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Va_-_Summer meets Autumn compiled by Anub1s

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Plusquam Chillout is proud to present another highlight for the beginning of 2013


'Summer Meets Autumn' is a journey throughout the seasons aboard time-ship music. A voyage which will carry your spirit beyond the realms of this world in two glorious phases within one of the finest selection of musical masterpieces in today's electronic downbeat and ambient world.

The first chapter takes you on a magical ride lead by a selection of the most beautiful daylight chillout, painting the summer spirit with all its lush green grass, sunny days, seaside moments and pure happiness, while slowly and graciously morphing into a more melancholic, groovy selection of the most expressively intense IDM and Psychill, announcing the arrival of autumn days, bringing forth gray clouds, rainy days, falling leafs and a gloomy ride through the end of our cycle. Enjoy the trip!

01. Data Rebel – Summer Breeze
02. Steiss – Missing The Heat
03. Palma s Mob – Orange Textures
04. Uth – Oasis
05. Khetzal – Elfic Angel Lost In Time
06. SiebZehN – Green Triangles Red Squares
07. Miktek – Kepler-55b
08. Kassander – Snowed Eyes
09. Olexa – Purification
10. Sygnals – Anamnesia

Order ur copy here :


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