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goa pride

Top 10 (Hard) Trance Tracks of All Time

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desysko    82

Good songs you posted. I sort of have mixed feelings about hard trance. I like some but not all. Some of it can be extremely cheesy, too funny, not serious. I'm mean, I'm no serious person and always open to suggestions and stuff but I just can't seem to enjoy some of it.

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goa pride    12

thank you for the samples posted

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Orange    0

From the epic mid-nineties days of Helter Skelter and Slammin' Vinyl!!! These are epic!!! Billy Bunter. Jon Doe. Sharkey. MZone. Mark EG. Wooooooooooooo!!! Couldn't help but to give you 15!!!


DJ Choci- V.C.F.



Lochi- London Acid City




Scraper- Alien Factory



X2 (Time is Now!)- DJ Scot Project



Evolution 4-Ward- Moonrise



Real Nightmare- Ozaka Oz



Jacob's Ladder- The Dentist



D.A.F.Y.K.- Xavi Escolano



Pressure- Signum



What Ya Got 4 Me- Signum



Enter When Ready- M-Zone (can't find a vid anywhere!)


Slither- Ben Sebanelli




Dream On- Many More



Silver Bullet- Van Basten




Everyone's Future- Pablo Gargano




Enter When Ready- M-Zone (can't find a vid anywhere!)

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visine    3

Quench - Dreams


Resistance D. - Throm 03


Illuminatae - Tremora Del Terra


Cygnus X - Synchronism


Synthetic Progress - Acid Future


Earth Nation - Alienated (Earth Mix)


L.S.G. - Blueprint


L.S.G - Fragile


Amorph - Sunflow (Oliver Lieb Remix)



Intrance Feat. D-Sign - Visions Of Love




Earth Nation - Alienated (Hallucinogen remix)




Art Of Trance - Octopus



Voov - Strobe Light




Microwave Prince - Golden times


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goa pride    12


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chaoseed9    10

Never been my favorite genre, but there were some exceptions. Two of them is :







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Goa-Head    77

Nice tracks selected, for the newbies in classic hard trance, I know most of them. Keep them comin'.

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goa pride    12


16C+ - Gospel 2000

2D - Daydream (Original Mix)

Absolom - Secret (Jimmy Goldschmitz Outline Mix)

Acid Bells - Acid Bells (Campanadas Mix)

Acid Bottle - Aura Infinity

Acid Queen - Bing (Playboy Version)

Acrid Abeyance - Speed Freak

adam dived - beach comber (atlantis remix)

Aircraft - Fiesta (Acid Mix)

Airscape - Cruising (Exposure Mix)

Airtribe - Sunflower

Airwave - Above The Sky [Antartica Remix]

Akira Inc. - Superstring

albion - air

Albion - This Is For

Albion - This is for (Clubmix)

Aldus Haza - Hey-A-Wa

Alduz Haza - To The Beat

Alien Factory - Any Time Any Place (Original)

Alien Factory - Anytime, Anyplace

Alien Factory - Beta Music 97 (Brain Brother Mix)

Alien Factory - Destiny (Radio Edit)

Alien Factory - Get the Future Started

Alpha Bit - Balera

Alpha Breed - Epic Future

Ambassador - One Of These Days

ambassador - the fade (fade mix)

Amorph - Navigator

Andrew Brix - Piano Euphoria

Andy Jay Powell - Rainbow Sailor (Love Mix)

Andy Ling - Fixation (Airwave Mix)

Angel Beats - Get Up On This

Angel Dust - Semiramis

Antarctica - Return To Reality (Reactivate Mix)

Antartica - Adrift (Cast Your Mind) [Polarise Mix]

Antra - I Want Ur Love (DJ Buzz Mix)

Apple Juice - Raving Together

Aquaflow - God's Creation

Aqualab - Universal Language

Aqualoop - Betawave Remix (Twilight Zone Remix)

Aqualoop - Get Naughty (Diabolito Remix)

Aqualoop - Get Naughty (Gary D.'s Long Dick Remix)

Aqualoop - Twilight Zone

Aqualoop - Twilight Zone

aquaplex meets junk project - brightness

Armin - Blue Fear

armin - communication (original mix)

Arrakis - Aira Force (Main Mix)

Arrakis - The Spice (New Club Mix)

Arrakis - The Spice (To Short Cut)

Arrow - Back in the House (Kai Tracid Mix)

Art Bizarre - How To Lick

Art Bizarre - How To Lick (Hitch Hiker & J. Dumondt Remix)

Art Bizarre - How To Lick (Liquid Cut)

art of trance - cambodia (clanger remix)

art of trance - deeper than deep (poltergeist remix)

art of trance - easter island (cygnus x mix)

art of trance - gloria (transparent mix)

art of trance - kaleidoscope

Art of Trance - Kaleidoscope (L.S.G. Remix)

Art Of Trance - Kaleidoscope (Original Mix)

art of trance - madagascar (cygnus x mix)

art of trance - madagascar (ferry corsten mix)

Art Of Trance - Madagascar (Ferry Corsten Remix)

art of trance - octopus (man with no name remix)

art of trance - octopus (original mix)

art of trance - orange

art of trance - the colours (indigo mix)

Astroline - Take Good Care

Atomic Junkies - A.T.O.M.I.C. J.U.N.K.I.E.S.

Atomic Junkies - Atomic Junkies

Atomic Junkies - Magic Fly (Gary D. & Dr. Z Remix)

Atomic Junkies - One Way Out

Atomic Junkies - Radiation Area

Atomic Junkies - The Monstersound

Atomic Junkies - This Is It

Atropin - Hope (Remix)

Avalonge - Scream (Hardtrance Version)

Awex - Back On Plastic (Mandala Remix)

Axel Stephenson - Varcaz In Trance

Ayla - Ayla (Taucher Remix)

Ayla - Ayla Part II (Extended Mix)

Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night (DJ JamX & De Leon's DuMonde Short Rmx)

Baby Doc - Sienna

Baby Doc - Yum Yum

Backdraft - Lost Genesis

Bailey & Conti - EFX-Trance

Baltes Vs. Stevens - Eternal Silence (Original)

Basic Avalon - Firewalk

Beyond Reality - Mindrunner

binary finary - 1998 (paul van dyk remix)

Binary Finary - 1999 (Paul Van Dyk Remix)

Bismark - Reactivate

Blu Peter - Blue Air (X-Cabs 2)

Blu Peter - Substance (Salt Tank Psilocybe Skies Mix)

Blu Peter - Tell Me What You Want (Edit)

Blue Alphabet - Cybertrance

Blue Alphabet - Musical Crime Killers

Blue Amazon - Four Seasons (Autumn Mix)

Blue Juice - Blue Juice

Blue Planet - Blue Planet (Dream Mix)

Brainvibe - System of Love

B-Voice - Eternity

B-Voice - Eternity (DJ Mind-X & Punisher Remix)

Canyon - Forbidden Channel (Pulsation Mix)

Canyon - Purple Phaze

Cascade - Earthbound

cascade - transcend (moonmans trancedental flight remix)

catalyst - what

Caterpillar - How Do You Feel

Caucasuss - Guava

Caucasuss - Our Dream

Caunos - Dreams

Caunos - Herzsprung

Cenith X - Feel

Chaka Khan - Mauve Zone (Starfire Version)

Chameleon Project - Colombia

Changall - Metropolis

Cherry Moon - Trax in My Electric House

Chi-A.D - Purity

Chill N Force - Move Raver

Choci & Dj Ec - Give It To Me

Choci & Tickle - Flute (Choci & Andy Allder Rmx)

Christopher Lawrence - Rush Hour

christopher lawrence - shredder (transa mix)

Chrom - Waveform One

Chrome & Price - Automatic (Hitch Hiker & Dumondt Remix)

Circuit - Transport of Love

Cirillo For Citizens Of Rave City - Rave City-The Anthem (Step 1 Mix)

Cl Mcspadden - Galea

clanger - seadog (fog mix)

clanger - seadog (way out west mix)

Clima-X - Pictures

Clinix - Let it Flow (Additional Mix)

Club Disciples - Physically

Club Disciples - Teknicida

Club Quake - Vicious Circle

Cocooma - Another Race

Cocooma - Blaues Wunder (Club Mix)

Cocooma - District Of Power

Cocooma - Energetic

Cocooma - Flying Saucer (Remix)

Cocooma - Rage

Cocooma - Rage (DJ Mellow-D Remix)

Cocooma - The Escape (Live Version)

Cocooma - The Yellow Base (Flying Saucer 2)

Cocooma - Virtual Experience (Gary D. & Dr. Z. Remix)

Cocooma - Virtual Experience (Gary D. Remix)

Cocooma - Virtual Experience (Live Version)

Code - Progressive Attack (Gary D. TTF Mix)

Code 15 - Take You Higher (Shattered Trance Mix)

Code 19 - Es Geht Los (Hard Trance Mix)

Code 28 - Feel My Desire (Cocooma Remix)

Code 32 - Magic Trance (Hardtrance Remix)

Code 37 - Astral (Hardtrance Remix)

Code 37 - Astral 98 (Hardtrance Mix)

cold turkey - sunflower (transa remix)

Coloured Vision - Violet Rain

Commander Nexxus - Intro

Commander Tom - Are Am Eye

Commander Tom - The Vulcan

Concentration - Deliverance

Condor - Sky (Sun Mixx)

Confetti - Peace & Love (Andy Jay Powell Remix)

conscious - northern lights (pob mix)

Copyright Killers - Sound & Emotions (Club Mix)

Cores - Millenium

corfu - snake charmer (progressive house mix)

Cosmic Gate - The Drums (Extended Mix)

Crazy Fish - Time After Time

Creams - My Love Emotions

Critical Distance - Universe Key

D.R. Base vs. Karim - Barracuda

D.R. Base vs. Karim - N.W.A. (Hard As Nails Mix)

Darc Bones and Raul De Chile - Cydonia (Rmx)

Das Licht - Traumwelten

Data Storm - Traumatic

DB Sonic and DJ Fraggel - Take Control

De Donatis - The Sound

De Donatis - The Sound (De Donatis Rmx)

De La Ray - Stonehenge (Caucasus Mix)

De Niro - Evolver

De Niro - Revolver

De Tune - Acid Dreams

Decade Up - 3rd From The Sun (New Mix)

Dee Rex - Soilent Green

Deemind - You Got To Try

Demonic Emotions - Stuck on A Space Trip

Demonic Emotions - Stuck On A Spacetrip

Denzil & Dwayne - Force Of Habit (Vincent De Moor Remix)

Diabolito - Showm The Bass

Digital Mama - I Likem Like that (Harmonic Mix)

Dip T Jones - Unity (Gobo Mix)

Diveman - Arpa Del Mar

Diver and Ace - The Mental Thing (Taucher Rmx)

DJ 2 L8 - Too Late (DJ Shah Remix)

DJ A.M. - Ritmo El Molto Forte (Trance Mix)

DJ Alex Noise - I Believe 96 (Short Cut)

DJ Crack - Brilliance (Hardtrance Remix)

DJ Crack - Happiness (Hardtrancer Mix)

DJ Crack - Singular 2000 (Club Mix)

DJ Crack - Space People (Gary D & DJ Yanny)

DJ Crack - Space People (Gary D. & Yanny Remix)

DJ Crack - Space People 2000 (Short Cut)

DJ Dave Davis - Transfiguration

DJ Dean - Das Magische Auge

DJ Dean - House Nation (Radio Edit)

DJ Dean - Saturday Night

DJ Dean and Danny K - In My Heart (Club Mix)

DJ Dee M - Eternal

Dj Energy - Believer

DJ Energy - Believer (Rave Version)

DJ Energy - Follow Me

DJ Gollum - Fortunes

DJ Gollum - Freeze

DJ Gollum - Pagemaster

DJ Gollum - Pleasant Experience

DJ Gollum and Gary D. - Black Arrows

Dj Jamo & Jack Knives - Strings Of Heaven

DJ JamX Joins B.I.A. - !Das Licht! (DJ JamX & De Leon's DuMonde Remix)

DJ Jo - Relax (Pit Bailay Remix)

DJ Julio - Resident Of This World (DJ Tibby Remix)

DJ Kalpa and Marino Stephano - Dreams Harmony

DJ Khetama - Green Flow

DJ Khetama - Green Flow (DJ Hooligan Rmx)

DJ Mafia - Enssinger (Techno Progressive)

DJ Manga - Fantasy (Made In Hong Kong) (Hitch-Hiker & Dumont Rmx)

DJ Manga - Its A Dream (DJ Mellow-Ds Mix)

DJ Manga - Judgement Day

DJ Manga's Wicked Maniacs - Turn The Key

DJ Marcelo - Sensoria II

DJ Marco Bailey - Scorpia

DJ Mars-L & DJ Frank-E - Till We Meet Again

DJ Mellow-D - Fireworks

DJ Mellow-D - Hypnotizin

DJ Mellow-D - Hypnotizin (Nostrum Remix)

DJ Mellow-D - Move Your Feet

DJ Mellow-D' Tunes - Symphony Of Brotherhood

DJ Mellow-D's Tunes - On And On

DJ Millo - Pull The Trigger

Dj Misjah & Dj Tim (X-Trax) - Access

DJ M-Zone - Beyond Reality

DJ N.D.O. Vs Franky Kay Dee - Bing Bong

DJ Narton & Reverb presents 'Fluchticht' - Ahmea

DJ Philip - Spring

DJ Pulse - Monotrious

DJ Randy - Erotmania

DJ Richard & Johnny Bass - Danger

DJ Sakin & Friends - Protect Your Mind (Instrumental Version)

DJ Sakin and Friends - Protect Your Mind

DJ Scot Project - U (V-Mix)

DJ Session One vs. DJ Slug - Talking About Sex

DJ Sevy - Transmutation (X-Cabs Rmx 1)

Dj Skybeam - Trance At The Beach

DJ Snowman - Skydiver (Pulsedriver Rmx)

DJ Snowman pres. Nah-Lin - Dream Culture (DJ Mind-X Remix)

DJ Spoke - Youre Ready 4 Me (Radio Mix)

DJ Sylvan - System Of Love

Dj Thoka - Lets Celebrate

DJ Thoka - What is (Extended)

DJ Tibby - Energy (Extended Mix)

DJ Tibby - Energy (Gary D. & DJ High-Ko Remix)

DJ Tom Stevens - Odysee (Underwater Mix)

dj tom stevens - outface 2000 (fridge remix)

DJ Tom Stevens vs. Fridge - Outface 2000 (Club Mix)

DJ Tomac - The Fly (Club Edit)

DJ Tomcraft - Unicum

DJ Tomcraft and Mephisto - This is No House

DJ Warlock - Cosmic Wave

DJ Yanny & The Paragod - Initialize

DJ Yanny & The Paragod - Initialize (Framic Rmx)

DJ Yanny & The Paragod - Initialize (Gary D. & Dr. Z Remix)

Don Esteban - Stepping Out (Original Mix)

Doof - Double Dragons

Dr. Phil Omanski - Feeling (Radio Mix)

Drax - Amphetamine (Silent Breed Mix)

Dreamscape - Magma

Dub Daddy & Peter Prosecco - Tome Out

Dynamic Love Trance - Sound is Always There

Earthbound - Essence Of Life (John '00' Fleming Mix)

Earthbound - Phuturistic Journey (D&A Remix)

Elastique Culture - La Musica (DJ Tandu Remix)

Elevator - Shinny (Harmony Mix)

Elisir - The Top (DJ Alan Dexter Mix)

E-Max - A Culture Of Human Beings

E-Max - Orange Juice (Trance House Mix)

Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase

Emmanuel Top - Fusion

Emmanuel Top - Rubycon

En Garde - Enfant Terrible

Encore - Encore

Energy Source - Everlasting Fire

Entropic - Amplexus (Billy Kiltie's Limbo Mix)

Equality - Time (Time Mix)

Error 010 - Meta Morph VI

E-Space - Trance Research

Eta Beta J. - Terminator 2 Theme

Etienne Maurice Picard - The Guided Light

Etienne Picard - Get Up

Etienne Picard - Get Up! (Gary D. & DJ High-Ko Remix)

EX-3 - Extres-A-2

Exit Age - Trancy 9

Exit EEE - I Laugh

Exit EEE - Rainbow (Vocal 12 Edit)

Explizit - A Chorus Line

Extract - Remember Last Summer

Extreme Trax - Final Fantasy (Original Mix)

Eye B.K. - Hardwaresoftware

Face Of Freedom - The Final Solution

Faxe Inc - Dark Melody

Faxe Inc - Dark Melody

Fierce Base - I Thank You Elvis

Fiercechild - Gonna Getcha (Danny's Euro Energy Dub)

Final Fantasy - Controlling Transmission

Final Fantasy - I Close My Eyes (Techno Club Mix)

Final Fantasy - I Wanna Dance

Final Fantasy - Sequence Of Love (Club Cut)

Firedancer - White Sand

Firedancer - Winter

Firmly Undaground - Hide and Seek

Floorplay - State Of Mind

Florida 135 - The Language Of Rhythm (Main Room Mix)

Flying Forest - Cyberlove

Forkman - Bush Booby

Forkman - Forkpower

Format - Solid Session 96 (T.F.X. Mix)

Formic Acid - Eternia

Fortress - An Angel Saved My Life (Remix)

Foxx - Move that Body (DJ Scot Project Remix)

Frame - Trance Trip

Framic - What Was it Like

Frank & Marcel - Pandemonium

Free Envelope - Experience (X-Static Mix)

Free!! - This Groove

Freebase - Broken (Fire & Ice Remix)

Freejack - Sunburst (Original Mix)

Friends, Lovers & Family - Tribute (Bucket & Spades)

Frontline Of Trance - The Signal

Full House - On A Housetrip

Full Stop - House Of...

Future Breeze - Heulender Wolf

Future House - Signal

Gamma Loop - Eclipse (Suns Mix)

Gary D. - Cant Do Without it

Gary D. - Can't Do Without It (Espanola Summer Slam) (Gary D. & DJ Yanny Mix)

Gary D. - Die Herdplatte 2000 (Trance Mix)

Gary D. - Genetic Code

Gary D. - Kinetic Pressure

Gary D. - Monster

Gary D. - Overload

Gary D. - Take Control

Gary D. - Time Warp

Gary D. & Arne L. pres. Airtribe - Ignition

Gary D. & DJ High Ko - Springworld (The D-Trance Revenge)

Gary D. & DJ High-Ko - Back Into Time

Gary D. & DJ High-Ko - D.Trance

Gary D. & Dr. Z - Delta One

Gary D. feat. Dr. Z - Living On Video

Gecko - Lunarcity

General Base - Rhythm & Drums (Part 2)

General Base - Rhythm & Drums (Part One)

Genetic Line - Energize My Mind

Genic - Flamin Grooves

Genlog - Mockmoon '98 (Kay Cee Remix)

Global Control - Crazy

Global Players - New Froce (Hardtrance Mix)

Gollum & Gary D. - Black Arrows

Gouryella - Gouryella (Short Cut)

Greenforce - Error 129

Greenforce - Sleepless (Vinyl-Mix)

hal stucker - citizens

Hal Stucker - The World Is Flat

Hale Bob - Andromeda

Hands Burn - Vision of Life

Happy Ravers - Hardcore Dreams

Hardsequencer - Activity Nonstop

Head-Doctor - Fantasma De Escobar

Headman - Work My Mind (O Lieb Remix)

Heliac - The Candle (Astroline Remix)

High BPM - Desire (Original Version)

Hitch Hiker & Dumondt - Definition (Special Hamburg Edition)

Hitch Hiker & Dumondt - How Much Can You Take (Didier Abel & DJ Spaxx Remix)

Hitch Hiker & J. Dumondt - Travelling (Gary D.'s Long Distance Remix)

Hitch-Hiker & Dumont - 2nd Dimension

Hitch-Hiker & Dumont - Journey Of Love (Gary D. & DJ High-Ko TTF Mix)

Hiver & Hammer - Ain't No Stupid Girl

Hole in One - Yoga Session (Plastic Angel Rmx)

Hoovercraft - The Dreamer

Hoschi - The Tribe

House of Usher - Acid Craq

Human Grooves - Living In The Light (Trance Mix)

humate - 3.1 (bedrock remix)

Impegement Syndrom - Feel the Fire

Imre Corte - Advanced

Incisions - One Million Faces

indoctrinate - feeling you

Indris - People Of The World

Insane - Free My Soul

Intarsia - Beats Of Hell

Interrupt - Trancezendental (De Donatis Mix)

Interstate - Come on (Original Mix)

Interstate - Human Beings

Interstate - Human Beings (Radio Edit)

Jaimy and Kenny D. - Pierced Diva

Jakyro - Seven (File 1 Mix)

Jan Kessler - Fallen Love (Remix)

Javi Golo & Peke Albeza - The Stand

jds - destiny calls (4 four mix)

Jens - Loops & Things (Fruit Loops Remix)

Jens Lissat - The Future

Jew 'N' Gum - Platinum (House Negro Mix)

john 00 fleming - alpha 5 (olmec heads remix)

John '00' Fleming - Free (Johnïs Twisted Dub)

John '00' Fleming - Lost In Emotion

Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth (Red Jerry Remix)

Junk Project - Control '99 (Phuture Punk Timebase Mix)

Junk Project - Exceed

K90 - Above The Clouds (Ylem Remix)

K90 - Bomb-Jack

K90 - Deliverence

Kamasutra - Waterfront

Karma - Ganesha

Kasai - Passion

Kay Cee - Escape (Club Mix)

Kay Cee - Love Stimulation (Trance Club Mix)

Khazad Dum - Come Together (Mystic Club Mix)

Kinetic A.t.o.m. - Borg Destroyer

King-O - Furlong

Knochenbrecher - Nasenbluten (Zone X Remix)

Koala - Australia (Club Version)

Komakinko - Can't Stop (Outphase Ep)

Komakino - Man on Mars (Talla 2XLC Remix)

Kosmos - The Mission

Koxbox - A Major Problem in Australia (Remix)

Kundalini - Placebo

l.s.g - hidden sun of venus (oliver lieb remix)

L.S.G - Sweet Gravity Remix 1.1.

La Forge - First Contact

Lac Terra - Paradise Connection (Original Club Mix)

Lady Tom - It's A Dream (Part 1)

Laut Sprecher - Mach Mal Lauter (Mach Mal Leiser)

Lava - Autumn (the Fall Mix)

Lazonby - Wave Speech

Legend B - Lost in Love

Legend B - Lost In Love (Sysex Style Mix)

Levy 9 - Running Up That Hill (Canyon Bluenote Remix)

Li Kwan - Point Zero

libra presents taylor - calling your name (quivver mix)

Limited Growth - No Fate (Quadran Mix)

limited growth - no fate (quadran remix)

Liquid Bass - In Full Effect

Liquid Bass - Monosphere

Liquid Motion - Be Free

Little Jam - The Great Bear (Re-Edit)

Lord Michael - Believe in Me

Lord Of Tranz feat. DJ Hoxider - Trancestores (Remix)

Los Pablos - Back To Reality (Extended Mix)

Los Pablos - Jason's Watching (Extended Mix)

Los Pablos - Skyraiser (Original Mix)

Lost Tribe - Gamemaster

Love and Fate - Love and Fate Part 2

Love Groove - 3 Prophets

loveclub - the journey (the light mix)

Loving Loop - Gimme A Sign

Loving Loop - Listen to that Fat Bass (Rmx)

Loving Loop - Wake Up Eternity (Remix)

Luis Lamborghini & Dr. Z - Under Pressure

Luxor - Superstitious (Nursery Mix)

M - Pili Pili (Psycho Drum Mix)

M.A.B. - Feel It

Mac Acid - Mind Flow

Mac Acid - Mind Flow (Club Mix)

Mach - Roadrunner

Magnetic Pulstar - Secret Love

Magnetic Slides - Alright

Magnetic Slides - Deep Space

malcolm mclaren - the bell song (remembrance mix)

Mandala - Evolution

Mandala - Evolution (Single Edit)

Marc Green - Torus

Marc Michaels - Hyper Intelligence

Marc Otool - Stauffenberg

Marc Scoozy - Uberschall (Short Club Mix)

Marino Stephano - But You

Marino Stephano - Eternal Rhapsody (Extended Mix)

Marino Stephano - Vision Control

Mark - Chemical Air

Mark N-R-G - Nightflight On Wax

Mark Tyler - London, Let's 'Ave Yer! (O.D. 4Remix)

Marmion - Fire Child

Marmion - Schoeneberg (Kid Paul Remix)

Marmion - Schoneberg (Marmion Remix)

Mass in Orbit - Connect (Satellit Mix)

Mass In Orbit - Connect (Satellit Remix)

Mass in Orbit - Overdrive (Hubble Mix)

Master Density - Give Me A Base

Material Arts - Definition of Core

mauro picotto - pulsar

Measurement - Highbrow (Dlay Rmx)

Mega 'Lo Mania - Circusclown (Celvin Rotate Rmx)

Mega 'Lo Mania - Moonsign

Mega 'Lo Mania - The Finest

Mega 'Lo Mania - Time

Mellow Trax - In Da House

Mellow Trax - Phuture Vibes

Mellow Trax - Phuture Vibes (Kai Tracid Remix)

Meridian - Reach For The Stars

Meteor Seven - Analogical Elements

Microcosmos - Up the Pole

Microworld - Booby Trap (Commander Tom Remix)

Mike Scandle - The Birth Of Liquid Dreams (Director's Cut)

Minatory Mince - X-Files

Mind vs. Buzz - The Temple Of Love (Love Mix)

Mindlock - Time Wark

Mirage - Keoma

Miranda - Mars Needs Woman

Modern A.R.T. - Send Me an Angel (Club Mix)

Molecule - Secrets of Space (Club Mix)

moogwai - viola (original mix)

Moon Babies - Take Me To The Moon (Rave Mix)

Moonman - Don't Be Afraid

Moonman - First Light (DJ Energy Remix)

Moonrise - Evolution Ward

Mos Eisley - Static

Moulage - Caresse Mon Corps (Airplay Mix)

M-Plax - Power

Mystic Force - Planet

N.U.K.E - Keep the Spirit

narcotik - blue

Nation 4 Nation - Gate No. 17 (Extended Version)

Natural Born Grooves - Groovebird

Nature One Allstars - Nature One There '98 (Ext. Inst. Mix)

Nature Party - Stoned Nation

Nautilus - Chorus Revers

Navigate - The Abyss of Dreams

nebular b - liquid

nemo - spacemaker

Neptuno - Rave Go

Nero vs. Avari - Trancemission

Neuroplex - We Have to See

New Guardian - Essay One

Nexus - Return Form Flatliner (Original Mix)

Nexxus - Inital

Nexxus - Initial (Gary D. & DJ Jorge Remix)

Nexxus - Lose Control (Original Mix)

nicely - away the throttle pedal stop (remixed by union jack)

Night Drum - Visions (Euroclub Mix)

Nip Collective - Moments of Decision

Nomax - Sonar

Nordlander - The Prayer (Fatwah Mix)

Norman Taylor - Sexmachine (Hardtrancer Mix)

Nostrum - Baby

Nostrum - Brainchild

Nostrum - Brainchild 97

Nostrum - Brilliant (Hard-Trance Mix)

Nostrum - Dating Rob

Nostrum - E-Motion

Nostrum - Monastery (Original Version)

Nostrum - The End (Gary D. & DJ Yanny Bagdad Remix)

Novaya - What is Love (Airplay Edit)

Nr-Gizer - Digital Dream

Nu Love - Agony

Nuclear Hyde - Accelerator

Nuclear Hyde - Axis

Nuclear Hyde - Whorp

nuew idol - pollys pharmacy

Oasis - Ya-Ye (Lush Mix)

Object One - Typewriter (Free Techno Mix)

Obsessive - Tune In Turn Out

octavia - katria (the digital blondes europa mix)

Olmec Heads - Lift Off

Ololiuqui - Del Rio

Olymp-X - Hypnotizing

Omega Force - Beyond the Clouds

Omega Force - Lyrical Bassdrum

Omniglobe - C'mon Yo

One House Nation - Whistle In The Dark

Opus 808 - Winter (Club Mix)

Orinoko - Mama Konda (Original Mix)

Our House - Floorspace '99 (Pee Wee Ferris Mix)

Over 2 - Rhythm Of Wind

Overcharge Feat. G Meter - Whiplash

Overcharge Featuring G-Meter - Whiplash

overtone - mental movement

OXL - Listening Comprehension Test

Oyez! - Our Nights (Hardtrance Mix)

Ozaka Oz - Real Nightmare

Pablo Gargano - Blow Your Mind

Pablo Gargano - Cockfosters

Pablo Gargano - Definition Of A Track (David Craig Remix)

Pablo Gargano - Everyone's Future

Pablo Gargano - Grand Hall (Original Mix)

Pablo Gargano - Headlines

Pablo Gargano - Lord Of The Universe (The Moving Remix)

Pablo Gargano - On A Deep Tip (Follow The Rimshot Remix)

Pablo Gargano - One Time

Pablo Gargano - One Time (Half Fat Remix)

Pablo Gargano - Organ-ic (Original Mix)

Pablo Gargano - Soul System

Pablo Gargano - The Secret Spice (Original Mix)

Pablo Gargano - The Stranger (David Craig Remix)

Pablo Gargano - The Unexplained

Pablo Gargano - Trance In Saigon

Paffendorf - Smile (Mix 1)

Pan & Trex - Iceman On The Beach

Paragliders - Oasis

Paragliders - Share of Bitterness

Paranetics - Jupiters Earth

Paranetics - Space (Short Mix)

Paraphobia - Inside Your Head

Paraphonatic - The Past, The Present, The Future (Arne LII Remix)

Paraphonatic - The Past, The Present, The Future (DJ Mellow-D Remix)

parker and clind - teleportation

Pascal Device - Azure (Clubazure)

Pascal Device - I Had A Dream (Club Mix)

Pasha Bros - Superstitious 99 (Black Cat Mix)

Paul Van Dyk - My World (Florjn Mix)

Ph - Sizzling Love

Phase 4 - The Sign Of Your Coming (Part 1 & 2)

Phase IV - Remember How It Started

Phasis - Mind Illusions

Phenomenia - Who Is Elvis '99 (Mellow Trax Remix)

Phuture Punk - Organic (Junk Project Rmx)

pi. bert. - atmosphere (k90 remix)

Piero Brunetti - Save the Funky Music I

Pipeman - Nomination I (Club Mix)

Planet E Team - Luke

Planet Fuse - Innocent Game (Egoist Edit)

Planet Fuse - Silent Wish (Egoist Edit)

Planet Ocean - The Deep Blue

Plastic Angel - Daylight

Plastic Angel - Daylight (Resistance D. Rmx)

Plastic Angel - Enter The Darkroom (Club Mix)

Plastic Angel - Enter the Darkroom (Club Mix)

Plastic Angel - Mysterious Mind

Plastic Angel - Schatten (Extended Version)

Plastic Angel - Simultation (Extended Version)

Plastic Boy - Twixt

Plastic Enemy - Bulldozer

Plastic Enemy - Bulldozer (Mega 'Lo Mania Remix)

Plastic Enemy - Bulldozer (Rmx)

Plastic Enemy - Judges Law

Plastic Enemy - No House

Plastic Enemy - Peaceful Harmony

Plastic Enemy - Plastic House

Plastic Enemy - Plastic House

Plastic Enemy - World Of Music

Plastic Enemy - World Of Music (Gary D. & Dr. Z Screwdriver Mix)

Plug 'N' Play - Parade 00

pob - boiler (humate remix)

Pob - The Awakening (Quietman Remix)

pob - the awakening (seismix)

poltergeist - vicious circles (spirit level mix)

poltergeist - vicious circles (union jack remix)

Positivity - Positivity's Knirvana

Possible Words - Nothing Is Over

Pro-Active - Back To Atlantis (Rave Version)

Pro-Active - Dominator (Radio Edit)

Pro-Active - Straight on (the Nightmare Choir)

Pro-Active - Technicidat

Profiler - This Is Who We Are (Steve Morley Remix)

Proxyma - Other Worlds

Proxyma - Other Worlds (Hard Trance Mix)

Pulsedriver - I'm Rushin' (Original Mix)

Pulsedriver - Kiss That Sound

Pulsedriver II - Timemachine (Original Mix)

Push - Till we Meet Again

Push - Universal Nation

Q-Tex - Generations

Quake X - Up-Riser

Quench - Dreams

quietman - now and zen

quietman - plastic gourd ( inch mix)

quietman - sleeper (man with no name remix)

quietman - the sleeper

quietman - the sleeper man with no name remix

Quietman - The Sleeper (Radio Edit)

R.E.D. S.E.C.T.O.R. - State Department (Club Attack)

Racoon - What to Be (Dentist Mix)

Ralph Fridge - Paradise (Nu-Gray Mix)

Raul De Chile - Party (De Chile Mix)

Rave Base - To the Beat Youll

Rave Creators - A New Mind Remix (Thai Acid Mix)

Ravelab - Seeing is Believing

Ray Clarke - No Return (Tough Club Tune)

RE-Animator - Rewire Your Brain (D-Gor Mix)

Rebel Youth - Deep Star

Recall - Go On (De Donatis Remix)

Recall ll - Operation Decoy

Red Light District - Did You Hear Me (Phase II Mix)

Redeye - A Source

Redeye - Acid Etch

Reflection 4 - Tic Tac (Original Mix)

Resident Aliens - Firedance

Resistance D. - Human (Resistance D. Extended Mix)

Rexanthony - Capturing Matrix (Trancegression Version)

Ricky Le Roy - Red Moon (Metempsicosi Mix)

Robotnico - Backtired 2000 (Megalo Remix)

Robotnico II - Back Tired

Robotronic Squad - World Outside (245 Internet Beats Mix)

Rodd-Y-Ler - Lifesigns

Rodd-Y-Ler - Remember

Royal Hype - To Be There (Stratosphere Mix)

Rubicon Massacre Ltd - Hello Little Jam (Remix)

Rubicon Massacre Ltd - Piccadilly Circus

Ruff Driverz - Waiting for the Sun (Remix)

salamander - tempest (union jack remix)

Salida Del Sol - Caribic Dream (Hardtrance Mix)

Sam Pling Pres. Mike Dragon - Infinity 2001

Sammy - Future Is Present

SAN - Stroke

Sandra Collins - Flutterby (X-Cabs Mix 1)

Scape Goat - Unwanted Erection

Scoope - The Summer Of Love (Original Mix)

Scoopex - N My Dream (Soulman Remix)

Scope - Perfect

Scot Project - U (I Got A Feeling) V-Mix

Seb - Rainbow Islands (Freinds, Lovers & Family Mix)

Second Dimension - Into Your Mind (Original Mix)

Secret Alloy - Lost Souls

Sector 5 - Amagedon (DJ Wax Remix)

Seeing Is Believing 98 - Ravelab

Sensitive - To The House

Sentinel - The Sentinel

Sequel Bass - IIIrd. Chapter

Sequel Bass - Voices

Sequel X - Dukkha (X-Mike Mix)

Sequential One - Hands Up

Shamanic Tribes On Acid - Extraterrestrial Lover (Trance Mix)

Shimmon & Woolfson - A Way Of Life (Reactivate Mix)

Shimmon & Woolfson - Evil Queen

Shockwave - The Prophet (New Arch Mix)

Shorty Bone - Dream Phase

Sidewalk - Voices in the Dark

Silent Harmony - Paranoid (Club Mix)

Silent Harmony - Save The Whales (Club Mix)

silent harmony - save the whales (vincent de moor remix)

Silent Harmony - You

Silent Otomo - The Rebirth

Skylab - Backup Ep (Accident)

Skylab - Lunatic (Raul De Chile Mix)

Skylab - Timewalker

Slacker - Scared (POB Seismix)

Slashing Funkids - Evil

Sloane Strangers - Mind Over Matter

Slotmachine Allstars - Flashback #2 (Instrumental)

Snack Vs. Uwe Hacker - Dampframme (Rmx)

Snowman - Passion & Pain (Second Extended Version)

SODA P.O.P - Another State of Mind (Trance Mix)

Solid Sleep - Tears

Solitaire - Chasing Clouds (Free Gliding Remix)

Sonic Experience - Music (Fusionmen Rmx)

Sonic Tool - Yesterday (DJ Crack Mix)

Sosa - Accelerator (Alternative Mix)

Soulslider - Give Me All You Got

Sound Inc - F-Active

Sound Structure - I'm Ready

Sound Structure - Reality

soundcheck - minddrive

Source T- - Emotion

Sourmash - Throwing Caution To The Wind (Exclusive Mix)

South Of Trance - L'Architecture

Space Frog - Hyperglide (Video Edit)

Space Frog - Lost In Space (Time Slip) (Original Version)

Space Frog - Lost In Space '98 (Yves Deruyter Remix)

Space Planet - Time Correction

Spacer IV - Arc 3 (Laurent Family Remix)

Splat Graphix - E.B.L.

S-Project - Julika (Feelings Like in Paradise) Rmx

Star Track - Farpoint

State Of Mind - The Summer (Day Mix)

Station 27 - Deutsch Bass

Steady State - Cost Control

Steve Baltes - Stand Ready Rmx

Steven Gore - Control Me (Club Mix)

Style - Give Me A Sign (Freestyle Mix)

Sunbeam - Arms of Heaven

Sunbeam - Outside World

Sundance - The Living Dream (Transa Mix)

Sunset - Lost You

Super Space - Trance Force (TTF Mix)

Sushi - Osaka Acid

swan - memory (binary finary mix)

Synergetic - Space Drummer

Synkope - Metamorphose (Metacid)

System Eight - Play It Rough

Systemshock - Seduction

T. Marc feat. Vincent - Strings Of Infinity

Talla meets Tom Wax - NRG (Gary D.'s Nothern Light Remix)

Tambourines - I Save You

Tantra - I Want Your Love (Tantra Club Mix)

Taucher - Waters

Technology - Electronically Entertained

Technoshock & Rexanthony - Equinoxe Party

technossomy - electron bender (willie mix)

terra ferma - floating

terra ferma - obelix (terra ferma remix)

Terra Ferma feat. Katie Ashley - Teeth Of The Jungle

terra ferma ft. i-ching - obelix

Terra V. - Spirit of Joy (Roger P. Shah Remix)

Terra W.A.N. - Who's Gonna Ease The Pressure (DuMonde Mix)

The Act - Something About You (DJ Garry Remix)

The Ape - Confusion

The Apex - Kunda

The Crow - What Ya Lookin at (Remix)

The Dam - Miss Rave

The Def Set - Ogo (The Digital Blondes End Of An Era Mix)

The Dentist - Destiny (Arena Of The God Mix)

the digital blonde - optica (original mix)

The Gate - Transfer (Club Mix)

The Green Martian - Industry

The Harem Doctors - Outer Limits (DJ Snowman & DJ Mind X-Remix)

The Highlander - Dignified (Allan Mc Loud Club Mix)

The Jeyenne - X-Masid

The Joker - Zeitansage (Original Mix)

The Mystery - Mystery (Above and Beyond Mix)

The Quest - C Sharp

The Sense - Forever (Atmosphere Mix)

The Soundlords - Off the Wall

Third Man - Planet Hunter

Tillmann Uhrmacher feat. Peter Ries - Bassfly (Club Mix)

Timo Maas & Gary D. - Herdplatte 100°

Timo Maas and Gary D. - Die Herdplatte

TMM - Cmos-K

TNT - Trance Dance

Tom De Luxe - Thats the Way (Live Mix)

Tom Wax & Jan Jacarta - Wormhole

Tom Wax Joins Jamx & De Leon - Laut & Leise

Tony De Vit - I Don't Care

Tony Esperanza - La Mosca (Rmx)

Total Eclispe - Transparent Mind

Toxic - House Time

Trance Atlantic Air Waves - Chase (Rmx)

Trance Masters - Acid Sunshine

Trance Team - Breath of Life (the Force)

Trance to Dance - 155 Bpm

Tranceliner - Greetings From Exile

Tranceliner - Tribal Spin

Transa - Behind The Sun

Transa - Carla's Theme

Transa - Enervate

Transa - Prophase X-Cabs Remix One

Transa - Supernova

transa - transtar

Transport X - Moments Of Silence

Traxx - Insanity

Tsunami - Wise Man

Tubular Knights - The Last Crusade (Remix)

U.K.W. - Electric Love (Seikos Remix)

Ugly Kid Jay - The Day The Earth Caught Fire (2K Mix)

Ultrashock - Stepping Energy (Cyberrave Mix)

union jack - cactus

union jack - cockroach

union jack - lollipop man

Union Jack - Red Herring

union jack - red herring (original mix)

union jack - two full moons and a trout (exclusive 14 remix)

union jack - yeti

universal state of mind - all because of you (mindsweeper mix)

Upserver - Mood Swings

Uranus - Die Magie Der Tone (Gary D. TTF Mix)

Urban Trance Plant - Ready To Flow

Van Basten - King of the Death Posture

Van Der Mynk & Snyderman - Tendancy

Vector Mode - The Way You Talk (Trance Trip Mix)

Vee - Great Ruaha (Incredible Voyage)

Velocit - Future (Arpeggiators Radio Edit)

Velvet Cycle - The Afterglow (Nightmix)

Velvette - Liquid Love

Vincent De Moor - Flowtation

Vincent De Moor - Fly Away (Instrumental)

Vincent De Moor - No Hesitation

Vincent De Moor - Shamu

Virtual Atmosfear - Evolution

Vision One - Excell (Extended Version)

Voice - Catching the Scent Of Mystery

v-one - dead cities

Waterloop - Chips and Trips

Waterloop - Future Facts

Wax Trax - Meditation, Spiritualism & Love

Webdrivers - Spirit of Virtuality (Remix)

Wicked Wipe - Rok Da House

Wizards Of Sonic - Sunrise (Tracid Mix)

World Inside The Music feat. D.J. Panda - It's A Dream (Infused Mix)

Worms - Ice Storm

x-cabs - infectious (remix)

X-Cabs - Neuro

x-cabs - neuro 99

Xerrox - The Club (Niels Van Gogh Mix)

X-ITE - Research

X-Trance - Friends (Wag & Yomc Remix)

XXL - Soccer Boys (Red Card Mix)

Yekuana - Canis Loopus (Thousand Rains)

YP Analyzer - Die Zwangsjacke Der Liebe

YP Analyzer - Theme From YP

yves deruyter - feel free

Yves Deruyter - Outsiders (Santini & Stephenson Remix)

Yves Deruyter - To The Rhythm (Signum Remix)

Zentral - Attack

Zodiac Vol 4 - Mission

Zzino - Accelerate

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