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making such vocals

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what do you like?

I like you? ;) No, but anyways, after 45 seconds waiting, I got the sample and I am not sure what you are looking for. The sample or vocal to start with prolly was sung/talked as a whisper or something, and then reverb and some voice effects.... hard to tell really. Antares have made some cool plugins for voice alteration, and also waves... :)
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I think gated reverb or reversed reverb is the thing here. But I have no idea how to make it, if you figure it out somehow, please enlighten me :D

Reverse reverb is easy


Fast attack, long reverb time, big room, long reverb tail release. Record and then reverse the sample, chop as taste, serve and enjoy


But I dont think thats is what you meant :huh: . I wish I could listen to the sample. My computer hates megaupload and its pratically impossible to dowlaod from there here in Brazil, as it always says its busy


Reznick. You could put it here:




Its very user friendly :)

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hmmm listened


I think there is definitely some reverberation going on there. The "church" kind of reverb, aside from the natural of course

I dont think there is a gate there. Maybe a delay, maybe a tremolo, maybe he chopped, maybe its from the sample itself

There is so many ways to get there. But I think that the enhanced breathing voice was reverb thing


But what do I know?

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take sample . load in wavelabs . reverse it . apply cool reverb . render file . reverse it back . edit the beginning of the file so that the trail isnt that long . add reverb and delay on the file . done

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Ever tried a vocoder?

You can do amazing things with it.


It's basically an FX that links a sounds file to a VST. So you can take a static voice and make it "sing" the sound and notes of the VST.

Or you can experiment with it to get crazy FX.

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I made an example with a vocoder.


1 lame voice sample


1 vocoder FX

2 delay FX

1 compressor FX

1 flanger FX


that's all I needed.


done in 1min 30 sec.


vocoder example


EDIT: here's a link of a clip where I turn off the vocoder so you can hear clearly what it's doing with the VST and sound file.


vocoder example 2

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i have made this kinda vocs many times. two years back. if iam remembering correctly it was by using CHORUS plugin in fruityloops n reverb on it also tweeking some legacy knobs of fl sampler . i think i also used flanger on that, not sure. but it was quite easy ;)

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