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DNA - Virtual Jungle

Guest Tequila

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Guest Tequila

DNA - Virtual Jungle


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Artist: DNA

Title: Virtual Jungle

Label: Phonokol

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 08'23" Tango Electro

02. 07'08" Etheogenic Spiral

03. 07'20" Under The Witch

04. 07'58" Solid Bubbles

05. 07'05" The Second Moon

06. 06'25" Dust

07. 07'37" Virtual Jungle

08. 07'50" Awake

09. 08'08" Nuclear Fissionchips




DNA ( wich means Dino 'N Avi, the two artists) is a really good album of

israeli trance.Even if the style is really classic and basic, the melodies are

great.There are no bad trax in this well made album and I especially listen to

three last trax, Virtual Jungle, Awake and Nuclear Fissionchips.Good job

guys.Oh, I forgot, the fifth track is made by the Phreaky group

(Dino+Avi+..Ofer Dikovski) and we can feel the presence of Ofer in this track

by the presence of unatural sounds.nice.7/10

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Guest psychedelic jellybeans

Yeah i quite like this although it is beginning to sound a little dated and

predictable in places. Half the tracks on this are good though Nuclear Fission

Chips I had already 2 times

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Very Good !!! All Tracks are at least good (maybe except Track 5) and my

favourites are Tracks 7,8 And particularly 3 ! All these Tracks are quite

similar, but all are psychedelic quality :-) I'd like to precise this album

hasn't been made by Dino And Avi only, ALL Tracks have been made by Avi

Algranati with another artist, Dino Psaras on Track 1, Joti Sidhu on Tracks

2,4,6, Riktam on Track 8, Olli Wisdom on Track 9, Nick Barber on Track 7, Max

Lanfranconi on Track 3 and the Phreaky team on Track 5 (Avi, Dino, Marco Goren

And Ofer Dikovsky) ... I don't have the names but simply Avi, Joti, Ricktam,

Dino, Olli, Nick And Max written ... so I suppose that's the names above ... I

think you've understood why this album is so good after reading these names

:-) I'd also like to say that it (obviously after reading the artists names)

sounds like sthing between Space Cat, GMS, Psychaos And Tandu, not sthing

between MFG And Astral Projection for example, so that's not the kind of

Israeli psytrance you could have supposed by reading the reviews above, that's

much more psychedelic (as psychedelic as old Psychaos or GMS stuff) than

melodic ! Rating : 8/10

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Guest Diepeveen

I just found this album today and i must say it's very good... Best

tracks must be 1,5,6,7,8... There are two average tracks... 2 and 3... But

that does not ruin the first hand impression... 7,5/10

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This was a very worthwhile buy. The tracks are old-school goa all the way with punping rhythms and quirky leads. Not the richest goa trance there is but some fun stuff here. I had never heard Phreaky's "The Second Moon" and I agree with Basilisk, it is an absolute crusher.



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One of my all - time favorite compilations.

I found it because of my hunger for Joti Sidhu!


Dust is a classic psychaos sound, etheogenic spiral i s veru strong from the middle to the end,

whjile solid bubbles is just "pinky" like some of the other artist`s tracks.


I agree that the best track is Second Moon by Psaras team,

another good old master that now went progressive. Pitty!

awake also is not bad.



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Artist: Various

Title: Virtual Jungle

Label: Phonokol

Date: 1997


1. 08'23" Tango Electro
2. 07'08" Etheogenic Spiral
3. 07'20" Under The Witch
4. 07'58" Solid Bubbles
5. 07'05" The Second Moon
6. 06'25" Dust
7. 07'37" Virtual Jungle
8. 07'50" Awake
9. 08'08" Nuclear Fissionchips



They might as well have called this Space Cat and friends cause that's what it is. DNA productions is short for Dino & Avi, but it's much more than that. Joti Sidhu (Psychaos) is well represented, as track with a member of Etnica, one with Semsis, the Tandu guys...you get the picture. Partially mixed Israeli goa trance from the magical year of 1997 with recognizable names.


Some of the tracks are really good (The Second Moon, Dust), but most are like players that come off the bench. Quality, but you wouldn't want to go into the playoffs with them as your starting side. The tracks aren't bad, but they seem lees full than what you typically see today. It's not full of goa stormers nor is it intensely psychedelic aside from the two I mentioned. So file this under the good not great category.



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Does mean or doesn't mean? I can't see artist's input.

Doesn't. It means Dan and Avi





Hi Everyone 

It's Avi Algranti here,

Hope I can clear few issues you have,

DNA production was a project of me and Dan Komem 

We called it Dan N Avi 

Dan was a promother and use to bring many 

Artists to israel

We had a studio together that time and each artist that came

To play came to the studio and made a track with me

About the graphics the guy that made the design

Was a drummer good Frind of us named Erez Guetta 

From what I remember the front was the octopus

And inside was a sticker of the 2 aliens

If I remember more things I let you know

Cheers :)

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