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Pandemonium - For Fun's Sake


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01 - Squid (In the Nautilus Mix) (7:17)
02 - Wishing Machine (7:26)
03 - Bazaar of Dreams (7:32)
04 - Hold Us, Mother Gaia (6:40)
05 - Cotton Candy (Dreaming Mix) (7:32)
06 - Hypno-Baby (6:25)
07 - Power of Celtic (Pans Labyrinth Remix) (6:55)
08 - A New Hope (Pans Ice Cream Remix) (6:55)
09 - It's a Magical Garden (6:28)
10 - Zathura (Throw the Dice!) (7:31)


Arguably the most talented current goa producer Filipe Santos returns under one of his many aliases: Pandemonium. His first album stirred up some debate here on Psynews (http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php/topic/53445-pandemonium-muinomednap/) and he seems like quite a combative character in general, upsetting a few people here recently.


He promised a release of a lot of his old tracks as far back as 2008 and said it would be different to his first album, and here it is!


Anyway, let's forget the man and move onto the long-awaited music which is all that matters:


Squid (In The Nautilus Mix)

It certainly is a very fast and fun opening track. Uses the signature Pandemonium flute sounds (as the god Pan would have used) and exciting basslines. Really frenetic energy like most of Filipe's stuff. When you think the track is going to slow down but a snare kicks in again at 2:56, it makes me smile - this is what I love about this guy's music. Some lovely subtle 808 rim shot samples too.


Wishing Machine

For those of you complaining that the last Pan album sounded too similar, we already have a lot of variation here. This sounds more like Lost Buddha's Tabernacle track (which is outstanding). It's got a whiny Eastern melody which really reminds me of a particular oldschool track but I can't think which one. Everything builds up to a spiritual climax, with the Eastern melody asserting itself at the finish.


Bazaar of Dreams

That's right. A tiny intro then straight into the action. This is pure nitzho influenced joy, with the bassline going up and down, supporting the hyperactive high frequency melodies. All the work around 4.47 and beyond is just beautiful.


Hold Us, Mother Gaia

This one is too cheesy for my tastes and reminds me too much of Filipe's track 'Little Indian Girl' as Rama. The Rama track is better.


Cotton Candy (Dreaming Mix)

Great use of the 808 and chime-like sounds with subtle pads to create a mysterious atmosphere. So many elements are being juggled here that you'd have to be well... crazy to deal with it all. Nice stereo dynamics. In fact there may be so much stuff going on here, that it's difficult to keep up...



A sample of a baby crying for a couple of seconds is all the intro we need and we're straight into the action. Some very nice use of delay in this track, and I feel like we're back in the realm of excellent tracks. The sounds here are much more metallic and I love the tight snare. Guaranteed to get you moving.


Shidapu - Power of Celtic RMX

A plaintive melody and overdriven guitar provides the body of this song, taking the original, which was one of the first tracks to try to integrate guitars and goa (I think) and updating it to the Nitzhonot genre. Could be emotional or quite annoying depending on where you sit. I like it.


Agneton - A New Hope RMX

We know this track from Pyramidal Trancedance and it's as great now as it was then. That melody around 4.49 ... yesss! It's the way that the bassline sounds terse, but when that melody comes, it fits so perfectly into the bassline that all tension is relieved in a danceable frenzy.


It's a Magical Garden

Again, starting guitar sample really reminds me of something, can't place my finger on what. Maybe all these similar goa melodies are screwing up my mind. No, wait! Skip to 2.55 in Amithaba Buddha's Myself in the Mirror track and you'll see what I mean. This whole track sounds like a friendlier version of that one. It's okay, not a stand out here.


Zathura (Throw the Dice!)

Again we get the Tabernacle acid hook and some lovely bassline notes with some great percussion. At a slower tempo this really gets me tapping my foot, giving those growing acid melodies time to slowly evolve and work their magic. Yes, the bassline is just sadistic. And Zathura was a terrifying film!


So I have to agree with some that a lot of Filipe's output sounds very similar. But I don't care! It's great stuff and I want more. Very well structured and energetic. This is a pure shot of happiness to the brain.


Favourite tracks: 1, 3, 6, 10


BUY: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/pot/pot1cd010.html

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It is a very good album. Have a hard time buying this CD due to some of Felipe Santos dreadful comments; especially towards Mars.


Does anybody know if he has come out and apologised?




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I do not think he has apologized but harald (owner of Phototropic) assured this album deal was made far before filipe had the meltdown. Most of the tracks are very old and the money from sales now won't be going toward Filipe anymore due the deal been made so long ago. So in that regard you shouldn't worry.


On that note I hope we can keep the review thread clean of that mess.

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Both Pandemonium albums would be absolutely killers if he decided to go for less cheesy melodies. Some of the tracks are on the borderline of nitzhonot. It's still good though.

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(UFO crash booomasndlahkjsdflkahfkjn adf sound)


hmmm , what the..? what am i doing here?

yes that's right my ufo ran out of petrol but soon scotty is going to beam me up in a few seconds.


what? me? apologise to mars? are you crazy? that rocky thing is drier than the sahara desert and you guys still trying to look out for life up on that thing? lol , get yourself a bucket of water all over you will you? Mars is a dead planet , there's no life there ok?? jeeezz ...


Meltdown? lol these people are really nuts all over here. Scotty can you read me ? Are you there?... ahh damn.. cmon dude get me out of this place...


(static sounds come out the intercom)


Damn why is he taking so long?...


Oh and yes I am still making music and there's new stuff going on also a new release (facebook people!) outhere but i ain't gonna use this forum at all , can you not read suntrip invasion all over the place? ...


Ah and for all you Goa (since everybody seems to talk so much about it , neo this , new school that nitzho etcetcetc lol) fans don't forget to check and support the closest indian restaurant or take away near you!


Have fun everyone and to my fans around here i wish to say : teleport yourselves to the new secret spot aka find the new stuff on facebook , this forum just... (flushes down toilet).


Note to Pedro and you are portuguese : O meu nome e FILIPE nao Felipe. / My name is FILIPE not Felipe.


Thanks acid-brain for enjoying the music.




(alien pet barks)


oh , my alienpet says that neogoa needs air compressor 9000 . It's flat.




(intercom beeps)


Scotty mate , beam us up!


(teleport sound)

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Cotton Candy (Dreaming Mix) is crazy :) it reminds me of Lost Buddha-Lost In Paradise. But more hectic. Very hypnotic. Lots of rushing spiralled layers, makes for an energetic interesting journey.

The cool thing about this track, is that it has so many interwoven melodies, that the brain can't keep count. So the brain overloads and goes into a daydream type of state. Atleast mine does. :) Such tracks tend to work really well on the treadmill. Or while drawing or doing  stuff in photoshop.

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