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  1. http://verbalise.bandcamp.com/track/oblong-acid I feel good sharing this track with you. Enjoy!
  2. hehe that's because I made that one too ;-)
  3. Hallo again freaks n lovers, found this old post, and thought I'd update it a bit :-) Finaly got around to uploading it to bandcamp, which means it's available for purchase! http://verbalise.bandcamp.com/album/grid-harp-threshold-ascendancy Enjoy!! ....And Padmapani: keep your negative opinions to yourself. Support what you Love, don't go fucking diss shit you don't like unless it actually makes a difference. I need help getting my music out, and you just fuck things up expressing that shit. It's just bad manners. Why don't you post something you've put time, love and effort in and see how it feels when some fucking stranger shows up and gives you the this-shit-sucks... Asshole.
  4. Hola banola what feels like years ago, so maybe it is, I posted Grid-harp here. seemed to catch along well with some of you guys It's now available for purchase on my Bandcamp page, together with Threshold Ascendancy, also a fast track, though quite unlike grid-harp in production... Sincerly hope you check this out and support! http://verbalise.ban...hold-ascendancy they were the last psytrance/goaish oriented tracks I made before pretty much abandoning the psyscene (musically) for other interests (mainly obscure weird techno and dubtechno) Hope you like it =) they are both rather fast. Enjoy!! <3
  5. Thanks for listening! :-) well, all my verb things are quite old by now, caligula track is 8 years old, daytime is 6 years old. I was using a pair of JBL 4412 with original crossover filter, in a big room without basstraps or anything like that. Still quite happy with the sound of em for how they turned out. Unfortunatly almost all my projectfiles for Verb productions have been lost over time. Both these tracks are rather loud actually, compared to later and current productions by me. I've found compression and limiting to well, screw things up and remove the magic, rather than add anything of value that couldn't be added more proper in mixing stage. But I suppose that's also about wether or not the producer knows what he's doing. I work a bit with mastering every once in a while, for a few people who know that I know what to do and understand my views on "the business of mastering" haha, I'm hard to work with unless you understand where I'm coming from... (which isn't very conventional...) For me, mastering is mostly removing whatever distortions lies between the heart of the musician and the eardrum of the listener, Rather than Adding some sortof magical sheen to productions. I add the sheen in mixing stage myself these days, and don't do any mastering on my own tracks besides maybe removing a couple of peaks by 1 db or so. anyway, I'd like to encourage a somewhat lessening of viewing "mastering" as the "magical stage" where things become awesome, or Pro. Especially if you're an artist or producer, make it pro from the beginning, it does NOT come from mastering... Though it does require some very nice speakers, and a proper room... If anything is magical in making a track, it's the production, performance and origins of it[the track]. Mastering is about maintaining that magic, not adding that extra thing, it's rather removing all extra things that got there in production... but well, my opinion, and maybe a few other agree with me. END THE LOUDNESS WAR!!!! NEVER USE COMPRESSORS TO GET THINGS LOUDER!! hehe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loudness_war
  6. well I feel like such a spammer, but here we go, another EP http://verbalise.bandcamp.com/album/dark-times-ep Enjoy =)
  7. Hello folks! Started to put all my psy online, and eventually It'll all be there... most of it is rather old, dating back some 10 years or so. Here's one EP.... http://verbalise.bandcamp.com/album/angels-studs-ep
  8. hehe just to be clear, don't use any glitch software. this is programmed midi...
  9. hahaha, I was saying to a friend "it's kindah the opposit of darkpsy", Lightpsy naturaly popped into my mind... Similiarities are there, but it's just, the other side of darkpsy, to my thinking.
  10. Hola folks. I only drop in here to post links for my tracks, and for that I apologize... but for some reason just not interested in discussing stuff. you should all be makin more music and less talking :-) "philosophers spend their time maximizing their minimal differences" Here's a 182.1 bpm melodious track I recently finished. I think I finished anyway. There are some notechanges and things that I could have made different, but I save for another time another track or something. those technically interested, it's only 7 channels. 9 counting kick+bass and drums channel and +4 sends. so very minimal stuff. I think of it as "lightpsy" as opposed to "darkpsy". Same coin, other side of it. Was recently at a party playing, and became inspired to make some psy again, so maybe I make more tracks and post here eventually... youtube "verb love forest" and you find it probably.. //David
  11. As topic states. Basically I put some music up that I did between 2000-2010 or so. (only two or three tracks from 2009-2010) Been thinking of releasing them all through ektoplazm. or sell em through tunecore. dunno. Anyway, I wanted to spread it around a bit, and here's sortof an obvious place for me. So would be cool if you listen and if a member on soundcloud, I don't mind comments :-)
  12. Hola! Wanted to promote my new single a bit. :-) I used to be quite an avid psy producer, but I've been sliding towards minimal and techno stuff for the past 5 years or so. And this is actually my first comercial release, and I hope you listen, and ofcourse buy and space out as best you can to it. not that it's very spacey, well maybe Jammin is. I dunno. Jammin is a track slightly inspired by plenty of droney techno tracks. I basically missed some dynamics in stephan bodzin's stuff, some acoustic feel in thomas schumachers "home", and well, i fucking love extrawelt, so i guess there's some of that sound innit too... I'm very happy with Jammin track, and ambo is kindof a cute comfy B-side, with punch. Enjoy!! https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/278504/Jammin%20EP http://www.junodownload.com/products/jammin-ep/1630609-02/?trackid=1 ...and while I'm at it, a friend also just released an EP on Baroque records with an edit of mine. https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/283963/magic_kosher_lobster#app=e31f&a486-index=0 Longer previews are coming up on my soundcloud this night or tomorrow day. www.soundcloud.com/david-laake
  13. *hasn't heard it yet* but samples sound good :-D especially this one track.... haha
  14. Verb

    Lurifax - Pferd / Lobo

    This EP is fucking wonderful. loved it for many years. just found it again. they should release this as .wav on beatport. and the wierd dynamics don't bother me one bit. very refreshing with all the overlimited crap that comes out these days (not specifcally talkin about iboga, don't really listen to trance anymore)
  15. haha no this certainly wasnt what i thought id find on review 2009 forum. however, i bought this a few weeks ago, played it with sucess at Transylvania Calling alternative floor. fuckin awesome track.
  16. omg. this picture. http://www.roundhouse.org.uk/whats-on/prod...s/shpongle-3022 haha.
  17. Verb

    Koxbox - U-Turn

    i like this album all-through. very well produced. and i like the mastering, and use this album as a sortof reference.
  18. verb @ trig playlist on the right. :drama:
  19. Verb

    Ticon - 2AM

    well, i think personaly that one should look to history and reference as to define what psychedelic means, because it's the best way to find some common ground in language to describe something. lik First of all, when do we express "wow thats psychedelic!"? i find alot of people do it in a very intellectual air, rather than in the midst of something and just blindly going "Gah! incredible!" to some kindof experience, (wether say N2o+LSD or any other type of experience, or reaction to words expressed or whatever... ) and that makes it for me basicaly a halftruth, since it doesn't include the awe-type expression that comes from say an ecstatic experience. (which i would rather put my faith in). Most of the time i venture into this thought (which i do frequently because well, it's a reocurring word) i realize that it's basicaly inane going beyond any point that aligns itself with common ground again. Which for me the term Psychedelic has done. Psychedelic to me used to be very easy to define. yet it became wider and wider. and now, it's pretty much aligned with the word "Good". So anything i like, wether it's hiphop, psytrance, classical music, spoken word, written word, food or whatever, is stuff that pinpoints me to something that i would like to call (just to confuse things further i guess) Natural. which is, what i hopefully am, like you are... (natural being broardly used like, on this planet, it's natural that water stays on the ground because we have gravitation etc) so anything that I think is natural seems to coincide with my own geometry, my vehicle of experience. my mindset, my emotions, my ongoing thoughts about this or that, and my opinions etc. and thats Usualy stuff based on fibonacci, exponential, logarithmic curves. (Just a little discovery i made for myself over the years of making music and studying geometry). And you find that sortof stuff everywhere, in alot of diffrent areas within Alot of diffrent genres. not just psytrance. and not just in filterdesign, but also in rythms, mixing skills, heck, even mastering. If one could define and easily get Psychedelic down as something Technical, it's still just one part of the story. I bet everyone's heard that "virtual barber" thing in headphones, would you call that psychedelic? because it's recorded and simulates and includes things like positioning of ears, milliseconds and phaseshiftings of the head? I think we've just gone half the way of explaining Psychedelic once we've established a common technical ground. if that's even possible. i Honestly think psychedelic is a very noisy term, it lacks any focus similiar to a Tone, making it very hard to distinguish, since the entire experience of anything, psychedelic or no, is subjective. In any case, i think it's good that we're sharing eachothers perspectives on what Psychedelic is, as a means to intersubjectivly incorporate other peoples perspectives into our own, and in that way Grow. it's just my way of saying this is pointless, and yet, it's not REALLY pointless. In order to take this further, id like to point out my experience of moments that coins the word Psychedelic for me, and i find that psychedelic is alot about perspectives, in much the same way as a sense of humour. and i belive that one's perception of Psychedelic is inherent and associated with ones development in various parts in your life, say moral, linguistic, logic reasoning, emotional etc etc. and that while you grow in these various parts of your life, you in a sense Change in what you deem psychedelic, but you don't entirely leave off your thoughts or associations, rather there's an including of the previous opinions and viewpoints into a new one. I belive much of this is what is going on with musicians today, in harmony with stuff like mainstream and perhaps "collective conciousnes" ie, they care about more than just the music, it's now become a product in a much wider sense, and they're making a beautiful product. there's alot of effort put into alot of things, and a highly democratic way of working for alot of good artists (ie mixing is balanced and even ~democratic) and i bet you they think about what people want and try to be as determined towards an intrest group as they possibly can without ignoring their own tastes, if they indeed have any at the time of making. I know i think about, well, basicaly Everything when i make music, there's problely nothing left out in the making. And naturaly it's harder for others to understand other peoples viewpoints. I think it's rather fun to try to understand as much as possible about other people and how they view the world, especially how they listen to music. And i don't really see any hierarchical system of viewpoints as in a bottom to top sortof deal, rather it's a grid of diffrent dots, where all dots are connected to eachother. It seems possible to go from "on the one hand" to "on the other hand" quite easily where ever you're at. And virtualy Anything can be viewed as psychedelic depending on how you look at things, what type of context you bring into the experience or moment of audio consumation. I'd like to draw metaphors between "psychedelic" and "grammar" as in that it's not necessarily in the content, the information, but how it's conveyed. and i don't mean the mixing or mastering, but the actual geometry within you, and your attitude towards whatever faces your senses, how it's delivered through you. and wether or not you're in the setting of being affected or not. All these things matter. there's no common ground in subjective stuff like this, which means there's no reason to argue. besides. from atleast a couple of viewpoints (ie, hippiepoint for instance) Arguing is quite unpsychedelic. So, well. that's talking beside the subject. I like ticons album, but i think i already mentioned that earlier in the thread.
  20. ...just a sidenote, actualy, trig doesnt seem to make them smaller... i think you can even ahve .wav on the page, it's all about how you want to spend those 260mb of space...
  21. Well. yea. http://trig.com/nolooseends so far i think there's 10 tracks online for those who don't know my trance, you can check that out at http://myspace.com/iamaverb/ I've been producing for 10 years, so i doubt you'll find much to complain about if you're a gear/soundnerd like me.
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