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Lost Psy Trance Movie available for FREE!

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Hi Guys,


Tell your friends about The Wonderland Experience – now a free download.




A 70 minute feature non-profit film, shot in Goa, and made for the love of the music it’s a must for psy trance fans. There is a great party scene at the end!




ps music from Hallucinogen, XDream, Infected Mushroom, Psychopod, etc...

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Sounds like X-Dream in the begining, Infiniti project in ambient, some Doof in the dance scenes, some Hallucinogen in the dance scene and an old Harthouse/ Eye-Q track at the end. Not Sven Vath but someone along those lines. Weird flick though.



Can anyone get the tracklist fromthis movie?


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Really nice movie, enjoyed it a lot.


Btw, the scene were Charlie tries to punch a guy, but he counters it, and pushes him away with an invisible force saying the words "Om Shanti", is one of the funniest ever. :P


And heres the tracklist from the ending titles. I couldn't identify one track.


X-Dream - Psychomachine

Infected Mushroom - Overload(Deedrah Remix)

Z - Uncle Mavis

Eternal Basement - Ride On

Sven Vath - Esperanca

Raja Ram - Yeti Part 1

Benidrums - Sun Self

Hallucinogen - Samanix

GMS - Tentacles of a gellyfish

Morphem - Hypnotone

Sun Kings - Polyglot Man

Montauk P - X-Plore

Luminaire - Duet Dub

Cydonia - April Fools

Psychaos - Flexual

Semsis - Soundvandal

Psychopod - ?

Psychopod - Friagram

Bus - Section 8

Shpongle - Monster Hit

Raja Ram & Total Eclipse - Yeti Part

Hallucinogen - Snarling Black Mabel

Brainchild - Symmetry

Terra Ferma - The Snakecharmer

Marmion - Schoneberg(MWNN Remix)

Infected Mushroom - None Of This Is Real

Infected Mushroom - Dracyl

The Delta - Travelling At The Speed Of Thought

Vernon - Wonderer

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Nice Moive enjoyed till then end , i like the way it all got togeher at the end .. well done :)


let us know if you wish to use any of our music for your future movies

from the 2 projects Kemic-Al and Dimension-Al





keep it up


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