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people that left


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Wow, that was really touching. How very sad. :( Nice story, Jikkentekki, and nice hommage too.


:( yes very sad.... Thank you for sharing the story.


Can see how the story fits some of the experiences I have had listing to CD.... It makes sense now!

Oh my, I'm so very sorry! :(

Horribly sad to hear that, I don't know what to say except: may both their souls be free together!


Yes, thank you for sharing this with us!

Now I have a much deeper respect for you & the tracks you created due to greif. :)


They are never truely gone because your heart will alway remember! ;)

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On a much lighter note, what ever happened to Nerve? They only released a few tracks, but everything they made was absolute quality.

I think it was a sideproject to MOS (Mittelstandskinder ohne Strom), correct me if I'm wrong.

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