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Lost Buddha - Untold Stories


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Artist: Lost Buddha

Title: Untold Stories

Label: Phototropic Records

Date: March, 2011


1. Transfiguration (Anti-Gravity mix)
2. Lost in a crystal sphere
3. Psyramid (Live mix)
4. Tabernacle
5. When the universe was created
6. Southern Oracle
7. Ataraxia
8. Lost in paradise
9. Mysteries of the women



"If you want a job done right I have to do it..."




All right, f*ck it I'll do it...


Lost Buddha is Filipe Santos as well as a truckload of other aliases. Some would add asshole. Perhaps crazy motherf*cker. But I'll throw another one at you.


Genius. F*cking genius.


Yep, he's alienated a boatload of people with his destructive attitude and erratic behavior., but he also made some of the best goa and acid trance around. It seemed like it was effortless for him. And you wanna talk prolific? He was everywhere. And he gave away the vast majority of his work. Just gave it to us.


Like this release. Well the first iteration of this collection of tunes released as 320 mp3's on Metaphysic Records back in 2007. The one I'm reviewing is the most recent in which you had to throw down some coin. The one where only the first three tracks hadn't been released. Concerning Filipe, I don't know if he was on drugs, an alcoholic, or just a raging douche pickle. I had nothing to do with him so his actions never affected me in the slightest. People that knew him and worked with him will probably tell a different story. If they want to speak of him at all. There is no excuse for being a dick or acting hurtful and if he did that (pretty sure he did) then he deserves his pariah status. You cannot rub everyone the wrong way especially when they are trying to help you.


But in the end every artist will ultimately be judged by his work and when it comes down to the music the guy was just brilliant. Layers upon layers with a powerful boost. His compositions were forever evolving and imminently danceable. His sound was full of lush atmospheres that seemed to always be in attack mode. This entire album while not the most varied goa trance is straight ahead spectacular. This comes with my highest recommendations.



Beethoven was beaten and exploited by his father which led him to self medicate with drugs and alcohol. Famous playwright Tennessee Williams who wrote A Streetcar Named Desire and the Glass Menagerie was also an alcoholic and a drug user who just happened to have a sister with schizophrenia that underwent a lobotomy. Hemingway was another raging alcoholic depressive who committed suicide. Like his father. And sister. And brother. And granddaughter.


Now I'm not equating what Filipe did in our little corner of the world with the colossal achievements of these gentlemen, but sometimes it is the demons, the mental illness with which the person does battle that can foster those periods of creativity. I hope Filipe was just young and immature and hadn't figured out how the world worked. But if he does have a mental illness let's hope he gets the help he needs so as to not follow the path of these unfortunate gentlemen.


I don't know you enough to miss you Filipe. But I certainly miss your music.







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I always have to start by saying, I really wish it would have been the exact track list from the 2007 untold stories but as it goes, all of the wav files for them were lost and only this live version existed! Even with this album, there's still a bunch of unreleased goodies that will probably never see the proper light of day.


What else? It's an album of Filipes golden age, when metaphysical was still up and running. You know, that 2006-2007 style of goa(can I even say that?). It's a great album full of in your face style lush goa with heavily oriental melodies and atmospheres that can transport anyone in the middle of the saharan desert or indian jungles... You get the idea.


The only downside is the overbearing similarity of the tracks, but even then it is not a deal breaker. Filipe always had an issue with having everything sounding the same, repeating formulas and ideas, but with his earlier works, the crazy melodies and just a general more eccentric style of using said ideas overcame that. Unique style like no other I must admit. If you didn't fancy the Amithaba albums, which are highly repetitious as well, I'd say give this one a shot regardless, it is still quite different.


And I'll add Richpa did a great job on the cover, it's a perfect fit, though maybe I'd have changed the font :P

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And I'll add Richpa did a great job on the cover, it's a perfect fit, though maybe I'd have changed the font :P

Well, it was my first CD artwork and I had to make a couple of more to actually learn how to work with fonts properly, but still glad you liked the design. It was real pleasure doing this artwork back than.


Back ontopic, I agree with both of you. It's shame that this version doesn't reflect the original release 100%, but still its an amazing album worth checking, especially if you're looking for quality Goa trance music, which isn't too bright like AB works, but still have enough of melody and proper drive. I won't comment the behaviour of Filipe here, it was disscused many times already and he spent all his credits, but music is what is important and his music-wise work will always get my respect.


Favorite track: When The Universe Was Created (but I would suggest to check first the original version, even with lousy mastering it somehow reflects the power and energy better).

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Glad a review is up. I was expecting more word on his album but i guess you cant really not discuss the persona behind the music . His music comes across as exactly the opposite of what folks describe him to be - one would expect him to be producing gabber mixed with dark psy leads with a nitzo beat .


At any rate its a beautiful album that very never gets too samey , boring or dull for me at-least . The layering is intricate and very soulful. What makes it all the more diggable is the fact that the album is like a dj set . A untold story told very well. Ataraxia is my favourite !

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