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Nerso - Exploration of Infinity

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Trance2MoveU    347

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Artist: Nerso

Title: Exploration of Infinity

Label: TesseracT Studio

Date: May, 2011



1. Jungle of sounds (with Iva)

2. Electrify

3. Dune (with Sideform)

4. Synapse

5. Borderland

6. Vertigo (with E-Clip)

7. Crystal

8. Deep blue (with Middle Mode)

9. Quirky



If you have been reading my reviews then you know how impressed I have been with TesseracT Studio. This label continues to produce quality progressive trance music with one release after the next. Nerso is the Dragon aka Dragan Matić and he composes some of the most expansive and lush music I have heard in this genre. It's full of effects and beautiful melodies that catapult you deep into the world he is creating. Although he has released lots of stuff, this is his debut album as a solo artist.


And what a release it is. Superbly deep and complex with a dark shimmer all over it. This is what happens when progressive crashes headlong into psytrance with an artist that knows how to develop atmosphere. It churns, bubbles, ripples...hell there are even some forest textures that scream across the Scandinavian night. Whether it is the insistent march of the massive opening track Jungle of Sounds or the growling 303 in Dune this disc has it all. Synapse drifts as if it were a roller coaster along the brains pathways and Borderland rumbles across the barren terrain. Burning brightest is the collaboration with E-clip with it's descriptive sounds and thundering rhythms. But really the whole disc is like this. While every track is great listening all the way through is the way to go.


Along with E-Clip's Shuma Vertex Ocean, and The Riddler Questions this is the best progressive release I have ever heard. Rich in details and atmosphere Dragan has delivered a modern day masterpiece. If you like progressive trance please support this artist and buy his disc. Phenomenal.









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exotic    43

Very surprised that there is no love for this album apart from Trance2moveU's spot on review.


This is hands down for me the best progressive music i have heard and it doesn't get better than this  . Still fresh even after what  6 years?


The effects that create the atmosphere is what  stands out for me and for trancers who like to dig deep , this is exactly the kind of music that would be up your alley . 


There is not too much going on in the tracks which lets the music breathe and allows the listener to tune in without feeling overwhelmed . The sound doesn't drown you and  every little element that does figure in the mix has been introduced with a particular purpose and is executed with top notch attention to detail . 


I look forward to more music from Nerso and Tessaract ! 



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recursion loop    429

Never understood the love for this album. Nice overall atmosphere but most of the tracks are too chaotic and hardly distinguishable from each other. Relativ, Sideform, Ticon and many others do the same thing much better.


Gave it another go, well, it is actually better than I remember (the first three tracks do nothing for me but it gets better towards the second half). Still, it works better as a background for doing something boring than for close listen. Good sound design, but the tracks almost never really evolve, most of them are like 7-8 minutes long intro. Some nice melodic fragments, but not too much of them.

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Trance2MoveU    347

Still love the expansive and lush properties this blurring between psy and progressive brings. 

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Starkraver    858

you guys are spot on.


Thanks exotic for recommending this.


What a beauty. Never knew progressive had this in it. Enjoying the album as I type :)

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