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Nervasystem - Time Travel

Arjuna Records





Even as a true Goatrance lover it took me some time to really understand this music. It was only when I heard him play at the Lost in Time 2013 - 2014 New Year's Party in Belgium that I realized how great this music is. To quote a friend: "It's dark, but pure and positive". And that's also how I experience it. This is music that could (and should) be played at any time at a party. It's dark and psychedelic for the night time, yet also melodic and trancy for the morning hours. And actually this is one of the few releases that cannot be classified as just "dark" or "light/melodic" as our scene (and yours truly) likes to do. It's just pure no-nonsense trance music, based on the less is more principle. Nervasystem does not rely on climax introducing alarm sounds or wave-your-hands-in-the-air cheesy climaxes to create a trance, but lets the percussions and melodies do all the work. And God the melodies are well produced and are being twisted in a subtle but effective way throughout the track. Nervasystem keeps bringing what the trancer needs, in time.
For me this release is Nervasystem at its best. It does not contain all of his best tracks, but stands out as the best package in a whole for me. Previously unreleased '90s tracks, with a modern mastering (this I believe). Every track is great and can be played at any time at the dancefloor, but only when brought well by the dj. And that is what I will try to do...
5/5 !
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Guest antic

[ to quote myself from release announcement thread ]

I love it! :wub:

The sound is so raw, so primal, even bare-bones at times, but yet it doesn't feel old like some of the CDs released at that time. It's got this tribal, very techno-like attitude, very clean and sharp sounds but at the same time it's varied enough to not be boring - some tracks are more gentle, more melodic with almost typical psy/goa-like arrangements and big climax; while others lean towards relentlessly banging, dark and trancey styles a'la stuff released on Psychic Deli or TIP Records. What you notice at first is that the music is kind of minimalist, very pure, with simple progressions and not a lot of fancy transitions or effects - but then, the more you listen, the more you discover that it's actually the small things that make all the difference: the sounds constantly shift, modulate, develop; the effects are there but are so delicate and cleverly applied, that they create a sound of their own.

Prime example would be "Non-terrestrial Intelligence", where cleverly applied, dynamic reverbs and echoes transform the otherwise typical acid line into haunting, unsettling and almost spooky melody in the vein of "Alien Nation" by CoP.

There's many more "small" things like that, though:
- the techno bassline and strings in "Rotating Rama",
- hammer-heavy kick and highly resonant main lead in "Interstellar Mutation",
- seizure-inducing urgency of the bassline in "Juddervision",
- dark, sci-fi atmosphere and crazy acid-line of "Dimension Expansion",
- wobbly rhythmic foundation and Prana's "Primal Orbit"-like climax in "Narcosynthesis",
- deep, dense and mysterious acid layering of "Cybermat",
- tribal, vocals driven sound of "Karmenbozia".

Do yourself a favor and get this one immediately.


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Great album, that's for sure. Man, now that I read some of the reviews, I want to listen to it again because I definitely missed some of the smaller details that Antic noticed. Love that kind of stuff.

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