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Cell - Phonic Peace


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Artist: Cell

Title: Phonic Peace

Label: Indica Music

Date: May, 2005


1. Sensitive garden
2. Mister Ayatih
3. Zaz
4. Magic karma
5. Soon
6. Lord of silk
7. White call
8. Phonic peace for Tibet
9. Orange



I'm absolutely stunned that this has never received a proper review on this forum. After all this was our introduction to Alex Sheffer and his mixture of downtempo and old world goa spirituality. Well, he made some great compilation tracks, but this was his long awaited debut. Long pads and foreign language chants that scream blazing sunshine and mystery. Ethnic instruments like tablas and the hammered dulcimer transport you to dangerous lands and ancient cultures and trying foods you have never heard of.


Like Walter Mitty said, it's why the airfare to Kabul is only 64 bucks.


The Indian vibe is ever present as the trail leads across the mammoth mountains of Nepal and Kashmir. If you enjoy that type of downtempo sound then this is for you. This is one of those albums that is very relaxing and left me with an inner peace. Unfortunately it's no longer in print. You could always go the Discogs route, but voluntarily submitting to a endoscopy with a rusty knife probably wouldn't leave you with a good feeling.



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I am also shocked that this has never had a proper review here, especially as I can remember writing and posting a proper review here many many moons ago. It has been stolen by internet thieves I think :ph34r:


Anyway the nub of it was that this album is great, nice relaxing downtempo with a worldly vibe. The whole eastern thing is going on here but it never overdoes it like a lot of psychill did.


I won't rewrite my review because either I cannot remember exactly what I said 6 or 7 years ago or I am making it all up. Instead here is PKS' review




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