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Crop Circles - Full Mental Jackpot EP


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Artist: Crop Circles

Title: Full Mental Jackpot EP

Label: DAT Records

Date: June, 2013



1. Full Mental Jackpot
2. Different Species
3. Full Mental Jackpot (Etnica rmx)
4. Effortless - Cosmic Creative Rays


Crop f*cking Circles.


This is the other EP that was released by those crazy Italians and may be more massive than Lunar Civilization. I prefer to look at them as a whole however. A conglomerate of powerful and melodic masterpieces. The title track lays the smack down with numerous twists and turns each more twisted than the last. 11 and a half minutes of pure bliss. Different Species begins slower, but is no less involving and alien sounding. Sharp 303 ripples and spiraling leads tumble from the sky.


Now we learned with the Live in Athens 1996 album by Etnica that it wasn't uncommon for them to make several remixes for a track. With the FMJ remix it's more subdued than the original...well at least to start. But this is Etnica we're talking about here so you don't have to wait long before it goes all Full Mental Jackpot on you. Is it better? That's like asking if the first piece of chocolate cake is better than the second.


The most interesting track is the final one that due to a labeling error on the DAT master was originally credited to Crop Circles. In actuality, it is by Cosmic Creative Rays which is a Lotus Omega side project and easily the most chaotic and intense track here. Hallucinogenic with melodies that aren't as pristine or accessible, it is still layered goa to the bone.


Purchasing these two EP's is a no brainer. These tracks are absolute classics that every goa head knows and loves. The sound quality is superb guaranteed to please. So it you love goa and don't want to take a second mortgage out on your house to buy the original EP's...


get cracking.



DAT Records










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Thanks so much for your reviews, highly appreciated and I suppose the music speaks for itself, hope many people will enjoy these as I do, an excellent addition to everyone's collection, even if you have the original editions :)

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