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"V/A - Future Architecture 2"

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Trance2MoveU    361



Artist: Various

Title: Future Architecture 2

Label: Neogoa / UAF

Date: February, 2014


01 - GoaTree - Human Apocalypto (80/106 BPM)
02 - Crossing Mind - Virtual Mind Cleaner (139 BPM)
03 - Aerosis - Cape Quetzal (138 BPM)
04 - Celestial Intelligence - Light After Darkness (143 BPM)
05 - Adrenalin Run - Spoiled Brats (Premature Incubation Mix) (145 BPM)
06 - Dreamweaver - Penta (145 BPM)
07 - Cosmic Dimension - Alien Civilization (142 BPM)
08 - Trinodia - Psychedelic Sun (137 BPM)
09 - Magic Science & Imba - Ghost Town (144 BPM)
10 - Omnivox - Inner Polarity (2014 Rework) (147 BPM)
"And thus their undying love was made ever stronger by their continued collaboration..."
So happy together...You guys are like peas and carrots. Peanut butter and chocolate. The match made in heaven continues to bear fruit (I'll let your brain juggle that image) with the second installment of Future Architecture. Neogoa (Ivan Richpa) and Underground Alien Factory (Nikola Petrovic) have cemented their place in the goa trance Parthenon with many quality digital releases and cover art to boot. Did I mention that they do all this without sticking their hand in your pocket.
That costs extra buddy.
Human Apocalypto- "If the population goes up to the point where we destroy the resources of the earth, it doesn't matter which nation is most populous...we all get it in the neck."
Cmon...you know India gonna take a big hit. This track begins as a slow tribalistic warning with chants and the ominous sample and grows into a tense blockbuster soundtrack. Welcome to the show. At first I didn't like it now I'm captivated by it. It's beautiful.
Virtual Mind Cleaner- Stephan has vaulted to the top of the goa pyramid with his distinct sound. Metallic yet warm it bubbles with tendrils that leave colorful trails in their wake. Constantly changing it never misses a beat. Yeah hit me again with that. There's still some midget fetish porn back in the corner you missed. Clean it!
Cape Quetzal-
Holy f*ck an Aerosis sighting! Welcome back man you have been missed. So much has happened since you've been gone. Lessee...we got Bin Laden, Obama got re-elected, gay people are getting married, Putin still shirtless, Paula Deen hates Negroes...oh just so much. Now this is a danceable piece of smoothness. Shiny and warm it bubbles towards that unreachable horizon with nice layering. Love de bass line mon. You've still got it.
Light After Darkness- I think this is one of their strongest tracks to date. It's organic and alive as it changes shape thrusting warm rays of sunshine into the receding night. Great work!
Spoiled Brats- The first release of M-run + Stiven and oh boy it's a doozy. Loads of groove that has epic pads, power and leads that make it fun to dance to. Love this track.
Penta- Dis guy? Look I know next to nothing about Penta, but if he's making a goa track I'll give him a...what's that now?
Oh. Penta is the title. Well, that uh...makes a little more sense doesn't it? Like my redneck neighbor says this is a moody sumbitch. Dark and not bad.
Alien Civilization- "And then the question why don't they land here? Maybe it's because we're simply not that interesting."
Bingo. And holy photoshop!
I am convinced this was his inspiration. Only an alien race could imagine a scenario where having your pudding pounded on camera by a D-list celebrity would lead to fame and riches. His album In A Special Kind of Place wins the award for my most delayed review. Something always seems to come up. This track continues with his style of outerspace goa with glittery melodies and lush breaks.
Psychedelic Sun- Mr. Astral Clouds is at it again with a track that resembles the M-run groove. Head nodding goodness that continually churns. This guy can be counted on.
Ghost Town-
Imagine little Teresa's surprise during lunch when, amongst all her friends, instead of pulling out a ham sandwich she grabs hold of mommy's little friend during those long, cold, winter nights.
"Omigosh! I can't eat that!"
Actually you can...well, you can pretend to.
A thumping track with a backpack full of sounds. It gets real growly near the end. Needed a little more variety to put it over the top, but still a scorcher.
Inner Polarity (2014 Rework)- Talk about closing with a double barreled blast! Full power all the way with a massive bottom end and a vigorous pace. This will leave a hole in your wall about yay big.
"Yeah I saw him. Big fat guy. He was leaking this red liquid all over the place. Kept screaming Oh Yeah! all the way down the street."
What a fantastic album. These two stalwarts have done it again. Highly recommended!
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Bill    85


What a fantastic album. These two stalwarts have done it again. Highly recommended!



Yes, indeed! The Omnivox track is an absolute beast but "Virtual Mind Cleaner" is incomparable, best track on the album, imo.

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Imba    295

Great review. Thanks Mike! :D


Yup, Virtual Mind Cleaner is something... first time i heard it i cried. So deep track as most of Crossing Minds :)

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Richpa    863

Glad you like the compilation Mike, and thank you for very funny review as always! We will see to team-up again in a year or two and maybe make 3rd part aswell

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Jon Cocco    79

V/A - Future Architecture 2
Neogoa / Underground Alien Factory Records




This is a free Psy/Goa Trance album. I treated it like any other review. The album showcases great talent, and some artist tracks I hope can take my feedback constructively in improving and perfecting their sound and style. I'm very appreciate of creative free releases by artists, those involved behind scenes and Ektoplasm. A huge contribution to quality music for many years! Many artists got noticed thanks to you guys. Everyone on Future Architecture 2 took the time to produce a unique track with creativity. Moreover, this compilation includes some of the best Goa songs I've heard all year on it.


01. GoaTree - Human Apocalypto is interesting. The hymn and vocals I could have done without, but they're unique, not bad. he drum work in the second third is catchy, and the downtempo-esque work took time to grow on me due to the male vocals. Less is sometimes more, primarily the male hymns from 5:37 to 6:24. I could have done without the repeated population sample. That said, the song from 6:48 to 8:06 is great! Furthermore, the lift off from 8:07 forward is superb. The song surges with energy and excitement. Here is a real finale that's uplifting, optimistic, and paramount in sound. What an unexpected, incredible evolution! I expressed what I felt didn't enhance the music, minus those things a higher score from me. This is a strong track with an awesome finale. B+

02. Crossing Mind - Virtual Mind Cleaner takes off after a unique buildup. The most impressive thing I find, is the sound usage and variety, how the melodies are combined, crafted, distorted and mixed throughout. Among them are accents, magical touches that are delightful. I can't think of anything the artist could add to improve the song; it's always several steps ahead. I wasn't impressed with Crossing Mind until I heard The Inner Shift album, which to me was an evolution as Filteria's albums became since 2009's Daze of Our Lives. I love the evolution. The selection of sounds here is healthy, the alterations and combinations distinct and vibrant. Virtual Mind Cleaner is beautifully designed and has a magnetic personality. It grows tastier and seemingly more complex. This my FAVORITE track on the compilation, showcasing beautiful talent. Msg to artist: Keep your vibration high and keep on releasing these flying saucers. Amazing work. A

03. Aerosis - Cape Quetzal has a harmonious opening; it's elegant and regal. The first third of the song is novel and distinct, very catchy. The energetic lift-off at around 2:16 is excellent. I love the drum tweaks, the synth work (the part around 2:52 is delicious) and the FX. The first 3-4 minutes of this track are terrific. Somewhere in the fourth minute, at around 4:12 (into the fifth minute) unfortunately, the song begins to grow repetitive. I am less hooked, as if ideas are being recycled with similar sounds and arrangement. Very little takes place that immerses me like the imaginative first third. The fifth minute has some nice effects and enhanced layering. I would have loved to hear a more imaginative and engaging second third. The track gets interesting again in the sixth minute. The interlude's good. The music's return at 6:57 ushers in a new tune along with a rising effect that's great. From 7:11 forward I'm hooked again. But then the arrangement at 7:52 brings the song back to familiar territory; it's less arresting than before. I would have loved if the song's second act topped the first, and the third topped the first two acts as Filteria (and numerous other artists) generally do. This thing could have been amazing, since it takes off like a missile early on. It gets less tight in the second third and then revives nicely with a moment I question. The ambient end touches are nice too and compliment the emotive opening. Msg to Aerosis: You can share your song with me privately, before release and I'll review it for you guys privately, something to consider (PM me). This is a good track IMO with extensions of greatness. I'm between a B / B+

04 - Celestial Intelligence - Light After Darkness begins attractively with warm ambience, atmosphere. Once the beat kicks in, it just flows! Psy-scapes seamlessly combine with the developing rhythm. The melodies stand out; they're great though they don't stay in my head once the song ends. I love the song's fluidity, the melody/sounds, the evolution in the second act, and the enhanced third act. The song mixes lower with higher pitched sounds well. There is a burst of energy before the seventh minute. It's here that the artist could have taken things further and infected us deeper. Sure there's additional tweaks, but I was more refreshed in act two, the psychedelic bubbling sounds that deliciously infect the synths. The melody at 5:45 is very nice at least, as well as the returning energy around 6:50, and the tune at 8:11. Great track! B+

05 - Adrenalin Run - Spoiled Brats (Premature Incubation Mix) is high energy. The Eastern introduction is pleasant, evocative. I love when this horse takes off out of the gate around 1:46. What a great sound accompanied with catchy melody work! The synth and drum work (enhancements) in both the fist and second act are great fun! The interlude interlude is nice too. The opportunity is taken advantage of for the music to become catchier, more animated and energetic. It's great. The second act is fluid, exciting, and delectable like the first, no complaints. The second interlude in the fifth minute works too. Any complaints? Well yes, the third act was great until an overly ethnic part decides to off-set the stunning adventure. The track in that regard should have been revised in its last act, or ended around the seventh minute. Once the ethnic segment leaves, the edgier (stronger) rhythm returns with some improvements yet in the final 1-2 minutes. The song becomes fun again, until that is, a trace of that iffy part sabotages the final moments to some degree, at 9:18. Ahhh, get that out of there! Your song is too good to incorporate cheese in the final moments! This was an A- to an A from me, same with the previous track until certain arts arrived that took away from the song's beautiful flow and delicacy. Great track overall. A-

06. Dreamweaver - Penta I could take or leave. I thought this was Penta initially. Are you sure this is a song by Dreamweaver called Penta? I like how it starts out atmospherically. The song feels more Psytrance than Goa though. The synth work and sound FX after the second minute are good. The fairly dark interlude is decent too along with the atmospheric touches, the rhythm at 3:34 forward is nice, and what appears to be a melody around 4:00 (that soon leaves) is very catchy! But they often come and go until the next effect and with few exceptions. What could have been a melody is used more to accent, as an effect. For a psytrance track, it's pretty good, but for a Goa track that not much melody arrangement. A greater sense of evolution would have been nice too, though the song does keep things moving and adding in this and that to the driving feel. But feel; there's little that emotes. I expected more memorable melodies to compliment the sounds, but this will probably sound great on the dance floor. I couldn't help but feel something is missing to make this deeper, more satisfying and enjoyable past being another cool Psytrance track. B-

07. Cosmic Dimension - Alien Civilization starts off well, atmospherically. Layers arrive soon in. However the direction with these layers and structure grow fairly repetitive and somewhat tiresome halfway through. Less scaffolding of melodies and more actual composing would have been nice. Into even the second minute, there's a similar sound that begins to bore/grate on me before 2:52 where things change. There's more sense of arrangement in the third minute. The interlude is catchy, atmospheric. The music's return is decent too. In the second act (beginning around 4:43) however, I find that some of the synth combinations distract from the more prominent, signature lead melodies and complimentary ingredients. At times there's a thick, high pitched sound that's probably an unintentional effect to all of the layering. I enjoy the song less because of this potential anomaly. On the positive, the musical/drum change up and beautifully articulated "skipping" piano(?) sounds in the last act are great! That thick sound is still apparent to some degree unfortunately. But 6:02 forward is gripping. Also attractive is the ambient, atmospheric FX that make their presence known in the final moments. Cool track. Relative to the end sample: "Why don't they land here?" Disclosed is that they crash landed in the US and potentially elsewhere. Highly recommended (besides doing your own research) is the feature documentary on this subject, Out Of The Blue (free to stream on YouTube, UFO may be in the title), and the critically acclaimed book, "The Day After Roswell." The truth is coming out at least, all these decades later, thanks to word-of-mouth, the internet, people talking who've been suppressing this stuff for decades... also read about Hollow Earth.. this stuff will awaken your mind (especially if true!) http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/tierra_hueca/tierrahueca/Chapter2.htm

B- <--- don't be offended. It's a pretty good track but nothing super delicious IMO. ;)

08. Trinodia - Psychedelic Sun I like for about 5-10 seconds ~ until that tinny beat arrives. Why is it so tinny? At least it doesn't last long. Once the harder edged kick drum arrives, I'm hooked until 0:55, and it's all down hill from there. For me anyway. The harder edged sounds (darker tone) I find does not combine well with the upbeat Eastern influence approach. If you're going to make it dark, go all out and avoid tinny sounds (like the synth around 4:20). There is some decent braiding of sounds as the song progresses (the artist overlaps the mediocre synth via 0:06 with one more catchy at least, thus masking it to some degree). Nonetheless, a stronger selection of sounds, arrangement, sound usage, mixing, etc., would have been great. The interlude into the forth minute is interesting, and immerses me back in the track. But then an unpleasant synth arrives around 4:10 and pushes me away. It's soon joined with a more attractive layer, but it's all too mixed on the emotions by now, for me anyway. here's even some cool sounds in the final minutes (and seconds!). The voice FX are cool too. I'm just not sure why the artist didn't find tastier sounds before finalizing/releasing this track because some of his elements are catchy. Then others sabotage those elements to some degree I feel. C

09. Magic Science and Imba's Ghost Town is innovative, unique. It is NOT afraid to take risks. The ambient notes emote. The skipping notes add character, albeit a slight haunting one that thankfully doesn't overstay its welcome. The synth work stands out and flows well with the soundscapes. Drum beat alterations are dynamic, and the development/evolution is healthy here with diversity. I love the synth/melody work at 3:40. This is where the song passes good IMO. It refuses to remain redundant. Things remain interesting as if a planet is being created, with many details cohesively collecting simultaneously. This is relative to the growing combination of melody/sound arrangement and the emotive feel. A stronger sense of atmosphere would have been nice. Fortunately, the song keeps things interesting throughout. You can tell that a lot of work was put into the final product. Nice work guys! B+

10. Omnivox - Inner Polarity in the first third utilizes a rough Eastern-influenced synth that (to me) goes through the motions with little more that supports and enhances it. The track improves after the interlude around 2:40. The second act includes psychedelic sounds, textures; it feels less generic beginning at 2:20. What appears to be an electric guitar enters and the song becomes more dynamic and involving. The middle act here I like; it lasts for a while and I find that the change up in synth work compliments it. So far the songs evolving with a second act much catchier than the first. Now I can only imagine how strong and innovative the final act will be. Unfortunately, the similar in concept ethnic synth returns at 5:20. It's a little different in arrangement, sure, but it brings back the generic going-through-the-motions sound from the first act. The last act to me feels repetitive and uninspired. I would have loved to see the second act grow into something more imaginative. There are some cool ideas here. I just expected more. C+

Favorite tracks - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9





Samples the FULL ALBUM (not sure why the YouTube playlist is out of order)


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