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Have you listen the New wave music ?


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The last single of the independent label Nomad wave.


Single: The lost letters

Artist : Cristian Soriano

Genre : New Wave


Tracks: I found you

Mientras te esperaba

Deseo que estes...


Buy it





I am peace





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Like Rolling Stone said: the term is basically meaningless

It was used to describe such a wide variety of music that any underground music from the time could fit.

I still feel the term is dated now though, it can't be that hard to invent new genre names can it?

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New Wave is not nescesarilly a genre, but a cultural movement. It is kind of like saying "Who listens to Psychedelic music?". Its more of an Adjective. Although, in some areas some people consider soothing / tribal ambience like Steve Roach to be new wave. If this is the case, then my New Wave listens would definitely be Steve Roach and Brian Eno.

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