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  1. I like aerocraft. I like the buzzing mid-range effect and don't think it comes off all that loud. I think the melody is intelligent and the tempo is fantastic. Maybe a bit more undulating power shifting around beneath the mids and highs, but all in all I'd spin it. Don't take this the wrong way, but I still can't believe you guys are so young!
  2. New mix for you! Let me know if you have difficulty downloading. www.mixupload.com/sarvodaya
  3. Here is a link to this new mix and a few others. I hope you enjoy! http://www.mixupload.com/sarvodaya
  4. Hi there. Here's a new mix for you to help you through the week. Hope it does the trick for you. feed://www.mixupload.com/index.php?act=mlite&CODE=rss_mix&s_id=12139
  5. Hey- Where does one go to get the download? Do I need to sign up? I put a mix with a lot of the same artists a few days ago and really dig their stuff. Check it out if you like feed://www.mixupload.com/index.php?act=mlite&CODE=rss_mix&s_id=11956
  6. Mix for those interested. Thank you to the artists responsible for these tracks. Very inspirational. feed://www.mixupload.com/index.php?act=mlite&CODE=rss_mix&s_id=11956
  7. Are these video downloads or just sound files?
  8. Ode to Valmiki-Monkeys in an Anthill Mix http://www.mixupload.com/Sarvodaya
  9. Sounds like X-Dream in the begining, Infiniti project in ambient, some Doof in the dance scenes, some Hallucinogen in the dance scene and an old Harthouse/ Eye-Q track at the end. Not Sven Vath but someone along those lines. Weird flick though.
  10. Outstanding! Thanks! regardless of what was said earlier I like the kicks in Southern Oracle. I think they work realy well in with the change and harmonies in the baseline. In my limited opinion the boom is better with old school kicks. Tunes like Electron Bender and MWNN Flooresscence Blacklight still sound so much better to me on the low end compared to a lot of the stuff out today. Thanks again!!!
  11. I just saw an ad for that flick. Here's a link to the review. http://www.northbynorthwestern.com/2006/10...orat-the-movie/
  12. Yeeee Haaaawww!!! This is definately one for the vault!!!
  13. Gratzi- Thanks for the link. Another one bites the dust I guess.
  14. Hey there-is Transwave comming out with a new album I hear?
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