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I seek psy with vocals


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I pretty much hate vocals in psychedelic trance but one artist I like is Emou. Not really psychedelic trance, makes some nice electronic music but give it a try if you havent heard. All albums recommended.




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If I could go back in time to destroy one invention for the benifit of human kind I wouldn't be after the weapons or war machines I'd go straight for the Vocoder or autotuner or any of those annoying annoying boxes that people sing through. Since when was really horrible Alvin and the chipmunks vocals anything to do with psy trance ? horrible just horrible

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almost none to be honest Posted Image


Sub 6 tried and did pretty good imo... together with Michele Adamson (google)


Sub 6 pyshop link...


for the rest I've heard, most of them contains a low level of quality when it comes to vocals/singing...


I prefer vocals as an effect like in


cosmic tone - cosmic story

rastaliens - Agahouey


but that's different...

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