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  1. Short but interesting interview. His new album should be a blast to hear- Quasar has a certain style I can always find interest in.
  2. How about some Whitehouse, as in power electronics? Turning the alternating current wave from various electronic devices into recorded sound. Is that high enough voltage?
  3. How come all the festivals in the area must always be scheduled for preoccupied weekends? Actually, now reconsidering it, I may be able to come to the festival for a day or two, but that is a just possibility at this point.
  4. This music is simply awesome. This promo is many times better than many albums currently being put out there on the market. Even before I joined these boards and stalked these forums, I have always found your tracks to be of superb quality and design. Even though I liked Paralysis more than this one, both are excellent; my preference for Paralysis is based upon my stronger taste for Goa. Are you planning to get anything published? Because, if not, you definitely should. Thanks for the mind-twisting tracks. Looking forward to hearing more.
  5. Front Line Assembly - Body Count Original dark psychedelic dance music.
  6. This looks like fun- I would have loved to come....but, that weekend I am already crammed with other obligations. Plus, there are a few artists there that I would have liked to hear a live set from, augh. Oh well, I can always go to the one the following year.
  7. I can't even understand what the person in that quoted post is attempting to say. Going onto message boards while spiked up on amphetemines is similar to driving around on pot, no matter which direction you go, you just end up in the same place. *joke* As for the dead infant and dead man in the field at Shiva Moon, after so many trance parties, probability will strike; there will eventually be someone who attempts deliver a baby under those conditions, and it shouldn't be odd that some overdose deaths will occur at trance parties, considering how many drugs are flowing all over the place, sometimes even unsafe, tampered, or improperly handled.
  8. Wow, that man in the yellow speedos was acting quite strange. I wonder what drug he took too much of?
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