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Overdream - Wonderwise


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Overdream - Wonderwise (Avatar)


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Press Release:


At a certain point, trance music might mistakenly be interpreted to a formula. Well, this is not the case when it comes to Overdream. This Ukrainian based duo have managed to generate a style unique to them. Although their music mainly aimes for the dancefloor, much charm and imagination can be felt in their music. Makus and Dana Do come with 'Wonderwise', after various tracks on compilations and a role in SkyGravity. A rejuvenating breeze of fresh ideas that deal with the aspects of our developing society, and in the wider angle, we can say 'A declaration of intent' Soundwise, 'Wonderwise' is a blend of rolling grooves and atmospheric whirlpools. Designed for 'all seasons', a measured amount of thought and hard work stand behind this album. A presentation of technical abilities with tracks like 'Fiji Island' or the exciting 'Sacrosanct Toucan', it is clear that Overdream have a lot to say and offer...

Listen to 'Wonderwise'

The claim that Overdream have "a style unique to them" could easily be taken from any one of the wildly flattering press releases that typically accompany psytrance albums, so let's cut through that and say what style of music this is: it's darkpsy. Although not 2008 darkpsy, but rather the kind of darkpsy that people were making two or three years ago, before the Horror Place basslines, before the mechanical screeching and before Kindzadza went all jangly and clockwork. And that's good, because, as much as I like the fact that the genre is evolving, there's still plenty of gold to be mined from the old sound. Wonderwise also differs from most of what's being released at the moment in that it's designed to get your feet moving as much as your brain.

But, and this is a big but, it's not just darkpsy. There are some strong melodic elements here too. And, unlike most attempts to fuse dark with light, it really works. Read on...


Tracks (click titles for Saiko Sounds sample):


1) Wonderwise 7:38


This track starts out with some textbook spooky darkpsy - unsurprising enough, though it quickly builds into a very nice wall of sound, a bit reminiscent of Tits on Fire. But it's after the four minute mark that things start to get really exciting - what starts out as a faint hint of an actual key signature gradually builds into a sweet trancey climax. A brilliant opener, and one of the finest examples on this album of just what it is that Overdream do well.


2) Sunrise Mind Trick 7:46


This one opens with a slightly daft tribal chanting sample, which thankfully soon gives way to some very nice Naked Tourist-style bleeps and clicks. Unfortunately the last few minutes are dominated by a string melody which sounds a lot like the intro to the Star Trek: TNG title sequence, which I find just grating enough to be relieved when the chanting sample comes back. This track has some nice moments but is not one of the better ones in my opinion.


3) Fiji Island 8:13


This is great. It's the first track on the album to follow a formula which will be used a number of times, namely the darkpsy-melody-darkpsy structure (henceforth referred to as DMD). After starting out with some echoey, alien noise, the beat stops and a scary melody jumps out of the shadows. Then it gets gradually dismantled by tone control and gating before mutating completely into the kind of atonal noise that every darkpsy fan loves.


4) Extraterrestrial Travellers 8:34


Another DMD number, though with a different flavour to the others on the album - after an intro that sounds like the buzzing of an electronic brain followed by some lovely abstract robotic shouting, there's a slow, Eastern-European or perhaps Mediterranian-sounding guitar melody which would not have sounded out of place on The Art of Being Non. Almost needless to say, it builds back up into a very danceable climax of angry noise and confusing bleeps.


5) Mista Twista 8:00


Silly name, awesome tune. This is similar in style to the opening track, except that this one starts with an anxious-sounding melody already present. The first half builds up to one of those climactic rising-then-falling hissing sounds that are a standard device in darkpsy, though this is one of the best examples I've ever heard. Then the second half builds up to another stripped-down melodic section in which the opening theme returns to take centre stage.


6) Aqua Boga Djerba 8:25


Aqua Boga Djerba is much closer to standard tuneless noisy territory than what's come before, and is probably the track with the least evidence of a recognisable musical mode on this CD. There's not much by the way of progression or climax either, and as such this could fool you into thinking it's simplistic, if you don't notice how much depth there is to the individual sounds - but every crunch and hiss has so much going on.


7) Daisy Lemonade 7:50


Along with the previous track, this has very little trace of conventional melody. But don't let that put you off. It starts out with some swirly electronic buzzing that's just fantastic (think of Kindzdza's KamaKazi and you're not far off). After a while it descends into a rather chaotic mass of seemingly random bleeps and squeeks and dizzying pitch bend, but redeems itself with a wonderfully psychotic, discordant climax. I would be surprised if it's possible for an able-bodied man to listen to this without dancing.


8) Animated Mess 8:09


DMD again, and very similar in structure to Fiji Island: it starts out with a messy darkpsy section full of high-pitched squeeks, which reminds me a bit of The Nommos' Mountains of the Moon, and then relaxes into an atmospheric beatless break before being torn apart by a frightening trance melody.


9) Sacrosanct Toucan 7:53


The album ends with something of a contrast; Sacrosanct Toucan is less agressive than the rest of the album, and is probably the most consistently melodic piece, as well as the most emotional. It's got haunting vocals and chimes and ethereal soundscapes. And it pushes all the right buttons, but somehow it just doesn't get my juices flowing as much as the rest of the CD.




Overall: Bloody heck, I like this a lot. There are no truly original ideas here at all, but what there is is a vast legacy of psytrance rolled into a coherent whole. Listen to Wonderwise. 9.5/10


Favourite Tracks: 1(!), 3(!), 4(!), 5(!), 6(!), 7(!), 8(!), 9

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This album is BOMB!! I heard his track on never ending story vol. 3 which i personally fucking love!!!!! and think is better than any of these... but alot of darkpsy comps are cool and then the full albums might not be as good.. but this shit, not being quite as good, is sooooo fricken worthy, man maybe I just missed the older darkpsy (just got into this stuff last yearish) but this "darkpsy" is where it is AT for me!



I give it an -A

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man maybe I just missed the older darkpsy (just got into this stuff last yearish) but this "darkpsy" is where it is AT for me!

If you like this style of darkpsy you should probably check out Parvati's back catalogue, especially the albums by Kindzadza, GoW & Meteloids, Naked Tourist and Para Halu. Though none of them have the melodic influences that are present in Wonderwise.

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If you like this style of darkpsy you should probably check out Parvati's back catalogue, especially the albums by Kindzadza, GoW & Meteloids, Naked Tourist and Para Halu. Though none of them have the melodic influences that are present in Wonderwise.


thanks much friend! im actually really into kindzadza already.. really only have some comp. tracks of the others that never stood out, maybe have to get some full lengths!


all though the melodic parts of this album are excellent indeed

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In the late 90’s a Makus character from Ukraine of astronomical magic ventured into the world of psychedelic trance with that extra passion in the spikadelika. In 2006 a match made in the cosmos where to be born as Makus and his beloved Dana Do formed what would become, Overdream. Overdream is a beautiful collaboration between two souls, two lovers of two planets (Mars and Venus). This is a celebration of two people with a passion for the psychedelic and a curiosity for the trance and the magic of holy dance. With a shamanic approval and Avatar Records interest, they finally in 2008 released their mighty debut of wonder and wise. This is their jungle, their flair, their power and stare. This is their baby, their musical journey, their fantasy in shamanism and colours that shine. Join me as we venture through nine compassions in an almost hectic suit.


Overdream - Wonderwise (Avatar Records) 2008 (AVA051)


Posted Image


1 Wonderwise 7:52

2 Sunrise Mind Trick 7:45

3 Fiji Island 8:13

4 Extraterrestrial Travellers 8:34

5 Mista Twista 8:02

6 Aqua Boga Djerba 8:24

7 Daisy Limonade 7:49

8 Animated Mess 8:08

9 Sacrosant Toucan 7:51



1. Spinning elements builds the sound pushing out the beats as they are made out of singularities only to become frequent spacemen of talented shaman of electronically wonderwise never rolling a random dice for guidance. The beats are comfortable while carrying the amaze of sounds surrounding your astral being. Glittering stars wanders so far, sharp leads takes the need to feed on coolness and some haste makes sure the flight is weightless in fluorescence room-booms. *****


2. As the mirror bends the sun rises with tricks in its flickering voice of meditative madness. The beats are heightened in tempo and the mood is more confusing with its basketak (to get a real hold as in a fight) while the leads are strong, never gone and rises while becoming distant as they surround you together with many other sounds creating what this album is all about, trance inducing states of pleasure in teeth grinding manners while playing on soft notes to create that extra angel wing. The melody at the end that finally comes after a long and tricky sunrise for sure flies your spirit away to blissful glimmers of flickering light. BEautiFULL. ******


3. On Fiji Islands you are introduced to ‘the American way of life, on the threshold of the golden 60’s. Colored, style, comfort, utility and convenience. Recreation, fun... These seems to be the ultimate desires of today, tomorrow and for the years to come …’ Swirling centrifuges travel the beats, dunk’a-dunk the beat goes as shimmering effects on mushroom moods strikes your nerve-cells in that fashion we like. Something as confusing as this will always perceived as being magnificent and beautiful in all its colours and light with the dark matter combining it all for travelers on sunshine. Funny to get a very twisted take on a more or less typical Arabic melody with imaginary belly dancers and rotating pulses moving around with starching and barking. ****


4. Computerized bleeps, chanting visitors with Extraterrestrial Travellers clicking their thoughts in exhorting manners, building suspicions to a breakpoint of massive hysteria where birds and jungle aliens gather in more energized madness... All of these tracks have a strong jungle shaman with alien transcendence and fluorescence power to them, but the background layers in this track makes it extra evident. And after a nice build we get some Eastern European melodies (dare I say Ukrainian melodies?) for the head to shake on and feet to groove by. What a wonderful story telling gift these two lovers have. *****


5. Hey hey greet the aliens in Latin America... Massive kicks and daggering side effects with sharp sintering sounds seem to be coming out together with hot fumes and playful sprouts decorating the otherwise abandoned fields with much life and pleasant duration. The sound effects as always on these twister tracks of Wonderwise really makes you fly because of their power to swirl around you so firm and fast in its hallucinogenic manner that gravitation almost seizes to exist. ****


6. Aqua Boga Djerba introduces bubbling vortex, melting poles and swinging masses asking for your divine attention. Calm is the play, sturdy is the walk with howling energies trying to get up and stay. Moist crisp in bamboo sticks trying to make a melody in its humble corner. As the water based life forms echoes inside a jungle cave, an eastern instrument of bended eyes plays a tune encouraging the stick-player to feed the confidence with drippier play without so much care for failure. *****


7. OOoohhh so powerful the rolls have become, like a nuclear threat of some kind. ‘Picking up a lot of yellow, must be daisies. Lock on target, men!’ Rockets are fired, blasting the disco out to endless party moods. I am unsure of what effect, color or whatever these guys are using, but I love the, pitching”, fading” and flangering” of the anti-gravitational effects that swirls around, they make the flight so powerful and energetic with its uplifting blinks of love and fantasy. Love it! ******


8. Talking people with laughing joy, throwing stones in water filled caves for future raves. Softer approach, silence creeps until the beat powers the showers of magnificent flowers. Crows ‘krah-ha’ a voice and the drum gets affected by moist. Swirling sounds open the ventilations only to throw you into its deep end of quicksand. Blocks of funky chunks acts as lifeguards only to drag you inside a metalized playground of ‘Yeah baby!’ Rugged stuff, this is diffidently not a bluff. Indians around their camp talk about the champ as heavier synthesizers grab the hold of the bold and curses the melody with a pleasurable trump of thump, only to be guided back in the cave of laughter and fun. ******


9. As the end nears, the final tune is something to admire and desire. The beats and energy of sounds are thicker in a way, melodies are quicker in presence and the heavy gets tougher with bolstering moods and motherly charm. Tribalization of the higher education is near at hand and the gathering of lightworkers, People of the Heart, Rainbow Tribes, Cosmic Families, Warriors of Light, Old Souls, Star Seeds, Ancient Ones and Servants of the Mothers are forever presence in its beauty and truth, may them shine in their quest to realize what is, that paradise is here on Earth. *******



Recommendation: Overdream uses a lot of the same tricks or builds in the tracks of Wonderwise, with the track-introduction where it swirls the beat manifestations up to a clearer view only to continue to a point where the whole track has swirling twisters playing with the sounds spinning them around in every angle possible to imagine to a breathtaking climax where all sense of self seems lost and colours totally emerges in hefty emotions to sensational behaviors. And yeah, they manage to create a wonderful trance like state, it’s nothing to miss!


Would also like to mention that I really like the voice of Makus (?) like in the second track. His effective voice-effect is spread around the album and it puts some personal charm to the whole pack. I love and absolutely dig all the tracks though some for, um, more commercial reasons because they (like the ninth track) stand more out with catching melodies and/or effective twists for the mental fist. Then again, we all know how tracks like these are the tracks you get fastest tired of only to make you realize how powerful that other track you really didn’t notice actually is in its more subliminal manner; If you know what I mean... All in all, want something special, fun, energy driven and totally shamanic in its fluorescence paint, go get this release, it should wow you because it for sure managed to Wow me then and still does so today.


And yes, the artwork is sooooooo nice, and it suits the music soooooo nice!!

Super duper work, Marcos and Rangoon :)


Some keywords: Uplifting, magical, trance inducing to the max with trippy snax, exiting and shamanistic in junglistic fluorescence. Exhilarating, all tracks is about the build, the layers and the Overdream melodies and power.



Some sort of score: 5.33 out of 7 stars*



Where to buy and other links:

Avatar records: http://www.avatar-records.com

AvatarSpace: http://www.myspace.com/avatar_music

OverdreamSpace: http://www.myspace.com/overdreammusic

OverdreamDisco: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Overdream+(2)

Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ava/ava1cd951.html

Saikosounds: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=7664

Wirikuta: http://www.wirikuta.at/web66/product_detail.jsp;jsessionid=BIMHNPLCFHOC?showDetail=212284

Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/home/detail/1/beatport#app=a60a&a486-index=3

beatspace: http://beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=4667

More um shamanic reviews: http://www.myspace.com/psytonesmusic

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This release deserves a higher score. This is a gem and I will always be truly happy to have this in my collection.

Man does it fly high while kicking ass, hard! :D Ba-bOm!! Such beautiful flow and intense flight these tracks induce!


6.9/7 - Which is a very sexy score!

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This release deserves a higher score.

Well the meaning of numerical scores varies from reviewer to reviewer (which is why I no longer give them), but I should point out that 9.5 is the highest score I've ever given in a review. And with good reason, Wonderwise is one of the best albums of the decade.


e: Oh, I've just realised you were talking about your score rather than mine. How on Earth do you assign scores to three significant figures?


e2: By calculating the arithmetic mean of your individual track scores, evidently.

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I'm not even a fan of darkpsy and I like this! 

It's a great album! Very unique, catchy, and underrated!

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