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  1. kabrathor cd 003 is out... http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/kbr/kbr1cd003.html http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=6603
  2. we are glad to announce the next kabrathor records release : Cerebral Factory - Karash vs Electrypnose split album release date expected : 14th of May 2007 Tracklisting: 01) Cerebral Factory - Brain Storming 02) Cerebral Factory – Creamfield 03) Cerebral Factory – Swimming in the fog 04) Electrypnose – A long story 05) Karash –Acid Bubble Gum 06) Karash – Otage de l’espace 07) Karash – Walking without Destiny 08) Electrypnose – Une bière dans la rivière 09) Electrypnose – Dragons slayer Cerebral Factory, side project and collaboration between Electrypnose, Karash and Noon, provide us a release with their freshest and best quality researches. Between funky tricks and the dark side of the force, this release shows a pretty wide range of ideas and syles that makes your neurons moving and tickled by. Starting the walk at 136 bpm,ending over 150, the goal was definitely to not stay flat and to not express only one musical kind. Most suitable for people who enjoy the variety and newer ideas. One year of work behind this collection of pieces made in the artists studios and in Brazil, while Electrypnose and Karash were touring at the end of 2006. Cerebral Factory will appear on a release compiled by Goa Gil, a track versus Cosmo, on Avatar records. On this split album release, Cerebral Factory project will miss “Noon” work. He is still an active part of it, but life things made his presence out of this release. http://www.kabrathor.com info sheet and promo tracks :: http://www.minimium-project.com/cerebral_factory/
  3. Kabrathor


    actually, there is an idea to make a split album, versus and remixes with Bodhisattva 13:20 but it's a secret
  4. Kabrathor


    a link which fits the topic... hmmm, yeah self promotion for sure but... might find some ears to enjoy it. cheerz electrypnose - murmures des ombres
  5. hi, thanks for the warm messages. the compilation is now out. have fun.
  6. Hello to all the freaky world, Thx for all the support that u give us, great and big thx for alll!!! Our VA "The Devil-Fish" will be available in 15th December!!! The artwork was made by Anna Tatoo (France) and Design by Rodrigo (Mexico). And here, u have infos and previews: http://arabesque.co.uk//index.php?option=c...Itemid=99999999 And u can check also on our new website ( under construction): http://www.kabrathor.com Again, a great big powerfull thx for all the support! Kabrathor Familia "the boundaries which divide life from death are at best shadowy and vague, who shall say where the one ends and where the other begins?" Edgar Allan POE
  7. kabrathor records is glad to annouce his second release :: "the devil-fish". kabrathor records is a label founded by Shenz (Hishiryo - France) - Dejan (France) - Baphomet Engine (Brazil), Electrypnose (Switzerland) and Zapata (D-Fragmental - Switzerland) with the interest to release friend's work in the underground range of psytrance. "the devil-fish" will feature the kabrathor team in collaboration with artists all over the world, expending the music connexions. here you go with the tracklist (in disorder) - Dejun - Mosi Mosi (Dejan vs Jun) - Deadline Vs Baphomet_Engine - Winds of Changes (Psyhamaa Vs XaMã CIrKus RMX) - White Wizard vs Baphomet_Engine - Freaks Like Me (What is Reality) - The Herectic x D-fragmental - hell again - Hishiryo vs Katastrof - Cannibal Bloody Ride - Hishiryo vs Kiriyama - Nantoka Yattemasu - Hishiryo Vs Oxidelic - Salsa Grave - Electrypnose vs DocD - digital tricot - Electrypnose vs Mubali - data potion - Electrypnose vs Elendil - Marmitage release date is scheduled for december 06 mastering by electrypnose http://www.kabrathor.com
  8. just wanna say that the electrypnose track is more than 2 years old.
  9. indeed, its a rmx of "6h debout" track. 3 versions of it exist. one was released on yage recs, one here and the original is available on electrypnose's website. shamanfilms just made a mistake with the track name. actually it's "6h debout - pyatizvedznaya rmx"
  10. electric trip hypnose electrypnose
  11. i like also hitech-no .. but would be more minimal i think. about plugins used .. hmm, no really outstanding stuffs .. but pretty much coming from hardware synths. the ornic package is available here : http://www.electrypnose.ch/index2.php?p=remixes&r=2 of course you may do a rmx, go for it and about a full lenght cd with such stuffs, it's full in mind .. might not arrive very soon.. but will certainly happen.
  12. it runs at 166 bpm.. cool there is some people who appreciate such stuffs. to acidkills, dunno really what you're speaking about, if it's about ornic rmx, just go on www.electrypnose.ch and you can find it.
  13. hi, a free track out from electrypnose's freezer. if you don't like fast stuffs, hmm.. maybe do not download http://www.kabrathor.com/electrypnose/2013/
  14. not really ... this album is much more chill- melancholic and melodic oriented. there is IDM elements and a track running at 180 bpm, but not really as hard as murumures des ombres. this kind of experiences is a side project of le barde, will have to wait a little to hear more such things. cheerz ps :: try to check the chill out tracks here www.electrypnose.ch -> download ... it's a good idea of the moods
  15. hey .. thanks for the comments, we are glad that this release gives you pleasure. we are at the moment working on the next kabrathor compilation which will be only versus tracks, between kabrathor artists and friends projects. underground moods in the menu. next we think about hishiryo album. boom kR www.kabrathor.com
  16. next monday is the release out in most of your favourites trance-cd shops.
  17. we will survive until the motivation is there. no comercial goal at all... all artists involved are the owners of the label, we just wish to release our stuffs around friendly compilations, albums ...
  18. Kabrathor Records is an independent Swiss/Brazilian/French/Portugal label that the main idea is to promote psychedelic night tunes from the deep to the aggressive psychedelic trips. The first Kabrathor Release is the compilation UP THE KABRATHORS, with brand new psychedelic night time dancefloor shakers from French, Switzerland and Brazil, masterized by Chromatone. Tracklist :: 1) Dejan - Limounade 2) Electrypnose - M-Connexion 3) Baphomet Engine vs. Electrypnose - Triphomet 4) Baphomet Engine vs. Shenz - She is dead 5) Dejan - Condition Zero 6) Baphomet Engine - Fear of the dog 7) Jigsaw - D tracked 8) Hishiryo - Waxkiller 9) Baphomet Engine vs. Dejan - Lagoo del morte release date : march 06 http://www.kabrathor.com.br/
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