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Rate The Above Track {Electronica Version}

Guest D N H

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Well, i believe you know the rules already from the existing General Psytrance game, except rating can be made in numbers, letters or whatever numerical system...

So, the posting and rating here involves anything non-psy relative.

House genres, Techno fields, Drum & Bass breaking into the Jungle, Progressive Trance, IDM, Breaks, Chillout, Dub styles, Gabba, etc and whatever...



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I certainly should be listening to the music other people collect... unfortunately the above track doesn't grab me at all. I like house, though, but the elements in the above one doesn't come together to create magic rather it's more of a clashing nature. It sounds like house that is trying its very hardest to be deepy... 5/10, it's not all that bad.



Your time to kill my taste ;)!

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:D No, no, i don't care for your taste, only for music (otherwise i would have killed you for the review of Holy Love... :lol: , which is more artistic & delicate)


Well, let's see... Progressive trance with few Techno & House elements, if i am precise, hmm... not bad, good track. It gives an old Trance/ Goa-ish feel. 7.5/10



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hmm old funk stuff... mostly not among my fave styles.. but let's have a look.. This is a videoclip song, and as it looks like, a reference to afro-american 70s life & culture.

Steady rhythm & complex sound, soul & well-worked synthesis. But i don't like very much the song though... 6/10


Here's an exception for me..

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