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Organic Noise - Vacuum Tube

Guest Ktaadn

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I like this release quite a bit. At times it reminds me of X-Dream's "Radio".. but i guess that shouldn't be surprising. There are some REALLY good tracks here (The Vacuum & Spastic Elastic) and then again there are some just OKAY tracks (Amplifier & Acid Soul). I'd say as a whole, this album is nowhere as enjoyable as X-Dream releases, but it you're a fan of Dream or B.E.N. then you'd probably want to check this out

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Spastic Elastic does very little for me. Dark, simple and boring!


Always found this a very boring album on par with Planet BEN's "Silver". Amplifer is the best track. After that I fall asleep.

Dark, simple and boring, you say? Listen to it again and will be immersed into darkness and its psychedelicness!

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I really like Spastic elastic.

But I got pretty bored by the rest of it even though back in the day I could dig this from time to time. Maybe it is too cold for me.

Still for sure this is purely underground and can have its charm.

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