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V/A - New Order (Hommega Productions) Oct 06

Goa Bill

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1. Astrix - Just in Time

2. Freq - The Moon & The Earth

3. Earsugar - Stay

4. Vibrasphere - Thermal Twist

5. X-Noize - Let Yourself Go (Ticon Remix)

6. Ace Ventura & Intelabeam - The Jhon

7. Emok VS NDSA - Harbour Candy

8. D-Nox & Beckers - Naked Punch

9. Wrecked Machines feat. V.O.R. - Subtle Flavour


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A somewhat different approach by the Israeli leading Full On label Hommega Productions is here on my CD player for a review. Some of the top names in the Progressive Trance scene on a Hommega compilation? When i first heard about it a few months ago i was rubbing my eyes as well, but it's real, and it's not bad at all. Compiled by the trustworthy Yoni Oshrat aka Ace Ventura/Schatsi who until very recent months was on the Hommega artists roster with his PsySex project, his long years collaboration with DJ Goblin. But his musical taste changed a lot since then and now he is signed to the Danish Iboga Records and releases more European Progressive oriented tunes.

So what's on the CD behind the witty cover? Let's see.


The first track by one of the well known Israeli producers, Astrix, is much calmer than what we are used to hear from him. I was kinda expecting something similar to his old classic "First" tune under the "Private Taste" guise with Lior Miller, Ido Ophir & Kobi Avraham, but to be honest i was a bit dissapointed although this track had a really nice and mellow atmosphere with Avi's superb production it doesn't really lift off. The melodies here sound just effortless and bland.


Freq's The Moon & The Earth is destined to be a big hit in the dancefloors. It has a really epic hook and overall bigger than life vibe. A sure morning hit that will raise many hands and chillums in the air.


Earsugar are the already very well known Swiss producer Nicola Capobianco aka Liquid Soul and his buddy Martin Knecht. It's another highly Goa influenced tune by Capo. The samples and the leads easily take me a decade back. Another sure hit here.


Vibrasphere are one of my favorite Swedish acts. Together with Son Kite and Ticon they never seize to surprise me with their massive morning pounders that always have the distinct Vibrasphere blissful melodies. Thermal Twist is one of the highlights of the compilations mostly due to the ever-relevant 303 line that just hits all my sensitive spots.


Ticon are next with the almost impossible task to be a worthy follow up to the marvellous Vibrasphere tune. Their remix to the Israeli Full-On duo X-Noize almost stands in the competition. It sounds like they had too many spins of Trentmoller's Remix of Coincidance by Mathias Schaffhauser. No doubt a wicked electro/psy crossover by the Swedish masters. All the right ingridients (Giorgio Moroder bassline and seriously filtered vocals) are here.


Ace Ventura, the guy behind the compilation and his good friend Danny Keinan aka Intelabeam are next with The Jhon. It's their second collaboration, the first was on last years' Posse compilation on Domo Records. This tune is a typical Ace Ventura pounder with a fierce rhythm section. Very cool morning tune indeed.


Emok of the Phony Orphants fame teams up here with the Ticon boys under their NDSA alias for the following tune. This one features vocals by Filip of Ticon and it really reminds me the wicked Tim Healy tunes that he released few years ago. Very nice Electro/House effort by these guys. I can see it fits very well in the more mainstream dancefloors.


D-Nox and Beckers are here as well. The guys must be everywhere since their "Swithc" mega hit from last year. Their Electro-Trance fusion made them very popular worldwide and when you'll hear their Naked Punch tune you'll understand why. Definetely not their best effort yet and doesn't come close to Switch or You're a Star but very cool as well. A proper DJ tool here.


To close the compilation we have a surprising offer from Wrecked Machines that i usually know by his too generic full-on tunes. Here he teams up with Marcello Vor and they present a very pleasant Electroish tune. Quite far from WM's usual brainless full on grinders. On any other compilation this would be amongst the highlights, but here it's easily outshined by the rest.


Conclusion: If you love the Digital Structures/Iboga/Plusquam style, this one is a must. I am guessing that if Ace wouldn't gather them together for Hommega they could've been easily found on any of the aforementioned labels. Some really good tracks and very few averages.


Highlights: 2!,3!!, 4!!, 5!, 7!


Grade: 9/10

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Artist: Various

Title: New Order

Label: HOMmega Productions

Format: CD

Released: October 2006






Calling HOMmega one of the psytrance scenes most influential labels would be an understatement - especially in later years, where it was one of the key players in establishing the uplifting and melodic morning full on sound as the most popular subgenre to psychedelic trance, with in-house acts like Astrix, Sub6, Cosma, Pixel, Psysex and Domestic leading the way on some of the over 50 different releases since the labels launch in 1997.


"New Order" is the newest compilation from HOMmega, and it's looking like quite a surprise as it's a distinct departure from the labels usual Israeli full on sound, but now focusing on the increasingly popular progressive sound, ranging from traditionally progressive psytrance over progressive house and even electro, containing some really well-established and well-respected acts from all over the world, compiled by Yoni Oshrat, also known as Ace Ventura and Schatsi, and previously a member of Psysex.



1. Astrix - Just In Time [130 BPM]

The opening tune is by the biggest name in HOMmegas roster, Astrix. With 2 widely popular full on albums, "Eye To Eye" and "Artcore" he has marked himself as probably one of the strongest ambassadors for full on, but "Just In Time" shows a very different side of him. Running at only 130 BPM it's certainly a lot slower than usual, but the energy is definitely still here - after the over 2-minute long beat-less intro it develops into a monster of a tune. Think a mixture of "Underbeat" from his 2nd album, and the classic tune "First" from his Private Taste sideproject and you have an idea of what to expect.


2. FREq - The Earth & The Moon [135 BPM]

FREq from Australia is up next, and fans of his sound will feel right at home with "The Earth & The Moon". The sound is huge and energetic, and just built for pounding out of a huge outdoor rig in the afternoon, with sweet melodic structures and delicate takeoffs to please the dancefloor. Really great track, certainly among my favourites from him this year, and easily surpass the majority of the tracks from his latest album.


3. Earsugar - Stay [135 BPM]

Earsugar is the project of Liquid Soul and DJ Martin from Switzerland. Liquid Soul has been on the rise for the last couple of years, and recently released his debut album on Iboga records, while the Earsugar project has been more anonymous, with a few releases on Plusquam, Blue Tunes and Mikrokosmos. "Stay" is more energetic than most of the stuff on the recent Liquid Soul debut album, relying on a pounding, rolling groove, and if it had been on that particular album I would have considered it a highlight, but on this compilation it pales a bit.


4. Vibrasphere - Thermal Twist [136 BPM]

One of my all-time favourite acts, the Swedish duo Vibrasphere, is up next with "Thermal Twist", continuing on the sound from their magnificent 3rd album "Archipelago". It has somewhat the same energetic flow like the single-track "Landmark", off course with the Vibrasphere-trademark high quality polished sounds and trancy atmospheres - and with some 303-acid twists towards the end of the track. Solid.


5. X-NoiZe - Let Yourself Go (Ticon Remix) [133 BPM]

Another act from Sweden, Ticon take on the task of remixing "Let Yourself Go", made by one of HOMmegas in-house full on acts, X-NoiZe, and the result is a sure hit in my book. The Swedes certainly know what it's all about at the moment, and their psy-electro-house take on the original is fun, funky and quite simply kicking ass. The vocals from the original are very distinct, and I'm sure they will result in mixed reactions - either you'll absolutely love it or you'll hate it to death. I can't get enough.


6. Ace Ventura & Intelabeam - The Jhon [135 BPM]

The man behind the compilation, Ace Ventura, team up with his countryman Intelabeam (probably well-known for his full on releases) on the strangely titled "The Jhon". Compared to the rest of the compilation it's probably among the most psygressive tunes, with a very European festival-sound, sweet, but still subtle melodies and some delicately well-placed voice-samples - strong track. "Concentrate!"


7. Emok vs. NDSA - Harbour Candy [128 BPM]

"Harbour Candy" is provided by NDSA (New Disco Science Alliance), an almost forgotten sideproject for Ticon, and Emok from Denmark, labelmanager for Iboga Records and member of Phony Orphants. It has sort of the same trademarks as the Ticon-remix for "Let Yourself Go" - loads of energy, phat electro-house grooves and a strong vocal-hook. Although not quite on par with the mentioned remix, it does have very big crowd-pleasing potential and is another gem in my book.


8. D-Nox & Beckers - Naked Punch [127 BPM]

Germanys hottest progressive duo in later years, D-Nox & Beckers continue the housier section of the compilation with "Naked Punch". Saying that these guys are on fire at the moment would be an understatement, and this is no exception - it's more stripped-down, minimal and dirty than some of their most widely known tunes, but in my opinion that's certainly not a drawback. Well done.


9. Wrecked Machines vs. V.O.R. - Subtle Flavour [127 BPM]

Last but not least we get a surprising collaboration between two of Brazils most widely known full on artists and DJ's, Wrecked Machines and V.O.R.. "Subtle Flavour" was previously released on D-Nox & Mental-X's Labyrinth mix-CD, and it certainly doesn't sound like anything I've heard from Wrecked Machines in the past. It's the most calm and laidback track on the compilation, with a quite nice vocal-hook for the girls - pleasant electro-house, suitable for the afterhours.




Bottom line:


"New Order" is an amazing compilation, simple as that. Yeah, maybe it was a commercial trick from HOMmega to make a move into the progressive market, but when the music is THIS good, who am I to complain? This is undoubtedly one of the strongest lineups for a progressive psytrance compilation this year, and it doesn't disappoint in any way - even though some tunes naturally are better than others, the standouts are downright superb and even the not-so-strong tunes on the CD are of very high quality.


If you want to know what's cooking in the progressive scene at the moment, be it massive progressive psytrance, outdoor grooves or more trendy progressive house/electro house, this is one of the most outstanding releases of the year, and an essential DJ-tool for the coming months. Bravo!





1 (!!), 2 (!), 4, 5 (!!), 6, 7, 8










HOMmega: http://www.hommega.com

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New Order says Hommega,New Grounds adds Detox because this is really something totally new for the leading israeli label.


On this bright new compilation Ace Ventura an ex member of the Psysex project and part of the Hommega familly almost since its beggining presents us a delicate choice of progressive/club trance featuring some of the hottest names of both the progressive and full on scene such as Vibrasphere,D Nox and Beckers,Freq,Astrix and Wrecked Machines.


Astrix opens this compilation with a nice tune although i expected something more groovy and melodic from Avi like his very early works when entering the psy trance scene.This is a nice opener but nothing more than that.


Freq follows next with a great track with memorable melodies destined to be a great hit especially in the morning hours.Very good track by Aran Gallagher.


Earsugar also featured in this compilation with a more deep and atmospheric tune,i enjoy this kind of music a lot because its very danceable without being really fast or cheesy.Great work here guys.


Then follows the Digital Structures heavy artillery with Vibrasphere and Ticon providing us with two memorable tunes.Thermal Twist by Vibrasphere is another classic track by the Swedish boys following their usual pattern of music production while the remix on X Noize by Ticon is an electro clubby tune much resembling to some of the latest Dino Psaras works for those who know what i am talking about,i very much enjoyed the second half of this track and is for sure one of my favorites on the disc.


Track number 6 is a collaboration between Ace Ventura and Intelabeam and i got to admit that for me this is the weakest tune on the compilation,actually the only track that i didnt like from the whole compilation.I dont know how to say it but this one sounds too israeli to me and it seems to weak next to the rest tracks featured on this cd.


Not much to say about the next two tracks,Emok and NDSA did a great job with Harbour Candy although the vocal sample is a little cheesy on couple of parts of the track,D Nox and Beckers who have to be one of the most famous and successfull collaboration projects ever in our small scene (and not only) deliver us another stomping hit,i really love the sounds in the backround,well crafted track although little repetitive in the end.


Last but not least an interesting track by Wrecked Machines and V.O.R,a fine choice for closing this compilation nice and smoothly.Preety danceable track with some very good backround melodies especially in the outro of the track.


Overall this is a great and most of all innovative move for Hommega Productions who finally decided to explore some new sounds and artists beside the usual israeli full on formula,better late than never i say.


I also enjoy the cover of this compilation which is obviously a sarcastic one so please keep your feminist comments aside.By the way anyone knows where i can find such a lady for my house too?Eyal any ideas mate?


Like i said in my review i enjoyed every tune featured here apart the Ace Ventura And Intelabeam one and i suggest this compilation to everyone who enjoys some progressive and club trance sounds in his soundsystem.


My rating 8/10 and congratulations again to Hommega Productions for this new effort,keep up the good work and come up again with some new projects in the near future Eyal,how about a chill out/downtempo compilation for next year?

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  • 4 weeks later...

Absolutely, one of THE BEST Progressive compilation Cd's I've bought this year!


Astrix? Progressive? This I had to hear!

Avi's just amazing as a progressive producer.... I'm still in shock!

Let's hope this is a whole new direction for him.



FREq... what can I say? The man's a genius, plain & simple!

To me, everything he produces turns to gold!


Earsugar! Now this track "Stay" is my favorite of them all, it's so beautifully

produced, it brings euphoric tears to my eyes! I just can't stop listening to it.



Vibrasphere.... bliss, pure bliss!

A fantasic track for out door parties and festivals!


X-Noise (Ticon Rmx)... I wasn't crazy about the vocals, but the track

itself is awesome! Great melodies and bassline.

I'll have to give this track a few more listens and let it really sink in.



Ace Ventura & Intelabeam! I love this track "The Jhon", it's so catchy and

grabs you right away. Keeps my head, hands and feet movin'!

Fab!! :wub:


Emok Vs. NDSA... I'm not one who likes a lot of repetitive voice samples

but this one's got the certain "something" that just keeps you glued to it!

Very funky and uplifting. Again, great melodies and bassline... dance floor



D-Nox & Beckers... Wow! Great electro feel to this one.

Funky-ass bassline and rythym, just makes ya wanna dance!


Wrecked Machines Ft. V.O.R... I don't know who V.O.R is but

this track has to be in my top 10 for collaborations with W.M!

Awesome track to finish off this gem album!


Favs: 1,2,3,4,6, & 7


9/10!! No question!


I'm not great at describing sounds, layers, synths... blah, blah, blah...

I can however tell you what I feel when I hear this Cd.

Pure Euphoria!


Thanks Yoni & HOMmega!

I'm a happy camper!



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great release, the sticker is now adorning the cover of my progressive cd binder.


9/10 for sure, can't decide on a favorite, but the Ticon remix sticks out despite the vocals...



The cover could be taken as demeaning to women, that is until one sees that she isnt serving a man, or a human at all! ;)

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