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Chronos - Technologia


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Mystic Sound Records



1. Free Falling

2. Planetarium (Aquarius Edit)

3. Sacral Meetings

4. Space Cake

5. Deus Ex Machina (Festival Edit)

6. Spiral Clouds (Kumharas Edit vs Catalizer)

7. Solar Movement (Paleolithic Edit)

8. 21th Century

9. Swinging Satori

10. Endless Rotation


An excellent collection of previously released compilation tracks, some with new "edit" versions, in one convenient Chronos package.


This Russian producer makes great down tempo music, where the details are sterling, the ethnic samples are tantalizing, the melodies lush and catchy. Often times it gets to be late into a track before things open up like a book and a wide palette of beautiful sound rushes out, where everything before that moment is quite nice but the conclusion becomes incomparable.


Even on "Deus Ex Machina (Festival Edit)" things are not so remarkable for quite a while but Chronos throws a surprise curve into the music and turns things into a festive and funky party.


Of the best, the unaltered "Swinging Satori" is completely captivating and it is wise of Chronos to not tinker with something so inexplicably gorgeous. "Planetarium (Aquarius Edit)" is sweet chill music before the later third of the track cracks open and even more magnificence spills forth.


The ping-pong effects in "Sacral Meetings" are splendid as are all the lovely layers, so intricately drawn, everywhere else in the work.


The Kumharas Edit version of "Spiral Clouds" gets the imagination rolling, transporting to a Shpongle-esque world rich with instrumentation that feels organic and exotic.


The Paleolithic Edit of "Solar Movement" takes a more uptempo approach and attains results that are exciting and euphoric.


The ten-and-a-half minute conclusion on "Endless Rotation" is serene and impeccable.


Pulled together from different sources, and the second of such compilations with a third forthcoming, to mark his ten years as a producer, Chronos has pieced together a wonderful piece of work. Here's hoping he finds even more success, and blesses us with even more beauty, over his next decade.


Available for free play or download at http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/chronos-technologia



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Looking for a quality downtempo and got it for free. Wonderful selection of tracks. The supreme and inspirational master of downtempo aka Chronos is to be thanked for this, as well as the label and Bill for the review & Ektoplazm link.

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Everyone loves a trilogy! Remember when Star Wars was just a trilogy? LOTR too. Well the Chronos project has been around for a decade and to celebrate Mystic Sounds Records is taking a bunch of already released tracks, slapping on a fresh mastering coat of paint, and putting them out for free in three installments. Chronos is Nikita Kilmenko from Mother Russia who basically has every subgenre of downtempo on lock. Floating ambient? Check. Glitch? Oh yeah. Tribal? Of course.


Technologia is part 2 in the series and not the type of chill music you can try to catch a nap to. It can be floaty or dreamy, but it can also be hectic and frenzied. But with its copious amount of layers it's always right on time. The Aquarius edit of Planetarium was massive and bouncy while Sacral Meetings goes to so many places I don't know where to begin. Did he make a percussive effect out of a ping pong ball? And when did Deus Ex Machina turn into a Latin street jam? The whole album vibrates with new discoveries on every track. He channels his inner Shpongle often but it really shines on Spiral Clouds. Really a deep psybient experience.


Cannot wait to dig into the other two volumes.


Free at Ektoplazm

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Chronos has released a lot of wonderful music and a lot of it for free.

This is no exception, it might not be his best work, imo the other 2 in this trilogy are better but all these tracks are worth paying for, but they are free!


Anyone that is interested in quality psychill should check out Chronos' free stuff, you will be ready to buy his non-free stuff in no time :)

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