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Infected Mushroom - Converting Vegetarians


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Updated 28.04.05 (fixed BB-code, etc)


Infected Mushroom - Converting Vegetarians


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BNE/Yoyo 2003, (YoYo 056)


CD1 - The Trance Side


01. 07'01" Albibeno

02. 06'58" Hush Mail

03. 08'05" Apogiffa Night

04. 08'33" Song Pong

05. 06'52" Chaplin

06. 07'39" Echonomix

07. 07'55" Scorpion Frog

08. 08'24" Deeply Disturbed

09. 06'06" Semi Nice

10. 08'12" Yanko Pitch


CD2 - The Other Side


01. 05'39" Converting Vegetarians

02. 05'35" Elation Station

03. 05'14" Drop Out

04. 10'23" Avratz

05. 05'32" Blink

06. 04'08" Shakawkaw

07. 06'44" Pletzturra

08. 03'00" I Wish

09. 07'17" Ballerium

10. 05'21" Selecta

11. 04'50" Illuminaughty

12. 07'02" Jeenge

13. 05'15" Elevation




Alright, the long awaited fourth album from the Mushies is finally out... After exactly 2 years of waiting since BP Empire came out... So, will this live up to the expectations? ...Well, yes and no!


It's been known for a long time that this is a double CD - one trance side and one chilled / experimental side... Sound-samples have been floating around on the internet for ages and most of these tracks have been played by the Mushies at live-gigs over the last year or so. So, you've probably heard some of the tracks. But now the whole CD is here - full tracks in the usual amazing studio quality...


Before I take you throug the tracks, let me just take a minute to talk about the cover and packaging of this CD in general. I'm taking a stand against card-board-boxes around CD-jewel-cases... Also on this, the new Infected... What is this? Do you realize how annoying it is to take that thing off? I must have thrown out at least 10 of those things lately. Also, the jewel case is awful - When you try to get the 2nd you are bound to rip the entire jewel-case open. Damn! I don't know what to make about the cover-art...On one hand it's very refreshing, but on the other it's very far from the first 3 covers which were all great!... Oh, if you squint your eyes the fishing-hook and and the brain looks like a mushroom upside down! ;o) One last thing - I like the sticker and the DJ Case CD-insert that comes with the CD!


Let's take a look at the tracks individually...


[CD1#1] First up is Albibeno [146 bpm]... What a wonderful first track... Reminds me of the 'feel' from The Gathering and Classical Mushroom... Driving full-on in the classic IM-style... Good one!


[CD1#2] is Hush Mail [148 bpm] - Starts of with the sound of a mad dog or perhaps a tiger... Some say it's Gollum, but I'm not sure about that... I'm sure it has rabies though - I'm not petting it, that's for sure! Very fast, and very dark, distorted track... This is right down the proggie-lovers alley! Killer track!


[CD1#3] Up next is Apogiffa Night [142 bpm]... Another dark stomper here - a great morning track - even darker than it's predecessor, more simple basslines, but still with the melody intact... And even some elements of classical orchestral music in the background... Very good!


[CD1#4] Song Pong [145 bpm] starts slowly, but soon turns into a melodic trance-tune...Average track!


[CD1#5] Chaplin [147 bmp] ... Ahh... Things are picking up again... This is a fast, morning track... Halfway through the track they are really showing us their studio-skills with this crazy bassline and all kinds of weird effects... Actually it kinda feels like they are just showing off - Come on guys, you're loosing focus here... Well, it's getting better towards the end.


[CD1#6] Echonomix [145 bpm] is another full on track... Lots of psychedelia and twisted sounds... For a couple of minutes it looses direction though - and what's up with the cut ending - sounds like a badly ripped mp3-track!? Well, generally I like it! ;o)


[CD1#7] Scorpion Frog [146 bpm] I remember this one from their liveset - and I also remember I wasn't too impressed with it...But listening to it again more intensly, I've changed my mind.... The first part is boring really [Well, I like the violins], but then there's a cool twist at 3'17" which takes the track in a totally new direction... Again, this shows that Erez & Amit are studio-wizards - I dunno how the hell they create these fantastic sounds, but I like 'em! Great track, though I could do without the first 3 minutes...


[CD1#8] Alright, we all know the single Deeply Disturbed [145 bpm] by now... Very rock'ish full-on trance... Berry Sakkarof's guitar and great bassline... But I still "deeply unhappy" with Duvdev's voice here... Aaargh - make it go away! Well, besides from that, this is pretty much a flawless track.... But I can't seem to see past those awful vocals... Awful!


[CD1#9] Right, so here is Semi Nice [140bpm] and this is definitely named all wrong, this is Very Nice! It's a slower track with all kinds of different musical influences... Funny really! I like it!


[CD1#10] Last but definitely not least is Yanko Pitch [146 bpm]... Very powerfull track here... I remember this from their live-act too... Quite simple bass-line really, but it works... Goes great with the full-on style of this track... Killer build-ups and breaks here... This is one seriuously brilliant track! From 6'50 to 7'45 it's just pure-psycho-live-mix-bliss! Fantastic! Infected at their best! ;o)


To sum up, this majority of these tracks are great... Sometimes I get the feeling that Erez & Duvdev are a bit too busy showing off their skills instead of focusing on making us dance... But then again, that's the trademark of Infected isn't it - these fantastic production skills!? Well, I'm not slagging them off... This cd isn't flawless, but there are some killer-tracks on here... I'll give it 8/10!


Alright, throw on the second CD... The aptly named The Other Side. Now things are really heading in another direction... But hey, that's good! ;o) This is freestyle-chill all the way ... With just enough psychedelic-trippiness sprinkled around to satisfy everyone with an open mind!


[CD2#1] Converting Vegetarians... Great music, very experimental... But what the hell is up with Duvdevs crazy ass rap vocals? Damn, I don't dig them! "Minding the gap, since 1996!"... Wtf? I know you've been at it since then, but minding the gap? You're not on the tube! Well, you've leapt across the gap into rapping I'll give you that much! I'm sure there's a deeper meaning about the track/albumname too... Refer to various forums for that!


[CD2#2] is Elation Station and this is simply a beautiful track. Very uplifting and trippy... On one hand it's chilled and relaxing, but there's a lot psychedelic sprayed around to satisfy even the hardest psyheads. Very innovative. Great!


[CD2#3] Ahh... The famous Drop Out... This is the closest Infected has ever gotten to Shpongle... Veeeeery trippy sounds in this masterpiece... All kinds of different influences flavours this track... Industrial sounds, acoustic guitars, piano, perfectly fitted vocal samples, synths, etc... Smashing track!


[CD2#4] Avratz starts off beautifully... Great piano-melody... Relaxed atmosphere... At 3'00 some break-beats are thrown in alongside random IM-studio wizardry-blips and blops... And then Duvdev sings again... But this time it actually fits the track... Another brilliant ambient track!


[CD2#5] is Blink... Well, this track is totally vocal-driven... But, we don't have to listen to Duvdev for 6 minutes, but the gorgeous Michele Adamson...[We all know her from the Shpongle CDz, Fly Ageric, etc...Simon Posford's ex-girlfriend...] She has a great voice - kinda husky at times, but very sexy! It'll be too much to go into the lyrics, but they are printed in the cover alongside a pic of Michele... I could have wished for less lyrics in this track though - but with her voice I can cope... But hey - don't tell me not to smoke or drink! Average track!


[CD2#6] The psychedelia is back with Shakawkaw... The track itself is great, but I hate the samples... Average track!


[CD2#7] Pletzturra starts of with more great piano-riffs alongside a lazy beat... Lovely! Better fitted vocals this time - Gregorian chants - perhaps a little over the top, but actually I think it's quite tastefull...


[CD2#8] Ahr damn, more lyrics from Duvdev on I Wish... The best thing about this track is that it is only 3 minutes. Sorry, I don't like it at all!


[CD2#9] Ballerium doesn't quite reach the same highs as some of the previous tracks, but it's still pretty damn good... I especially like the acid-bleeps - it's not often you hear those in chilled tracks. Nice change! Also the break-beat stuff at the end... Nice!


[CD2#10] Oy, "Bo Selecta!" This is a crazy track. Fast-paced mostly, but slows down a little sometimes. This is a bit to hectic for my taste, but it's kinda funny with some freestyle I guess... Check out the saloon-variety sounds near the end...;o)


[CD2#11] Michele is with us again on Illuminaughty..."Darkness rises... Calling out my name...". Sounds like Bjork, but that's good! The vocals are kinda cheesy I guess, but I can live with that 'cause the Infected-touch is still intact! Quite ok track!


[CD2#12] Once again we have acoustic guitars, this time starting off Jeenga... Very nice! Soooooo relaxed, so subtle, so beautiful... But as usual, we have to have a little beats, so they are present. Very well-fitted though...Perfectly done! Another amazing track!


[CD2#13] Elevation finishes of the 'Other Side' CD... This was already released on "Another Life" but what a great track this is... This is perhaps the most relaxed tune here... What a nice way to end this great CD!


To sum up, there are some really, really bad tracks here, but also some fantastic, beautiful tracks... Quite hard to judge... Of course I could have been without the bad tracks, and definitely most of Duvdevs singing... But the good tracks make up for this... I'll give this 9/10!


Overall rating for Converting Vegetarians: 8,5/10!






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i really don't feel like writing a review of this one. reason being that i really don't think this deserves one. in my opinion this one sounds like it took 2 weeks to make. ofcourse they have some fresh ideas and all that, but the album is somehow very monotone, sort of minimal. i'm kinda suprised to see that i don't actually even like the chilled side. i do sort of like those 2 tracks with michelle though. well maybe, just maybe i'll change my mind later on, after all i didn't even like the first shpongle album untill after a few months time.


at the moment i'll give it 6/10 it's average, nothing more..

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Guest gallowglass

infected mushroom was the first psy-trance i ever heard, and truly brought me into it. my overall opinion of this long-awaited release is pretty much summed up by DeathPosture's review, with a few differences. I think they should stick to trance, what ive heard of the 2nd cd so far i havent particularly liked except for converting vegetarians and ballerium. i thought both tracks with michele adamson were overly cheesy, although im a bjork-listener so illuminaughty didnt bother me as much. blink, on the other hand, sounds like you could turn on mtv or any top-40 station and hear the syrupy lyrics and unimpressive music. dont get me wrong, michele has a beautiful voice and its interesting to hear her sing without all sorts of posford-manipulation, but overall i thought these tracks were cheap. i know im in the minority here but i really dig duvdev's flow on the title track!! better than American mainstream rap for sure. i TOTALLY agree with deathPosture about the first cd, although id give it a 9 instead of an 8. it almost seems like theyve let their technical skill in the studio overshadow the true infected sound present on the gathering, classical mushroom, and (parts of) BP Empire. This album is far superior to BPEmpire, but i think thats when the showing-off started. Overall, this album is awesome, a lot better than most psy coming out these days(im not going to go into the typical 'fuck alien project, gms, everything minimal etc' rant here, but you get the idea') but Id love to see them do another album like Classical. People change and music evolves so I imagine that will never happened, but no other trance has every hit me like that album. Id give this album a solid 8.5/10 too, but i prefer the trance cd.

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gonna copy & paste some nonsense i wrote earlier today..




i don't feel like writing a review of this one. reason being that i really don't think this deserves one. in my opinion this one sounds like it took 2 weeks to make. ofcourse "they" have some fresh ideas and all that, but the album is somehow very monotone, sort of minimal. i'm kinda suprised to see that i don't actually even like the chilled side. i do sort of like those 2 tracks with michelle though. well maybe, just maybe i'll change my mind later on, after all i didn't even like the first shpongle album untill after a few months time.


at the moment i'll give it 6/10 it's average, nothing more..



add ons: started at 16:28


np: 'echonomix' I do actually like this one, this might very well be the best track on the trance side..


np: 'scorpion frog' The violins in the beginning are quite nice, very gatherised if you know what I mean, very eeeevil. Then that classic infected pop build up. very classical mushromised. then some weirdo effects, nice pumping softish kick. scraaaatch. nice hill billy touch on the background. this might be good. well for a short while it reminded me of some euro trance euphoria lifting. that was nice! now it's getting weirder. pumping comes back. elevation. uuuh. that oboe, or what ever instrument it is, didn't see that one coming. what about that gms bassline??! total change. total suprise. nice beebs! uuuh. it's actually quite deep. nice drum machine stuff going on. where will it end? what's next? what's the score? growling sounds comin' closer. did I say two weeks for the whole album? I ment 2 months to make this one track. very delicate! bouncing beebs, very acid, are they creating a groove? no, but that something else is? is that sound man made? deeper underground! now I would definetly stomp like a mad man! hands almost doing it. what? you know.. stuff.. I feel like standing up, perhaps dancing a little, perhaps after my coffee. effect comin' closer. getting away? no, getting stronger actually. grooovy. oooh the violin is back! what a come back. it's like elvis. and that bouncing kick! nice! veryyyy nice! and effects! this is fucking wonderful! violins.. don't go away! and kick, please stay. a break? I hope so.. come back! puhlease! not too nice ending, but .. what a track!


np: 'semi nice' I've heard this one before. last summer to be exact. or was it some recorded live? don't know, don't care. very drum machine feeling, very repeative, bouncing kick. weird effects. no, I don't really like it. it's too repeative! it's changing, but slowly, we need a break now! and here it comes! what's next? tickling. nothing radical, the drum machine just went away. this is one of those deeper tracks. I guess you have to learn to dig it, it takes time, or maybe it will always sound boring. don't know. weird effects, well i'm feeling quite negative, they aren't cheering me up. even they are crying. it's like.. "yay we made weird sounding loop, lets repeat it again and again!"

"now the bass, erez" "duvdev made soft kick with some extremly expensive thingy" it isn't going anywhere. nice effect though. then those beeps. it will end in a minute. that's great, cause I don't really like this one! how many times did I say it? 6? 0? 4? that's what this track isn't..


it's 16:43..gonna smoke a cigarette and make some more coffee.. i'll be right back..


16:51.. coffee isn't ready yet.. so:


np: 'yanko pitch' the beginning is one of those "i come in peace, you leave in pieces" thingies.. starts peacefully, then gets right down to business. did eyal pitch this? the lead synth is nicey. very uplifting. very eyal. very deep not deep deep but deep bassline is doing the work at the moment. right back to drum machine. repeative? yes? does it bother me? no! nice echo effects! they make it sort of more uplifting. then some growling effect synth sound things. break...... growling? yes. evolving? wasn't a few seconds ago, now it definetly is. it's still the same melody, done only other way. effects do more work. am I dancing? no. i'm thinking about my coffee. it's disracting me. groove. space feeling. kick is.. something else. not the bouncy one introduced in the last few tracks. something didn't sound right around.. lets see.. 4:40.. well drum machine is back. housy. this could be astral projection. door opens. then we get... guitar? no? maybe.. then some "showing off".. random nonsense.. sort of.. but there's skill too.. but it's not my taste.. I wish it would end soon.. i'm not in the mood to listen to pitching.. okay.. back to the house... people are tearing saddams statue down on the telly.. does this have something to do with my "review".. yes? sort of.. my opinion presented around 20 minutes ago are being teared down.. this is good, extremly good? no.. but still.. it's quite nicey.. and so went 8 minutes and a few seconds.. time to get coffee.. my throat is so sore.. i hope i don't have sars.. scary huh?


np: 'converting vegetarians' ..got some coffee.. lets get back to the freestyle review.. the track is quite random.. growling bassline.. damn i like that word.. it's quite to describe pretty much everything this far.. drum machine has some new wavs.. mostly man made sounds.. like "ah, uh, ooah" and so on.. the that creepy rap.. time of revolution? yes.. atleast in Iraq.. that statue is still standing.. is there a deeper meaning? duvdev isn't too great rapper.. i wish they would have got eminem to do the lyrics.. that would have been so PHAT! some weirdo effects.. drum man machine.. nice.. I guess i actually like it.. it will end quite soon.. u decide if that's good.. one more time.. time of the revolution.. who's in da house? yay, i welcome the next track.. in to the midnight? yes.. growling synth.. it's over..


np: 'elation station' ..that statue is still standing... I hope those people don't get hurt once it falls.. looks dangerous if you ask me.. mean while guitar is coming.. also some nice porn movie synths.. soft core porn movies.. then a bass.. very italian pop.. where's eros ramazotti.. he would suit this track.. if u are feelin' bad while listening to this track imagine what saddam is feelin' at the moment.. that is if he's still alive.. i hope he is.. it's not right to hope that someone dies.. he's just a man too.. no more politics.. the track is quite funky.. very.. jazzy.. saxophone? I knew that funky guitar was coming.. i sensed it.. this track would be great on the back ground when some dude is doing some girl from behind.. doggy style.. keeping his hand on her back.. when there's only that guitar they could zoom on the girls face.. slow motion.. very nice track.. very beautiful.. very soft core porn movie fitting.. people went away from that stutue.. I wonder why.. can't hear the telly cause i'm usin' head phones.. it's over..


np: 'drop out' most have already heard this.. I think that was quite well said.. "this is the closest infected has come to shpongle" ..anyways I'm quite lazy and that sentence describes this track quite well so that's it.. notice.. it's not shpongle sounding or styled.. but it has some of that feeling hidden into it.. a tiny bit.. nothig to be too proud of.. the skygods can't be beaten in their style..


np: 'avratz' what does it mean? i bet it has something to do with peaceful, no? cause the beginning sure is peaceful. trance artists can definetly make chilled pop. add celine dion into this track, make her sing something like "my heart will still go on" put it on titanic 2 sound track.. get tons of money.. I guess no one can really say.. in the entire man kind.. that he hates this track.. cause there simply isn't anything to hate.. it's chill.. it has piano.. it has soft bassline.. right amount of drums.. little effects.. that from time to time get weirder.. or not? the almighty us army still haven't got that statue down.. will they ever? uuh.. nice drums.. jungle, drum n bass type almost.. very gentle.. but still.. this track is quite long.. over 10 minutes to be a lil more exact.. this track could also be found on some soft core porn movie.. to my taste it's a little too soft.. i want my chill disturbed, twisted, weird.. etc.. not beautiful.. then that growly bassline hits me.. total change in the style.. it's like the track knew what I wanted.. gettin' a little dusturbed.. crunhcy so to speak of.. gagagagau.. what ever that is.. uuuh.. nice drums.. but the track keeps on being too loopy.. looped.. what ever the word.. then it gets faster.. 4x4 ..why iisn't this tune in the trance side? i bet this is work of the evil duvdev's mind.. bassline comes back.. 4x4 dissapears.. bleeps.. some beaUtiFul kind of noice brek it all up.. is it guitar? i don't know, i guess it doesn't matter.. wave synths.. it's all there.. dancing with kadafi part 2 ? sort of feels like it.. this track is like 4 tracks pasted into one.. too many ideas put into one concept.. the effects are nice.. gotta grant them that.. loooooaaaauuuuaaaang growls.. gaugaugau.. I bet it will follow soon.. I? did he say that? over? yes.. no... hmm weird.. I was sure that was the end.. nope.. yes..


np: 'blink' don't smoke, don't drink, all i do is think about the life.. cheesy? why? I think her voice is very sexy. and just maybe here's a hidden message. a message only her ex will understand.. don't know.. I guess it doesn't matter does it.. to us anyways.. this track is very emotional, psychedelic so to speak of.. come with me and have some fun.. OKAY! no.. sorry can't.. growly.. distirbed, twised, chilled.. serve it over big speakers or quality headphones.. purrrrfect.. demooeooons.. I love the way she says it.. frighten.. uuuh.. ending vibration.. nasty..! nicey! break through with me? what's yu talkin' about? to the other side? I hope not.. that wouldn't be too nice.. this is what infected is at its best.. let Michelle do the singing.. u concentrate on the psychedlic athmosphere.. (tip tip tip sorry Duvdev.. u aren't such a grwat singer) takes bravery to sing though.. gotta grant u that.. if it makes u feel better i definetly would be any better.. or would I? the sexy finnish accent is a killer! lady killer! amuse myself? sexyyy.. how do u amuse your self? I've got a nice pic in my head at the moment... sorry i'm not s stocker!


np: 'shakawkaw' nice beginning.. sort of.. very eastern.. very dreamy.. drum machine.. i've repeated that word quite often eh? well.. there is a reason.. twisted noise.. nice way to drum machine gets stronger.. my english is definetly turning into un understandable? well.. blah.. I keep on going.. writing.. perhaps I will try to communicate using binoms? 010101101010101000101010001010101110000.. that's goodie.. what is says? it says that there is no pattern, no loops.. just innovativity and creativityness.. 2:35.. even Simon P could be proud of that.. I like it.. I'm sure also many others think the same.. very good still at 03:00 ..good meaning perfect.. shakawkaw ..what does it mean? laughing, that's nice.. laughing sounds always nice.. Saddam statue is fucked.. soon it will fall.. break.. I'll be right back..


np: 'pletzturra' saddam is still standing.. i wish they will show it in slow motion.. he's down! people are beating his head with shoes.. how cool is that??!? wow! I hope no1 gets injured.. I guess they really did hate him.. the track by the way begun.. they are dancing on top of him.. I bet they would like this track to be played on the background.. very emotional.. very strong.. both the telly and the track.. revolution! I wonder if they will put a bush statue to saddam's place.. wouldn't be suprised if the yanks would do that.. anyways.. track is very disturbed.. shpongle seeking? yes.. even trying to sample some of those monks.. known from shpongle 1.. the same 1s? no.. but same idea.. no doubt.. vey emotional.. classical building.. there's one thing missing.. that is a tiny sharp fast tingle sound.. which follows later.. but is way too slow and loud.. background is so disturbed.. melody is very eastern.. beautiful.. very fast end.. 4x4 ..hill billy banjo very finnish trance is yu ask me.. finnish insomnia.. texas faggottised.. then some uk trance.. sort loopish thing. .that only lasted a few secs.. very younger brother for that little time though..


np: 'i wish' don't know what to say.. the track gets right down to business... singing fits this one better.. though michelle would so kill duvdev in duo.. some vocode stuff.. not too strong.. could be a little more disturbed.. like in dee doo el es dii em dii.. synth on the background is straight from some Rocky movie.. you know when he's joggin.. eye of the tiger lifting.. go away 80's.. nah.. I like it 80's synth pop.. with duvdev.. this would have definetly hit the charts around the globe in that ugly decade.. and then the song suddenly ends.. it's mixed into ballerium..


np: 'ballerium' most of us have heard the sample, ye? I've heard this track way too many times.. so I just say that it's okay.. but not great.. maybe the weakest link in the "other side" the reggae part is nice though.. very summer.. very lie on the beach type of joy.. oh and btw.. it's not 100% the same that the promo version was..


np: 'selecta' very electric beginning.. static.. straight.. can't descibe.. 4x4.. energic.. trance.. new style.. I like it.. but it could be on the trance side.. then some retro feelin' is mixed in.. yes.. very infected.. very classical mushroomish.. nice.. very layered music.. there's like 10 recocnisable layers.. nice echo effect breaks everything up.. it's weird.. it's strange.. but it's from this world.. then lets get back down to business.. building up.. very... don't know why but it reminds me of bubble bobble.. guitar.. that bassline is definetly the key.. also the guitar.. don't forget it.. then something totally breaks the athmosphere.. didn't like the change.. saloon.. what the hell is the point of this? why turn a good track into joke? weak! very lame! shit! crap.. that sure was the worst ending ever..


np: 'illuminaughty' darkness rusung, calling out my name will it be changed or remain the same i've fallen far from above land in here with such a ? after the nicey vocals we get into the process of building psychadelia.. i've tasted all the fruits and it's opened my eyes.. something like that.. a message to yu know who? the time is now.. this is very disco mushroomish.. if you know what i mean.. no where is safe? i disagree.. dunno what to say.. I really do like her voice... no superlatives needed.. i'm sure also she knows her talent.. and everyone who happens to hear this.. so.. this track is build like... 1 0 2 0 3 0 4 0 0 0 ..0 being the "can't remember the word, repeation? heh.. no.. should I check it from the dictionary.. hold on.. ahh.. burden.. chorus" and so it ends..


np: 'jeenge' i'm starting to be full.. full of music.. but i'll try to go on.. so.. we get a beautiful beginning.. relaxed.. pretty much like all the other tracks on this cd.. suprising effect.. then growly synth.. disturbed.. I don't like it.. it doesn't have a reason to exist.. it's like straight taken from reason (the app).. very.. limited.. okay.. then back to Dancing with kadafi part 3.. nice flute.. or something like that is on the background.. could be a little louder.. a lot louder actually.. now it can barely be heard.. wow the iragies are celebrating.. they seem happy.. i'm happy for that.. and here's some dull bbc expert saying.. they are happy.. is he blind or something.. don't need to be a scientist to figure that out.. anyways.. the track changed.. no more long synth.. but very sharp sounds.. sort of a melody.. i'm getting bored of weirdness.. there should be something extra cool for me to start suddenly digging this track.. it's very formulatic.. keeps on being.. monotonic.. minimal.. not traditional minimal.. but still.. growly.. i'm not impressed..


np: 'elevation' heard this before.. didn't like it the first time.. was imo the weakest track on "another life" ..it's obvious that they can't create classical music.. that is what they are sort of trying to do here.. Mozart would shit on this..




bottomline.. sorry for the inconvinience.. or how ever yu spell it.. this was a freestyle review.. missing some tracks.. so what? what I think about this album now? not much.. hopes were high.. maybe will start loving it.. maybe not.. nice one though.. once I get a change i will no doubt buy it..


ps.. sorry for the crappy english & spelling don't feel like writing grammar english.. takes too much time.. DROP ACID NOT BOMBS!!!!!

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Guest Raash

What is there to say? This is the best psytrance stuff I've heard for 2 years,

it's simply a masterpiece, atleast 3 times better then BP empire. Every track

has it's own unique style. Disc 1 is loaded with the classic Infected Mushroom

sound... The other cd is more pop:ish, and to be honest, BETTER then the first

one. "Converting Vegetarians" blew me away the first time I heard it. Fresh,

innovating and groovy psy-rap! You'll get 100% value for your hard-earned

money when buying this masterpiece! 10/10

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Guest Rx7style

My quick verdict of this album right now... redundant. This isn't a bad album,

no, but it isn't a great one either. There isn't enough variance in the track

structures to release a 2CD album, and keep the listener entertained straight

through to the end in one listen. I got actually quite tired hearing the

same, almost excessive effects used in every track! In fact, the first time I

listened to this album, I fell asleep! But that doesn't mean that this style

isn't uniquely Infected Mushroom, nor does it mean that the music still isn't

good: it's redundant, and there's too much of the same for such a large album.

First impression verdict -- 7.5/10

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Well, It's definatly more experimental than I expected - especially the ambient



I don't really like it though, I can only name 3-4 "nice" tracks from the 23.


One of the highlights is the first track "Albibeno", which is in the good ol'

Infected sound.


I also quite enjoy "Apogiffa", although I liked the original better.


"Deeply Disturbed" is also one of my personal highlights ... if it weren't for

the terrible singing.


My verdict: 5/10 - But don't let it fool you, as it's a love/hate release this

one. Half my friends love it and call it a masterpiece, while the other half

call it a huge disappointment. I would definatly recommend everybody to hear

it before buying.

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Guest Raider

I'm kinda disapointed about the CD as well... or, I've been listening to it every hour of the day since tuesday, and still have mixed feelings about the release. I expected something revolutionary, like the three albums before it. But I'm not giving up, still trying to get converted - I hope I will. :(

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Guest hippo

I never expected much from this album and I was still disappointed. I was hoping they'd go back to making more danceable music like they started out with.

first cd is pretty decent, nice flow, a bit like bp empire, nothing even close to being a killer though, nor being worthy spinning at a party.

second cd is pretty bad, they shouldn't try this again.


and most important of all: keep singing and pseudo-rapping or whatever you wanna call that (converting vegetarians) out of this, there is not a single example out there so far in which it works.


they should do an IM movie: the constant and deep fall after their first release.

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..: O V E R O L L :..



Coverting Cheese ( Cheese Side )

1./Albibeno :: nice morning trek, but too cheesy n too boring, empty of crazy

mad things.. botherin cheesi melodies.. boring-dance-trance

2./Hush Mail :: this sounds better, darker.. fuckin nice trek, nice "vocals"

;).. cute

3./Apogiffa Night :: greattttttttt trek.. one of the best start ive heard last

years on anytrek.. fuckin killer start for atrek, hard classical war signs

;).. fuckin meat

4./Song Pong :: this sounds great, really cute trek, those pluckts remind me

fin stuff.. reall deepy nice upliftin mornin tunez.. light cheese but cute lov


5./Chaplin :: what the fuck is that.. shame.. simplness ;)

6./Echonomix :: really nice fullon, tryin to budge my legg, but without any

success, boring simple trek as most of here.. echonomica

7./Scorpion Frog :: what can i say.. !THIS IS SHIT!.. shame in the name of

trance.. what a weak trek, so boring, so childlish.. pure cheese

8./Deeply Dis' :: boring simple trek with nothin, why they add it.. shit

9./Semi Nice :: nice groovy stuff, nice trek after live rmx with some groovy

synth keyboard addons, n the album itz empy n boring hell.. ? russian n

melodic trek ?

10./Yanko Pitch :: nice fullon trek, boring mostly but nice part then.. nice

average fullon trek..

what a disapointment.. u call this trance !? itz pure kids cheese.. so childly

so weak, borng, simple n cheesie.. 4/10 just coz of the first listed treks..


n now for the reall thing..

Converting Vegetarians ( FreeStyle stuff )

1./Converting Vegetarians :: fuckin greatttt, too empty like others but great

singin, makes the psy"rap" listenin awesom.. great singin by duvdev, great

timin with fat thick nice sounds.. piece of meat

2./Elation Station :: fuckin greatttttttttttttt, awesome atmosphere, natural

excitement, nice grooves.. cosmic station

3./Drop Out :: nice, takin my mind out of earth, flyin.. ok

4./Avratz :: DEFENETLY the BEST trek on album, if u were lookin for the

messegner of the album, here it is, waitin for you to listen carefully.. great

atmosphere.. depth of emotion

5./Blink :: i love 80s stuff, nice song with infected elements, nice singin..


6./Shakawkaw :: g r e a t trek, cheers, the distorted light sounds reminds

infected mushroom better days.. great'aaah

7./Pletzurra :: ;) love it, mostly the secnd mad half of this wierd trek..


8./I Wish :: 80s owns, great electronic singin.. loveeeee it.. cheeers

9./Ballerium :: nice trek, little boring, but at the end with the reggae rythem

just great, with the kool fat sound n the reggae ellements.. rasta

10./Selecta :: nice.. not bad, nice rythems streamin good, expected somethin

better as somethin inspired of dream theater.. idiotic thing

11./Illuminaughty :: nice, again reminds the 80s, fresh electronic stuff.. nice

12./Jeenge :: reall nice chill trek, nice classic guitars.. lov it.. warm light

n chillin me.. thnxs

13./Elevation :: what a great end trek for awesome freestyle stuff..

middleparts on the trek reminds me some pink floyd atmopshere segments..


what can i say about this artwork.. realgreat freestyle stuff.. so many

elemnets of different other styles complxd inhere in so many ways,

creativness, talent..

so cheese side : 4/10 n for the other side : 10/10, great freestyles with

avratz above upthere..

so what can i recommnd warmly is: best disition to take is to buy this album,

throw the trans side n keep the awesome freestyle.. be sure it worth the money


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Guest omenarox

since gathering ive not liked them, but somehow this album just clicks, very nice kinda minimalistic playfull and fun mental music. not go mental kindof party music, but very good for listening.

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Guest Daniel

I'm kinda disapointed because I was expecting some dance material but what I got was some beats laced with very Infected experiemental sound effects.....no driving melodies, no heavy music just a lot of beats with a lot of kick ass sound manipulation with the effects.


It seems like they were trying to show off their production skills more than they were trying to move our bodies.....but hey every Infected album has been very different from one another so maybe thats how this one differs, it's being experimental.


It will grow on me....I will get to know the album first before I make a rating.....I'll post a lenghty review soon.


First impression.....not bad, but not killer

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***Daniel's Review of the [TRANCE SIDE]***

01 - [ALBINENO] + + + + A very nice way to start off the album. This song has

a nice atmospheric beginning that sends you into the world of infected

mushroom. There are a lot of nice light subtle melodies and some very twisted

sound manipulations that go on throughout the song. The climactic funky

melody that appears 4:49 is a great refreshment....if only it lasted longer

and build up into something even more spectacluar. This song brings back some

memories from Classical Mushroom with it's melodies but not quite that

powerful as that albums peaks.


02 - [HUSH MAIL] + + This song has an awesome beginning with a great use of a

sound of a growling creature which gets manipulated by the mushies throughout

the beat. There are a lot of interesting sounds that are thrown into the

song, but overall the song isn't heavily laced with prominent melodies. It's

definetly more tame and minimal that the previous song which kinda threw me



03 - [APOGIFFA NIGHT] + The first thing that pops into my mind after hearing

this track is: Is this really a remix to Apogiffa? The reason I say that is

because it doesn't sound anything like the original, not what so ever, which

is a diapointment. I would have thought it was a completely different track

if I didn't know the title. Anyway...overall the track is dark and demanding

with its hard beats but really never goes anywhere. It's more or less a lot

of repetition laced with infected like sound effects. Very boring track IMO,

not my kinda Infected song.


04 - [sONG PONG] + + + + This is the closest, besides Albineno, to which

Infected comes to bringing something that sounds like something from Classical

Mushroom. This is a great refreshing track which starts out atmosphericly

driven like Albineno but shows more of the twisted side of the mushies with it

very manipulated sounds and twistedly enjoyable melodys that are scattered

throughout the song. The peak of the song which starts up at 5:57 and

explodes more or less at 6:50....ah brings back some nice memories from

classical mushroom. The ending is also very nice how it brings back in the

beginning melody to carry the listener out.


05 - [CHAPLIN] + + + + This is the song that I call "the manipulator". The

reason behind this is because of all the damn sound manipulation that occurs

throughout the song. Rather than having strong long and smooth melodies it

has a bunch of twisted sounds effects that are combined to create short bursts

of excitment and definetly weirdness. This track definetly is interesting to

listen to. It's sure to twist you head up in knots. Definetly one of my

favorite tracks because of it's orginality in it's twistedness. Funky to

listen to.


06 - [ECHONOMIX] + + + I like the way this song echoes into the whole energy of

itself. This song has some good energy with some refreshing yet short melodic

like breaks throughout the song. The beat along with the effects drive this

song along very nicely at a quick pace. The very twisted and eeire medody

that starts at 4:20 is very cool and a nice touch to the energy of the song.

The song doesn't really have a powerful peak, which disapoints me, because you

get the impression it might, but overall it's enjoyable.

07 - [sCORPION FROG] + + + What a werid song this is. This song isn't

musically driven but rather it's laced with a bunch of strange effects and

sounds which create an odd feel, almost empty at some points, but still gets

it's point across that the mushies are talented production pioneers. The

melody in the end at 6:01 which builds up slowly is very nice. It almost

sounds kinda likea build up in a dark trance song or house song.


08 - [DEEPLY DISTURBED] + + + + I love this song for some reason. This is a

great driving track and I can defiently see why it was a single. The vocals

don't bother me one bit, infact they kind of refresh the album since the

trance side is very very much lacking in samples. I love the build-ups in

this song it's just a nice song all around, especially the build up at 5:54

which sends the song into it's peak.


09 - [sEMI NICE] + + + To start off the song has a funky ass accordian like

melody which sends the song into is odd vibe and interesting beat. Throughout

the song you get the nice sound manipulation you've been gettting in the

previous tracks. The funkyness rears head yet again with some strange sounds

at 2:45 which kinda make you happy because they are so nifty. I like the beat

in this song ass well, it's something different with its sound. The song

picks up in the end around 4:56 and it gives you the impression that it's

going to build up into something groovy and powerful but then it simply just

ends very abruptly which bothers me.


10 - [YANKO PITCH] + + + + This is one of my favorite tracks on the album.

This song is so powerful and driving that it's an awesome way to end the

trance side. The beginning is weird with a sample that pretty much describes

the intro "what the hell..." I love everything about this track....it's always

progressing very very slowly but surely and then it builds up to a teaser

melody that starts at 4:31 and explodes into the beat again at 4:44. Then the

song slowly builds up to a funky distorted guitar sounding melody at 5:33

which gets manipulated left and right. The end of the track is so powerful

with the high pitch screaming peak at 6:25 to 6:52 which explodes into the

full on ending.


***[FINAL VERDICT]*** + + + + The "Trance Side" might take some getting used to

for those expecting Classical Mushroom 2, but it's very experimental and new

with it's twisted and generally funky sounds. It's not pure dancing material

but more of a showcase of the mushies talent to create music that's different

and unique in it's own right. I feel overall it's lacking in some areas....I

whish there were more powerful layers in the ends of the songs and some

slighter stronger and longer melodies but you can't win them all. This is a

great disc and will be in roation in my CD player for some time to come.


***Daniel's Review of the [OTHER SIDE]***

01 - [CONVERTING VEGETARIANS] + + + + What a great experimental and freestyle

approach to a vcoal song this is! I love the weird and defiently infected

beginning. The vocals are very catchy and driving except for that whole

"minding the gap since 1996 crap"...they could have left that line out.

Overall the track is funky and fun with something new for you to feast your

ears upon. A nice change if you ask me.


02 - [ELATION STATION] + + + + This is a beautiful song with a very uplifting

and happy vibe that make you wanna smile. The smooth and gental beginning

carries you to a break beat kinda point in the song at 2:13 which is a fun and

creative twist with it's trumpet sounds and funky twisted effects. This song

is just a lot of fun to listen to. Kinda resembles what a jazzy psy-trance

song would sound like. The end is nice and smooth with it's beautiful outro.


03 - [DROP OUT] + + + + From the moment I first heard this song I was in love.

The beat is very nice and the vocals are errie and very psychedelic with the

two voices singing together. The classical guitars are a nice touch at 2:07

only the mushies could do it that nicely. I like the melodic synth at 3:11.

Oh and lets not forget the best part of the song at 3:53 with that truely

amazing psychedelic guitar solor...soooo nice.


04 - [AVRATZ] + + This song is too long in my opinion. Its very downtempo,

which is fine but it bores me to death for some reason. the only point where

the song interests me starts at 4:20 where these bongo-like drums come in and

some sound manipulation comes into play with some eeire kinda echoing vocals.

The next part that strikes my brain nicely is the very uplifting guitar melody

at 7:20 which is very beautiful especially mixed with the smooth classicla

synth in the background....very happy and gentle sounding, very peaceful. The

rest of the song it do able but overall this song is too long for me to handle.


05 - [bLINK] + + + This is the second song which focuses primarily on vocals.

I like Michelle's voice in this song, very interesting song. However she

never shuts up....the song keeps going on and on and on and on with some

melodic breaks in bewteen verses and chorus. For some reason by the middle of

this song I'm ready for it to end, not because it's bad, which it's not, it's

very nice, it just should have been shorter....I'm not much for vocals I guess.


06 - [sHAKAWKAW] + + + + The beginning of this song is awesome, I love it.

It's very uplifting and very smooth. I love the use of guitars at 1:44 yet

again they make it work very well. Then at 2:33 we get a fucking kick ass

melody that sounds like it should have been on the trance side to pump up the

songs a little, soooo great! Following the melody comes the "shakawkaw"

sample which is very funky. It's followed by the great intro music which is

used to carry you out of the song.


07 - [PLETZURRA] + + + This song has a nice piano melody which reminds me of a

rainy day for some reason. I love how the piano gets manipulated like it's in

an old 20's movie at 1:28 very cool. The song builds up with some weird

effects and some vocals which get tiwsted in the infected fashion....almost

eerie in the way they sound. The song gets very uplifting and happy at 4:01

with a nice melody that eventually blends into some smooth synths in the

background. The track gets extremely weird at 5:23 when some old hick

sounding guitar comes in and sounds like your at a farm having a party with

the beverly hillbillies. The song ends with the same uplifting melody which

appears at 4:01.


08 - [i WISH] + + + This is a strange vocal song. The vocals are vocoded

heavily and sound very electrical. Unlike "Blink" I don't wishi this song

would end. After hearing the sample of the song I was skeptical but this song

is actually pretty nice. Not great but average. I'm just not much for pure

vocal songs. I guess I'm not used to the whole Infected vocal thing


09 - [bALLERIUM] + + + + I've loved this song as long as I've loved "Drop Out."

I like the funky beginning and the beat is very fun along side the sound

effects that soar along side it. The beat gets your head going. It's a nice

song which progresses it's way to some cool manipulated effects at 1:54. The

song then leads you some beautiful vocals at 4:18 which get mixed with an

awesome electric melody which sends electricity through your nerves with it's

gentle acidity....yummy. The song turns almost regaee "ish" and exits in a

very funky, yet nice manner.


10 - [sELECTA] + + + + This is a funky song which is laced with a lot of

Infected manipulation. I can't really describe this track for some

reason....it's very intereesting. I like the spacey kinda vibe you get at

2:38 with the eerie yet dreamy sounds. At 3:13 the track gets very eerie and

a little bit darker, but very enjoyable and interesting. At 3:39 the song

gets a nice hard guitar melody which helps finish out the song by sending into

a funky piano ending which sounds like it came right out of a western comedy.

The mushies sure are strange.


11 - [iLLUMINAUGHTY] + + + This is another full vocal song which features

Michelle. I like this one more than the others. This is my favorite song by

Michelle on this album. It's very atmospheric and kinda creepy in a way, just

by the way her voice sounds. But still I'm not a big fan of the vocal tracks

the mushies have. However this song is still nice to listen to.


12 - [JEENGE] + + + The opening guitar riff in this song is beautiful and

defiiently so peaceful and especially cool when the electronic effects are

added to it. The guitar finallt ends and the song picks up pace with some

breaky kinda stuff at 1:40. The guitar is back soon enough followed by some

nice twisted effects. I like the effects in the song, but they aren't

anything extraordinary. The song is alright....the guitars are my favorite

part....guitar + infected mushroom = beauty.


13 - [ELEVATION] + + This song is pretty much all piano with some violins and

is very melodic. It's pretty in it's simplicity but overall it kinda bores me

in the long run. Its beautiful non-the-less. Kinda just too downtempo for me

but a nice way to end the album, ya know, on a gentle glide through melodic,

smooth and pretty sounds which cascade you to the end of the disc giving your

a farewell to "Converting Vegetarians".


***[FINAL VERDICT]*** + + + + The "Other Side" is a very nice and interesting

voyage through the experimental freestyle side that Infected has been dying to

show. They've come along way and this disc shows that they are still trying

to be innovative and in a very new way with some downtempo and some vocal

tracks for them to flex there skills on. This is an awesome disc with a lot

of variety to boot and some interesting elements which take you by surprise.

I'm very satisfied with how this side turned out. This CD will also be in

rotation at my house for some time to come.

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Guest aricz

just listened through cd1 now.. hmmmmmmm, this is VERY GOOD. kicks the fucking ass out of bp empire. it's up there with the gathering/classical mushroom:) this is 8-10/10. quality.


peace out! boooooooom

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This isn't so great. Psytrance-wise I mean.

Only 2 good fullon tracks here (Albibeno and Apogiffa). Chaplin I say is very

very very bad. Among the shittest tracks they made. The rest is, totally

unintersting. But The Other Side is kinda cool. I expected it to be very

experimental so I wasn't very chocked. A little tip for Infected; Next time,

put some effort in your tracks. The trance side sounds as it been made over

one night. Shame on you. Nice try tho :P

Final Verdict: Trance Side 5/10 | Other Side 7/10

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I didn't like this one at all. Most has been said already, above. 'Converting

Vegetarians' and 'Deeply Disturbed': are they using an Israeli Grover muppet

for the voices? Painfully embarrassing tunes both. If we are going to have

psychedelic hip-hop, let's at least try to learn a thing or two from decent

hip hop acts. Pretty amateurish release, IMHO. 3/10.

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Many will no doubt think that this/these album/albums is/are someway

extraordinary. Many will no doubt praise it/them. Many will, but I sure as

hell am not. This/these album/albums are in my opinion nothing special. Sure

Infected guys are guite good at creating weird sounds and catchy melodies.

Sure they can create some wonderful peaks and all, but they just can't in my

opinion truly capture real emotions. They can't generate true, deep trance.

They can't do what some other artist can. This album is ofcourse well mastered

and well done, but it's not unique. It's not special, it's guite boring. On

CD1 is like 3 tracks, 1, 7 & 9. None of them are special though and don't too

much stand out. It's not like I hate any of the others though. On CD2 I do

sort of like those 2 tracks with Michelle (5 & 11). I would praise Selecta,

but it has so fucking ridiculous ending that it's actually the worst track on

CD2. So, all in all, this album is quite standard, sure it's good, but not

really good. If you are only going to buy 1 album this year, don't buy this,

get something else. I'll give this 7/10

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You all have no idea what your talking about. Infected is great at two

things... making people danse and making extraordinary music no matter the

style... The melodies, instruments, vocals and samples are all SO well done

that it's hard to imagine how they find those sounds!!! The song Converting

Vegetarians is totally awesome... i say listen to it with your eyes closed...

Appreciate the beauty of the beat along with that old psy touch and awesome

plugin use. I give this album 8/10 because it's not all club material which is

something that has become standard... Production for the album is 10/10.

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Guest 1400Miles

A trance and a freestyle side? Not so long ago, the mushies integrated all

sorts of instruments and experiments smoothly with energetic trance; the

infamous Classical Mushroom album. You can call post Classical Mushroom stuff

evolutionary, revolutionary, natural progression...but in my book BP Empire

and the trance side of CV are pretty substandard and conventional, clearly

instigated by NOT alienating the dance crowds too much. Naturally none of disc

1 equals or even comes close to the quality of a track like 'BustAMove' or

'theShen'. A typical 6/10 for disc one with 'Echonomix' as standout track. The

play-it-safe character of the trance stuff becomes painfully apparent when

hearing what the mushies have musically in stock on the freestyle side. The

title track is quite good, weird and catchy despite the somewhat immature

rapping. The trax with Michelle are excellent, kinda 80s electronic and more

indie than poppy. Also very good are the melancholic 'Shakawkaw', the trippy

'Selecta' and the catchy, again typically 80s 'I Wish'. No complaint about the

freestyle side which is is imo, contrary to the trance side, courageous,

clever and surprising. 8.5/10 for side 2. Maybe next time give the 4/4 stuff

the experimental treatment too.

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