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Psychedelic White: Goa Trance and the Viscosity of Race


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I know Arun personally! :)


He's a professor at a school here in Minnesota. He moved here from Belgium and I took him to his first psytrance party here in the states when he arrived. He's a wonderful soul, I knew that was written by him as soon as I saw the topic. He's published other great Goa information too in times past.


Cool to see psynewsers paying attention to him :)



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Told you Minnesota rocks! :) Terrence McKenna's brother, Dennis, teaches Ethnobotany at the U of MN too!


Really though, I met Arun, he bought me a beer, we drank some new castles together, decided it was cool, picked up another dude, travelled south, and had a fun night! I won't get into more details, but it was beyond awesome :):):)))) The other dude is now living on the west coast and he just called after not having spoken to him in months! I should return his call!


Weeeeeeee, you all should know Arun from other discussions on Isratrance and such! I'm just happy he continues to push out his writings like he does. And the best part about his work, it's all so very true :)



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Today, rave tourists travel to Goa to take part in round-the-clock dance parties and lose themselves in the crowds, the music, and the drugs. But do they really escape where they come from and who they are?



sounds like an interesting read

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sounds like an intellectual wank to me. :wank:


but then i've always thought sociology was the human science of the bleeding obvious...


w00t! middle class psy hippies' professed 'all is one' idealizations a fashion accessory?

well, i never!


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