Maiia GoaChill Remix) 5. Microcosmos (Instrumental Mix) 6. Fusion Age (Album Mix) 7. Eastern Saloon 8. Strawberry Lassy (Album Mix) 9. The Great Bear (Album Mix) 10. Kurbeats - Phony Phony (Maiia Remix) Yes, very interesting. This is Alla Vagner who should be familiar to all who frequent this forum based on her 2014 release Sky In Diamonds on Ovnimoon Records. It was a pleasant surprise and a breath of fresh air to hear the organic sound melded with goa trance. Sure it 's been done before, but man did she do it well. She gets right after it with the goa tinged breakbeat track Tale About the Shining Dragon and Natural Energy. I believe that she is the female equivalent to Hardfloor. Funky breakbeats layered with that saucy 303 riding shotgun. It's truly body moving music with eerie tones layered over top. Mysterious at times, but always engaging with plenty of tribal affects. Check out Strawberry Lassy...lots of Shponglese going on there. She keeps the tracks relatively short for maximum freshness. While not as eye opening as Diamonds, it nonetheless doesn't fail to impress. Mystic Sound Records Bandcamp
  3. Artist: Narcose Title: Panda Eyes Label: Mystic Sound Records Date: January, 2017 1. Gathering Clouds 2. Gonzos Last Ride 3. Smoke Signals 4. Panda Eyes 5. Inuit 6. The Shores of Idaho 7. Nighthawk 8. Floating Through Space Anyone who doesn't like pandas ranks right up there with being a member of Isis. They're so cute and adorable! Mystic Sound records has carved out a solid reputation for releasing some great downtempo music that you can find all over Ektoplazm including this release. This is Graham Roberts from the UK with a very smooth and relaxing downtempo foray. Funk is applied lightly in a track like Gonzos Last Ride which was quite enjoyable even if I felt it went on a tad too long. The percussion is realistic sounding as if he recorded it live. Listen to the epic title track and it sounds like the drummer is in the room! The slow beat and bass music combine to create a level of eerieness, but again...sounded like a 5 minute song stretched to 10. The breaks allow a new direction and sound quite interesting. While not groundbreaking it certainly is mellow and relaxing. Recommended. Free at Ektoplazm
  4. Chronos Technologia Mystic Sound Records Tracklist: 1. Free Falling 2. Planetarium (Aquarius Edit) 3. Sacral Meetings 4. Space Cake 5. Deus Ex Machina (Festival Edit) 6. Spiral Clouds (Kumharas Edit vs Catalizer) 7. Solar Movement (Paleolithic Edit) 8. 21th Century 9. Swinging Satori 10. Endless Rotation An excellent collection of previously released compilation tracks, some with new "edit" versions, in one convenient Chronos package. This Russian producer makes great down tempo music, where the details are sterling, the ethnic samples are tantalizing, the melodies lush and catchy. Often times it gets to be late into a track before things open up like a book and a wide palette of beautiful sound rushes out, where everything before that moment is quite nice but the conclusion becomes incomparable. Even on "Deus Ex Machina (Festival Edit)" things are not so remarkable for quite a while but Chronos throws a surprise curve into the music and turns things into a festive and funky party. Of the best, the unaltered "Swinging Satori" is completely captivating and it is wise of Chronos to not tinker with something so inexplicably gorgeous. "Planetarium (Aquarius Edit)" is sweet chill music before the later third of the track cracks open and even more magnificence spills forth. The ping-pong effects in "Sacral Meetings" are splendid as are all the lovely layers, so intricately drawn, everywhere else in the work. The Kumharas Edit version of "Spiral Clouds" gets the imagination rolling, transporting to a Shpongle-esque world rich with instrumentation that feels organic and exotic. The Paleolithic Edit of "Solar Movement" takes a more uptempo approach and attains results that are exciting and euphoric. The ten-and-a-half minute conclusion on "Endless Rotation" is serene and impeccable. Pulled together from different sources, and the second of such compilations with a third forthcoming, to mark his ten years as a producer, Chronos has pieced together a wonderful piece of work. Here's hoping he finds even more success, and blesses us with even more beauty, over his next decade. Available for free play or download at http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/chronos-technologia ()
  5. Artist: Various Title: Goamystica Vol. 1 Label: Mystic Sound Records Date: April, 2015 01. Maiia303 - Great Spirit 02. Imba & Jagoa - Unidentified Flying Spores 03. Space Elves - Trance India Express 04. Fiery Dawn - Feelings 05. OXI vs Ancient Vision - Balkania 06. Afgin - Nothing Is Over (John Rambo) 07. Jikooha - Going Forward 08. Somnesia - The Flight Of Horus 09. Cactus Arising - Changes 10. Khetzal - Damocles 11. Main Sequence Star - Low Earth Orbit Mystic Sound Records is a label founded by Alla Vagner (Maiia303) and Edward Cybered and their goal is to release music from across the psychedelic spectrum be it trance, downtempo, or psychill. This is a digital release (which is a shame cause that cover art is mindblowing!) and it sports quite the impressive track list. And let me tell you it is a solid compilation with a fair amount of superb tracks as well as good ones. Maiia303 fresh off her album Sky In Diamonds and EP release Sleepless in Anjuna absolutely wrecks the box with a stormer that I had trouble getting past. Just kept hitting repeat. Imba & Jagoa as well as Fiery Dawn rattle a few windows with some massive sound. Afgin's back and his Rambo track made me smile cause I grew up on Rambo and I have a nice smile. Hide your girlfriends! Jikooha does what Jikooha does and wraps the listener up in a time sucking vortex of twirling that was over far too soon. The second half was pure madness! The only one I didn't care for was the Space Elves track with it's annoying repetition. Just didn't sit well with me. However the biggest disappointment on the compilation was from Khetzal. It's a good track, but when I think of Khetzal I think of Corelle and this wasn't close to that awesome bliss. Nice work and thanks to a friend for putting me on to this album, he knows who he is. Here's to hoping one day we can get a physical release outta this. Oh and by the way...I think I'm in love with Maiia303... Mystic Sound Records Bandcamp
  6. Mystic Sound Records is happy to present a debut mini-album of an extremely talented producer from Moscow, Igor Davydov, Rukirek – Hollow Void! Three amazing tracks in the best traditions of psychedelic downtempo lead listeners into a pleasant journey through the boundless Universe, reflecting the author’s admiration for its wisdom and calmness. And without doubt they are worth becoming truly brilliants of PsyChill music. Soft breakbeats, enveloping atmospheres and wonderful melodies are united into a single whole so organically that you want to listen to this music non-stop. The Rukirek project was created in March 2013 inspired by the best ethno-electronic music – deep, philosophic and infinite like the Universe itself. Tracklist: 01. Hollow Void 02. Last Step Before The Crash Of It All… And Go Again 03. Heat Haze Mastered by Edward Cybered at Manifold Studio manifold-studio.com/eng/ Cover art by Ulsei www.behance.net/ulsei Released in 2015 by Mystic Sound Records mystic-sound.com Preview on Soundcloud Download for free from Bandcamp! Download for free from Ektoplazm!
  7. Maiia303 Sleepless Nights In Anjuna Mystic Sound Records Tracklist: 1. Electric Particles 2. Sleepless Nights In Anjuna 3. Sunset Glitter Funky breakbeat set to some lovely goa and one track that has become my favorite in this young year are the highlights of Maiia303's "Sleepless Nights In Anjuna" EP. The "Electric Particles" opener is fun but the "Sunset Glitter" conclusion is better. On that ending track, mastered oh-so-well by the great Edward Cybered, exciting musical twists-and-turns abound but it is the old-school, funky breakbeat style set to goa that makes the track a great one. Still, for as good as "Sunset Glitter" is it cannot stand with the title track. With no hesitation whatsoever I pick "Sleepless Nights In Anjuna" as my favorite track here in 2015, an instant classic to my ears, a track where a lot of thrilling things happen but all are delivered with smooth, assured narration. Maiia303 takes deliciously funky, ass-bouncing old-school breakbeat and turns it loose inside a goa playground of sound. Never once does this talented producer allow her sounds to become overly complex, as one minute it is an awesome dancefest, the next it is goa bliss filled with epic and soaring melodies but with each element having its own chapter until the thrilling finale brings the elements together for one absolutely superb conclusion. It's the sort of track one hopes to hear at a Sunday morning gathering, where the grooves are measured so well and are so invigorating and soothing that it feels like one's energy could hold up to these levels of dancing for hours. It helps to have so much imagination and good taste contained in one six-minute package. "Sleepless In Anjuna" is a very good EP but it is an absolutely stellar track. I'm completely smitten with it! ()
  8. Download for free (Bandcamp) Tracklist: 01 – Chronos – Free Falling 02 – Chronos – Planetarium (Aquarius Edit) 03 – Chronos – Sacral Meetings 04 – Chronos – Space Cake 05 – Chronos – Deus Ex Machina (Festival Edit) 06 – Chronos & Catalizer – Spiral Clouds (Kumharas Edit) 07 – Chronos – Solar Movement (Paleolithic Edit) 08 – Chronos – 21th Century 09 – Chronos – Swinging Satori 10 – Chronos – Endless Rotation Release info: Mystic Sound Records and Chronos project have prepared a true surprise for their listeners to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Chronos project. We’ve decided to breathe a new life into tracks released during the whole life-period of Chronos – 10 Years Re-release! We’ve combined almost all the tracks released in different compilations all over the world for the recent years into 3 albums. The first part of the trilogy – Spiritus - was released in November 2014, and now we are happy to present the second – Chronos – Technologia. The album consists of ten excellent tracks bringing your favorite Chronos sound. Mastered by Edward Cybered at Manifold Mastering Studio. The cover art for the album is designed by Elena Ukolova. The album is available for free download with “name your price” option on Mystic Sound Records page at Bandcamp. Preview with tracks tags: https://soundcloud.com/mystic-sound-records/chronos-technologia-preview
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