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  1. renoise is nice but not for improvising for me to much for it...good for making drum loops , etc...and many good tracks...but no my styl of work ;p
  2. i think that really nice girls prefer HARDWARE ;p not software coz it can make them cry ;p but most of chicks would like to shake their booms rather 2 zeta nor something else ;p and imagine what can she make when you let her to your hardware machine ;p best SAMPLEs ever i think ;p
  3. of coz h20 version logo appears but it dissapears and host dont run...do you know how can i manage this fuckin problem ??
  4. http://www.sendspace.com/file/nvupjt probably i wont finish it...but....few words i was totally stoned when i made it...what do you think ?? i wanted to make small fusion between rephlex or warp sound with somethink psytracish what do you think ?? it's lame (people say this i like this one of coz unfinished , zero of effects and others....soon i give here something better done ...proggy thing i think waiting for your replys
  5. yeah but the ableton live is host i dont understand at all...fucking shit !!! i need a midi keyboard firtst !!!! anybody wants to gives one in good hands ?? hahaha
  6. i have the same problem with all pluging with fucking shit called renoise...have to change host...but cubase sx is not running i do not know why....shit
  7. this fuckin soft virtual dj fucks up with my sb live...i cannot make him play second deck on headphones i always hear everything in master how to make it up ??
  8. better cards cheap means approximetely about 125 $ (i counted from plns so i may be wrong) the chepeast better card i think is MAYA mrk II but this is also nothing special but very better from sb live and i think better from audigy...if you are ready to spent few more bucks i think that one the m-audio audiophiles models would be the best choise . Also counting from plns it can be bought by aproximetaly 230 $ ... but i think you want regret it...very fast and stabile asio,high samplerates and low noises and sound destrucion profile... i dream about one of this but i wont have one so fast unfortunetly first of all i have to buy midicontroller
  9. yeah guys i also need to teach myslef in mixing...coz i'm going to organize psytrance rave in my hometown nest year , few dj will appear but i want to also smash dancefloor by myslef can you tell me 2 things ?? -does expierience gained on soft djs gives you any feedback and easines with working with hardware for the few first times ?? and secon iv got 2 soundcards but my hifi system is connected to only one and i think this cannot be easily changed ?? how can i make my mixing skills with sucha a configuration ??
  10. i have sound blaster live ! 5.1 24-bit...it's quite good sound card but not so good for music making...yeah i've heard that it can be modded - just install drivers for audigy should works fine on it.... but...i dream about better card even maya II ... sound blaster is quite sucky in producing i think so if you have any possibilities and enough money buy something else than sb live e-mu audiophile is very very good promoted by musicians
  11. i also think that pedro should deleted cds reverved for me
  12. emial send waiting for reply i'm interested in : deviant species, alien projects and especially DMMT does this fucks with your interests fellows ??
  13. as usually i was totally blasted of when i posted this shit but it was amazing funny...ok moderators delated this shit !!!!!!!!
  14. CTO im very impressed !!! very very impressed this is very nice track....you made a fullon track from kino's one which is quite funny experience for me as you said better wait till you finish it i cant wait
  15. i'm also in gift is very nice but very big !! tonight i download it kino i send to you my remix if i finish it and thanx once again hope you enjoy all our tracks...and maybe as you said you gonna release remix album would be very nice...
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