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"V/A - Memories From Goa Madness"


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Artist: Various

Title: Memories From Goa Madness

Label: Goa Madness Records

Date: November, 2013



1. Into The Vast Dark Ocean

2. Overdose

3. Initially

4. Pray For Mars

5. Light Up The Sky

6. Ancient Aliens

7. Trip Through The Heart Of The Galaxy

8. Psychoactive

9. Jurassic Attack



*Sitting on toilet typing review on phone*


Dude, what si...si...


"D-E! D-E!! Motherf*cker why won't you type D-E!?!"


Great so now I can't finish my review while I'm on the hopper. I'm trying to multitask but wordpad on the Samsung is making that a tad difficult. Hit the fan.


Oh aliendna99 didn't your mother ever teach you if you don't have anything nice to say, say it with gifs?




See? See...it's not so fun to wear the cone of shame is it? But why so abrubtly negative? Was your jacket covered in minus signs still at the dry cleaners? I'm poking fun and he is entitled to his opinion as we all are. One thing we share is a love of goa trance so I figure the more labels that decide to release it the greater chance for variety. And we all win when that happens right? I've ripped Goalogique for their first two compilations as I felt they were subpar so I suppose that he's doing the same thing (although from his post it seems he did it from solely samples and we know how that can go), but I won't deny that label my support. This business is too hard.


Now to be fair he's not calling them out because Goa Madness Records is a new label, but because he feels the music is just homogenous new school same old same old stuff. And to a certain degree he's correct.




"Dude, what side are you on?" Both. None. Wigro I'm Switzerland. But I agree with his complaint kinda. If you're one of those who believe that goa trance these days sounds like it's churned out like processed food (it's not) then you probably won't have many positive things to say about this release. It certainly isn't going to rewrite the "formula" for goa trance production. But you know what not many do. The compilation opens with an absolute ripping track by Ephedra and Omnivox. Pure class. I really enjoyed Ageneton's high energy track and Psychoactive is one of the best tracks ever to come from Liquid Flow in my opinion. And the Merr0w and Radical Distortion tracks? Thick melodies and piercing leads that lend themselves to maximum twirling.


The only one I wasn't thrilled with was the Asmik track. The key change didn't sit well with me and at almost 9 minutes it felt twice that. Still not bad at all for their very first track. If you're looking for goa trance this compilation is quite good. Leads scream with bite and it's very danceable. The sound quality is also fantastic.


Wait a minute...what was the problem again?


Well worth my money and a great debut compilation. Great job Goa Madness crew!







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One of the best new school goa compilations ever released. No weak tracks here. Ephedra-Trip Through The Heart Of The Galaxy is an absolute blast, just like Agneton's massive track. Highly recommended.

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Radical Distortion and Liquid Flow tracks kick buttocks! Actually the RD tracks are some of the best they've ever done, especially Ancient Aliens, what a rush. Didn't really care for the rest of the comp though. Merr0w definitely disappointed, it had the same sounds as Citrus Circus but the structure was just so off-key and the sounds came off a little silly imo. And generally I find Omnivox noisy with these tracks

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The opening track is pretty good and the Radical Distortion tracks are very good indeed. They would be even better without the extended samples imo. I usually don't mind when the samples are short and don't disrupt the flow, but long samples usually ruin the tracks for me. Nevertheless, Ancient Aliens is by far my favourite. I also enjoyed Agneton's track, although I'm not a fan of this style of music.


I don't see what you guys like in Liquid Flow's track, for me it's just a filler (along with Asmik). His album "Presence" was very good but I haven't been impressed with any of his compilation tracks that I've heard.

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