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Moonweed - Voice of Jupiter


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Artist: Moonweed

Title: Voice of Jupiter

Label: Anjuna Records

Date: December, 2014


1. Om Life

2. Aardvark

3. Prophecy

4. Micronesia (feat. Shakta)

5. Spiral Expansion (MoonwOOOD Mix)

6. Celestial (feat. Squid)

7. Telepath

8. (SH)It Happens

9. Snake Charmer

10. Voice of Jupiter



This is some raw old school sh*t. So raw.


"You mean like a vegetable?"




Yes like a vegetable. No you simpleton. Like sliding on a basketball court without any knee protection. You know the sound I'm talking about. Like cutting into your steak and watching it bleed. Moonweed is Jamie Graham and thanks to Anjuna records we have all his hard to find tracks in one place. Ladies and gents I present you his debut album. It took a while to get here, but holy crap on a cracker was it worth it. This is a blistering collection of goa trance from back in the day when the men were men and the sheep were nervous. Growling and screeching 303's at a monster drink fueled pace is what this is. Swirling leads and more bubbly layers than my kid's bath. Along with his classic tracks there are also some nice surprises I had never heard before.


Waiter, I'd like one time machine set to...oh, let's try the beaches of Goa circa 1996?


An excellent choice sir.


And beyond excellent it is. I was just thinking that all any goa head would need was this album and Shakta Retroscape when at that very moment Micronesia came on. That's confirmation from the man upstairs people. The whole album is four on the floor relentless psychedelic goa trance and with mastering by Mr. Tim Schuldt the sound is brilliant. If everything old is new again I say keep f*cking digging cause there's gold in them hills! This is an absolute must have and for my money the greatest release from Anjuna to date.


Is it too late to vote for the best of the year thingy?





Kim Jong Un Approved.



Anjuna Bandcamp



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Now it's an unfortunate fact all the things went down as they did with Anjuna Records. But looking back, they released some top shelf material this album being, perhaps, the prime example. Moonweed is one of those artists that for a reason or another, never released an album back in the 90s. He made a lot of banging tracks but they were always to be found on vinyl or some compilation.

This album (or a 'best of' compilation of a sort) has all the best material from Moonweed, no need to look further. Moonweed, among Cosmosis, Green Nuns, Hiscore, Doof and Bassline Baby, belongs in the group that pioneered acid goa back then. If you like 303 I think it's a safe bet to say you'll fall for this album. Over the years I've developed an insanely picky taste and usually find a couple fillers on all albums - 'Voice Of Jupiter' is one of those rare exceptions with a winner after another. I think around the release of this album Anjuna Records started to have major distribution problems and getting a hold of this album was a bit tricky - for that reason it's become a bit of a pricy item. Nevertheless, very much a recommended album to get a hold of.

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