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Etnical Project vs Imba - Fractal Oasis


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Hello lads!


Im proud to present you new track of Imba after one year of no making under my name. I was too busy with Space Elves, compilations, label and other things, so finaly i found some free time.


Listen at Soundcloud



Track isnt finished yet. I work on it with my friend Igor Đurek aka Koorie/Etnical Project from Croatia.

We meet first time at UAF label party last month in Bosnia. After all those great vibes at party we decided to make a track mixed of his melodic psy style and my Goaish :)



Hope you will enjoy! B)

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Very, very nice. I like the atmosphere a lot...please give me more of that acidic goodness!


I hope it will be soon with other projects featuring. Im working on tracks with Sky Technology and Celestial Consciousness & Katedra (Magic Science), both would be with fat production :)



Thanks for support!

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Crazy sound! I haven't heard this until now Imba, and I must say this is very nice! Congratulations!!!


edit: I must note that I like the first part of the track more :) These twisted melodies are very interesting ;)



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