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"V/A - Ya Wichna"


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Album: Ya Wichna

Artist: Various

Label: Phototropic Records

Date: May, 2009




01. Imba - Tales from Outer Space (Intro) (1:10)

02. CoaGoa - Eternal Sunrise (7:02)

03. Arronax - Forest of Twilight (8:23)

04. SETI project - Stoned Henge (8:25)

05. Primal Source - Cosmic Anaconda (7:26)

06. E-Mantra - Trans Neptunian objects (7:56)

07. Jikooha - Underground Spirit (7:01)

08. Agneton - Fermi Paradox (6:51)

09. Goalogy - UFO over Moscow (5:42)

10. ArmagedDance - Another Reality (10:00)



Here I am again reviewing another Phototropic Records new school goa compilation. Goatroinka was awesome and I have been meaning to get to this for some time. It isn't available at the usual suspects (Psyshop, Sailo, Beatspace...)as this is a CD-r. Don't let that deter you though. It was mastered by Digitoxin (quite well I must say) and compiled by our friend Imba. The cover art is by CoaGoa (who did a beautiful job and has a track here). That's called getting full use of your talent. Phototropic continues to keep the scene alive with their quality offerings and I am happy about that. The promo is that the listener will be treated to shades of light and dark on which I can agree.


The first track is an intro which I usually skip (sorry Imba).

Eternal Sunshine- CoaGoa is Aleksandar Popovic and apparently this is one of his first works. Not a bad job starting out! The track begins with a gurgling bass as soft strings whisper in the background. The lead sound didn't do much for me until one sneaks in around 3 minutes. There isn't much evolution to this track as it felt slightly empty. He released an Ep later on which had a more polished sound, so he seems to be moving in the right direction.


Forest of Twilight- Whiporwhills herald a bassline as synths echo in the background making me feel as though I am deep in the forest. There is a spacious tack to this one as the spirtual sounds multiply. He makes good use of ancillary noises to create atmosphere. The flow is smooth as sounds dive in and out and melodies change. Not as full as some, but not empty either. A little more dark in feel as it becomes more eerie with multiple listens. Great track.

Stoned Henge- Cute. Paul Yelland released "Tribal Trance" on the UAF label which was decent. This track is more subdued and laid back. The melodies are not as in your face as some, nor as pristine. The child's voice seems kind of silly and this track didn't move me. I would say this one was the weakest on the compilation.


Cosmic Anaconda- This is Dan Vlad Petrea from Romania. I love the eerie ambient beginning; it brings an air of mysticism. Gets going after 2 and a half minutes. Drum roll at 6 minutes or so was a little forced. Still an awesome goa track.


Trans Neptunian Objects - What can be said about E-mantra? His album on Suntrip was an absolute smash and really raised the bar in my opinion. He starts with a dark ambient opening with a wailing soul. You can hear it bubbling, churning, trying to break free. The sound is very similar to his album. One melody enters just as another leaves so there is some overlap seamlessly weaving a rich tapestry. AWESOME!!!


Underground Spirit- I think I was in the minority when it came to Jikooha's album "Revolution Spaceship" as I really liked it. His track "Bay Hall Magic" is just pure bliss. A Goa riff at the start which fattens up when a sticky lead joins in. The twinkles make the melodies seem heavenly. The whole track is arresting, as melodies shift but the backbone stays the same. WONDERFULL!!!


Fermi Paradox - No idea what that means and I am too lazy to google. That is super lazy. But what we have here is the master of Nitzhonot! Gurgles and whiporwills give this track a forest feel. The Nitzhonot melodies arrive shortly thereafter and do not stop. Spacey effects combined with clever breaks keep the momentum flowing. Great tune!



UFO Over Moscow- This is the shortest track on compilation. In the beginning you have tribal voices in the background as tune rises. After a short break the melodies appear and dance nimbly over a simple bassline. As they combine I find myself smiling. There is a key change near the end, but I don't feel it was necessary. I wonder why he named the track so. Good track nonetheless.

Another Reality- This is Artur Mataryan from Russia who has had several net releases. Another track that doesn't waste any time. The base is loud and swirling effects are all around. One minute in the goa melodies fly all fighting for dominance. The break is short, not allowing the listener to catch your breath, before the thumping kick returns. A track that is 10 minutes long cannot be short on ideas and this one isn't. Halfway through a new set of melodies weaves its way into the subconscious. There is so much going on it doesn't allow for boredom, but isn't overpowering either. Nice job!


So what can be said? Phototropic has done it again. While not as polished or professional as "Goatronika" it was a great compilation. The standout track for me was the E-mantra effort, but let's be honest, that guy is just really good. I can easily recommend this disc as the goa trance revival continues full steam ahead.



Neptune Wave



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Hey mate, thanks for this review! :)


Something about this compilation:

I understand that isn't quaility such as Goatronika. In spring of 2008 i was thinking to make a compilation. Later i found Phototropic and my mate Harald interested for VA. On summer i start compiling when i was 17 years only.


From 2006 i listening intesive goa but didnt know what is good or bad track, it all depends of my taste, what i like what not.


All tracks i had after half year, then sure send to mastering but covers was problem, because of that compilation was released much later. So, i was kid when i had that idea and when i done that, now im more in goa scene and know what is good what not but sure all depends of style and what i like and jumping from profile to profile on MySpace looking for goa musicians. :rolleyes::D



Ya Wichna for me isnt old school or new school or nitzohonot, generally can say Magic Goa Trance. Every track i like to today and i will like to end of my life, because this was new experience in my life and still is.


Nothing of this would not be possible without these amazing artists and mates.

Biggest thanks go to my mates from Space Elves, Agneton, Jikooha, Goalogy and sure Digitoxin for making this possible!


And yes, favorite tracks are by Agneton, SETI project and Jikooha.


Thanks for support!



@Agnet lick my warts :P

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not so many reviews - i am impressed was listening to this today for the first time and this is so melodic and much better than many releases of 2014 2015 (only track i heard already was the e-mantra track and i love it)

i am impressed by track 5 fantastic

so new school goa got some hidden gems still

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