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electrypnose - 2013


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yeah lepton i think its good name for such a style :) give a more bpms for aproximetaly 180 and you will be pstrance bmp guiness recordist :)


yeah...its not shranzy its corish :)


vince can you say which plugins had you used ??

i tried to make something similar weird but got sucking noise :)


and may I try remix oriac ??

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i like also hitech-no .. but would be more minimal i think.

about plugins used .. hmm, no really outstanding stuffs .. but pretty much coming from hardware synths.


the ornic package is available here : http://www.electrypnose.ch/index2.php?p=remixes&r=2

of course you may do a rmx, go for it :)


and about a full lenght cd with such stuffs, it's full in mind .. might not arrive very soon.. but will certainly happen.

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well shiver me timbers...


still recovering from the minor cardiac arrest after experiencing this eardrumincinerating auditive psychosis! it litteraly destroyed 10 percent of my brain, leaving a warm blissfull void where braincells once thrived!!!


yiiiihaaaaaaa... exactly the sensation I expect from a good track!!!


seriously: supertrack!!! psycore all the way!


electrypnose is the man!!!

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this was kindah cool sofar, 00:50


still cool 1:40


everything is up up up up.


02:10 this is nice.


and how it just smoothly fell back into it again


bit wierd mixing here, some things should be more upfront. atleast thats what my monitors tell me :)


im surprised im not bored yet. psytrance rarely keeps me intressted nowdays, but this is a good example for energetic psytrance.


04:04 im sitting here hoping for some more minimalistic parts.


04:14 hmm okay, well minimalistic enough, atleast you waited a second or two with the 16ths hihats...


i need to breathe. or the track needs to breathe


05:16 oh here it is. thankyou for the breath.


Yah that was cool.


there's actualy stuff happening here.


i like the fact that this is the "good" kind of disharmonical sounds. most artists i hear nowdays just make shit and think that its "yeah it sounds awful, how good! coz Dat means is crejsy DOoOOh" because shit is da shit.


but it's obvious that this is deliberate.


i liked it, more than the other stuff i've heard from you :)

very nice to hear hard psytrance that actualy breathes and isn't just flat shit that sounds like a battlefield. a poor crappy battlefield.

this is good battlefield dancefloor music. and problely one of the first tracks like this i've liked.


EDIT: i just read my post and realized i need to emphasize that i liked your track :) and don't mean to sound uh, like a skeptic fuck or something heh :P

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