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Old trackers.

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FastTracker II

FastTracker III





or just plain ol' fruityloops?




Do you use one of these trackers? Didn't Erez from Infected Mushroom use Impulsetracker when he made music for Shiva Shidapu?


.. I bet you use Cubase today. .. I'm thinking about making music on the old trackers to get that old feel to the acid tracks. What you think?

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I've tried impulse tracker.... it really was my first music maker i seriously tried to use.... what about scream tracker??


(I'm currently using jeskola buzz, and Loopy Fruits)

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i´ve used trackers my whole life. i teach cubase at the university, but still prefer renoise (started on amiga with soundtracker) for composing and sequencing. renoise 1.8 has very good VST support, and now has audio recording and excellent automation features.




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I use Renoise. Great sound, easy to adapt from tracker interface, full VST support... 1.8 just came out and its great! :D





I got my start using Impulse Tracker, then moved up to ModPlug Tracker, messed around with Jeskola Buzz, then discovered Renoise. VST's FTW!!!


Plus, Renoise is cheap! Cost me like $80 USD, or somewhere around there. Free updates, and we all get to suggest new features.


Its looking more and more professional each new version! I love it.

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