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Does anybody know a chat room for a library website?


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I have added a chat room to my librarian website. It works pretty well on my mobile and I can add videos but it is not letting me integrate my users database (I have around 800 users).


I have checked both RumbleTalk chat and c-box chat but then the lack of 3rd party users integration is a problem.

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Why on Earth are you asking here? Hardly any users on Psynews are web developers. Surely you can think of a more appropriate place to find relevant information.


What software did you use to create your site?


e: Moved this thread to Tech Talk on the off chance that someone who has something useful to say on the topic ends up reading it.

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Hi guys,


As I really like when people let others know about their findings I try to be the same as well. I spent hours and hundrets of dollars researching this, trying out every chat application I could find. Wanted to have it integrated to my webpage so visitors could discuss as much as they want directly on my site.


I decided to go with Rumbletalk as it offers the biggest amount of functions. I specially like the ability to change the design, ability to use it on phones just as smooth as on computers, I often post some videos or charts as well and it works with that beautifully.


It is also not a resourse hog as I often had problem with other applications. Well it really is decent embed live chat. Worth checking it out!

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Thanks for your reply! It looks nice if you make it nice but you have the tools to do it and it is not hard as well.


Rumbletalk now offers you to Build Loyal Audiences Using Group Chat blogging tactics For writters trying to reach their first 100 or 1000 loyal readers, creating an “Open for Conversation” page is a great way to directly interact with readers and humanize your new brand. Let me know how that went!

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On topic no idea i knew mirc lol

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