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  1. and here's one https://soundcloud.com/alien-zed/zelda-the-legend-of
  2. You all have no idea what your talking about. Infected is great at two things... making people danse and making extraordinary music no matter the style... The melodies, instruments, vocals and samples are all SO well done that it's hard to imagine how they find those sounds!!! The song Converting Vegetarians is totally awesome... i say listen to it with your eyes closed... Appreciate the beauty of the beat along with that old psy touch and awesome plugin use. I give this album 8/10 because it's not all club material which is something that has become standard... Production for the album is 10/10.
  3. This Album is definitely the most interesting piece of music I've heard for a long time. I love it though! It's the best all all the styles packed into melody filled beats twister basslines. An excellent job done on this album! Must have! Now selling somewhere near you. uh... YA!
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