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Recommend 2009 darkpsy comps


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I've bought loads of good artist albums this year, but only one VA, and it's not darkpsy. And that's a shame, because some of the best albums I bought over the last few years were VA's. So I'm hoping people can recommend some darkpsy compilations from 2009.


What I'm looking for is something along the lines of Multiple Personalities 3 or Acid Transmission, not necessarily in terms of sounding like those albums, but in terms of 1) having a theme which makes the album sound like a coherent work, rather than just a collection of any old tracks that were lying about waiting to be released, and 2) having a certain level of originality, rather than sounding like a thousand other comps that have been released within the last three years. Suggestions?

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Some of this years best according to me:


Psychedelic Chronicles


Some of the best of 2008 in a double cd compilation. All styles are here forest, classic darkpsy, horror, etc.


Hypnotic Waveforms


Very good stuff here.


Forest Frequencies


Not the style you mentioned, but one of the best forest compilations out there.


Double Baba


Album-compilation by four Hungarian groups: Trippyhippies, Irgum Burgum, Venom Sense, Chemical Spoon. The more you listen to it, the better it sounds.


I bought way more, but these are the best so far IMO.


I believe that everyone who likes darkpsy in general should check Psychedelic Chronicles.

Although all the tracks are from various comps of 2008, the amount of quality and quantity is absolutely great.

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Maybe Yggdrasounds II? There is a coherent theme here at least.


very intelligent stuff when you manage to catch the larger sound/melody picture of the VA. It has some strange magic almost new to me. Im not sure yet but it seems like their technique they used to create a 'wow didnt know it could do that' effect is different then normal .. maybe im talking strange now but this album is strange :o


+1 on the Forest Frequencies, its a good one!


also I would watch out for: .. ???? aj I cant remmeber the name of the Record Label name, and its a good one too. Something meaning that dance is mediatation. From Macadonia. Gonna come back and edit this when I remember the name with a myspace page.




e. http://www.myspace.com/424177298

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Also VA - Gungfly (Sanaton Records)


Two of my favorites this year! I think Gungfly takes the cake though... not sure yet!


but I think I need to get Yggdrasounds II as well <_<



One I would mention is Against The Grain Vol. 1 which also has some good qualities, I need to listen to it more (but check out some samples). Damn I'm the only one owning it on Discogs... :lol:

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my votes for:


Parvati Rec VA - Pearls & Pixies



Zaikadelic Rec VA - Dream Surfer



and maybe squeeze in there

VA - Goa Kick



not a very rich year until now, but a couple of strong compilations on its way before the year ends it seems.

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