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Melodic HiTech - like Metahuman

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I've listened to quite a few Hi Tech compilations, but I couldn't find anything similar to what this guy is doing. His style is very distinctly melodic hi tech with trance breaks... but at 190 BPM! It may seem like overkill, but have a listen to some examples of what I'm talking about (I've included the time when said melodies enter):








I'm interested to hear if other goaheads appreciate this as much as I do :)

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Astral Frequency







Mellow Sonic




EDIT : @Ormion


Oh damn ! Thank you for making me discover Junxpunx. I'm not into hi-tech (the tracks I mentionned hereabove are only due to my memory, not to a passion), but wow, this project is amazing ! It's so fresh !

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it took me a while to remember where i know this progression from, but finally i found the right tekno track from 2002: https://soundcloud.com/john_protox/protox-hallu-est


now i wonder if metahuman took some cues from protox or if both stole from an earlier track ;)



sorry, i have nothing useful to contribute here. crazy astronaut is the most melodic hi-tech i know.

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wow. i know you have a higher tolerance for cheese than i do, but this is ultra-cheesy! ;)

i wouldn't have expected that any subgenre of darkpsy went the way of commercialisation that fast. it's like (the bad kind of) happy hardcore with a few darkpsy fm leads in the background.

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