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  1. thanx for the music... this is some really awsome chillmusic!!! gonna roll a spliff and listen to it by headphone now...
  2. great stuff! clean sound, dark atmospheric without becoming horrortrance and without going berzerk on bpm's, and keeping it sweetly psychedelic and infective danceable and effective psychotropic at the same time... great stuff!!! thanx for sharing the fruit of your labour...
  3. eardrum error... eardrum error... eardrum faillure!!! true... if you look at it standing on Antarctica!!!
  4. let's not forget silent horror, savage scream, psypeyote, melorix...
  5. try OSOM (peace for the whicked!!!) or CPC project Pykovski infect insect datakult or, if these are too heavy... double R.E.L. Electrypnose horror place baphomet engine acid goblins bodhissatva 13:20 wizack twizack mind distortion system still too heavy??? try
  6. I like oldschool... hey, that's where I come from... but I also like darkpsy, forrestpsy, suomimadness, psycore, experimental psy, whateverpsy... does that make me a freak??? but hey, lets devide the scene in all these tinsywinsy tiny subgenres and than, after the seperation is complete, let's go to war agains eachother... playfully trying to conquer and destroy the other scenes we've distanciated ourselves from, because our scene -and only our scene- is the best! yeah!!! sounds like fun, actually... ...
  7. best: Sienis talpa electrypnose dronebixie penta worst: 3. Infected Mushroom 2. Jörg 1. SKAZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reeeeediculous!!! best techno: SUBHEAD!!! best experimental: APHEX TWIN!!! best acid: the Weathermen! RA-X! encephaloid disturbance! best rock: Rammstein! best ambient: tetsu inoue, Pete namlook, scanner best tek: metek best breakcore: droon best absolute bullshit: Eddy W.
  8. thanx y'all... great album... nice oldschooly "7years ago"-feel!!! I love it!!! best traxx... lost buddha (but indeed poor quality), artha, phazur!!! three thumbs up!!! btw. eagerly awaiting the Lost Buddha album...
  9. no nitzonot? suomi weirdpsy? psycore? smells like an incomplete poll here!!! ... so I went for "others"
  10. well shiver me timbers... still recovering from the minor cardiac arrest after experiencing this eardrumincinerating auditive psychosis! it litteraly destroyed 10 percent of my brain, leaving a warm blissfull void where braincells once thrived!!! yiiiihaaaaaaa... exactly the sensation I expect from a good track!!! seriously: supertrack!!! psycore all the way! electrypnose is the man!!!
  11. reconstraction?! but the remix is ok! a little too commercial for me, and perhaps a little too short (or is it an edit? or a radio mix? ) but your remix of the remix is better than the X-noize remix itself... so keep up the good work!
  12. yep, mosdef comming... not for the line-up (I'm a darktrancer) but for the eclipse and the people...
  13. psykovski "debut" CPC "uber der angst" va. "moon unit" va. "namaste from russia" va. "minimal ritual 2" the last one is a download...
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