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The New Infected Album Is Out There..


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Im a troll why? Because I still happen to like some of the work IM still puts out? ok all knowing godfather of what is and whats not good music


I wasn't referring to that. I was referring to a comment which indicated you were about to start flaming another. :)
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I think this album is great. Listen to Project 100. I even like Duveywuvey's singing on the album. The energy level is also great. The production is, of course, impeccable. The cheese level is lower than times in the past. What's wrong with that? Crazy folks...I suggest to let go of the past and approach the present and future as they are instead of comparing them to a past that doesn't even exist. If you can't do this, you'll never have the chance to even appreciate this music and find out whether or not you actually like it or not. Good luck!

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