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Organic Noise - Vacuum Tube

Guest Ktaadn

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Organic Noise - Vacuum Tube


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Artist: Organic Noise

Title: Vacuum Tube

Label: Liquid Audio Soundz

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 07'01" Amplifier

02. 09'21" The Vacuum

03. 06'20" Acid Soul

04. 10'11" Polaris

05. 08'55" Power Supply

06. 09'03" Labyrinth Of Colors

07. 11'10" Spastic Elastic

08. 09'32" White Noise




I've spent 30 minutes, a cup of tea and 3 cigarettes trying to decide how to

open this review. No words seem to say exactly what I mean, so let's just make

it clear from the start -- this is a brilliant record. Ben Wierzoch (the wizard

behind the legendary Planet BEN) and Jan Mueller have delivered something

special. To say this record is dark, pumping psychedelic-trance is only

partially accurate. Organic Noise also experiment with varying tempos and beats,

like the near-jazzy shuffling rhythms and uber-funky bass wanderings of "Power

Supply." The locomotive chug of "Acid Soul" is another highlight, with assorted

blips and beeps coming from all sides. Many of the tracks deliver a slow, steady

build, but we are fortunately spared the overused and abused "trance explosion"

that many artists rely on. Where too many albums go heavy on 145 BPM,

blow-the-dancers-heads-off style tracks, "Vacuum Tube" moves swiftly and

confidently, proving that "progressive" and "psychedelic" are not mutually

exclusive. If there is one weakness to the record, it's "Spastic Elastic." Three

minutes of positively hypnotizing intro breaks down into an aimless, unworthy

song. Unlucky. Regardless, Organic Noise come on strong with one of the bigger

sounding records in ages...8.5/10

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Due to its authors, Vacuum Tube looks like a X-Dream production on some tracks

(eg 1, 4, 5), and a Planet Ben Prod on some other tracks.


Basically the tracks are good. I really like Amplifier with its powerful sounds

all along. And the whole album is full of energy; don't expect multiple

overlays or twisting sounds all along. That's more underlying, more mental



The BIG problem is that nearly all the tracks were released before. So there is

no mystery, even at the first listening. That's a brilliant record, ok, but it

seems to be more a collection than a brand new production. So, 6.5/10.

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Niiiice record, minimal yet FAT OK I think I'm starting to get the criticism

that many have for minimal trance: it does sound a lot like Spirallianz, the

Future Prophecy 'Freak' release, some recent Darshan, etc. After an hour or

two of this sound I might want to flee in terror. However, the tracks on this

disc are some of the best I've heard in this style. Sometimes it sounds more

Planet BEN, others more X-Dream. Some tracks (2, 5) one can hear both

influences about equally. Either way, this is the good stuff. 8/10.

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Guest [Anonymous]

Organic Noise album is damn good, gots to disagree wit Ktaadn `spastic elastic`

is the shit. A total outdoor track. To better understand their noises it best

be heard at a outdoor rave. Just like their name organic noise, noises best

be heard out in nature. when u first listen to their tracks they dont click

but as you keep listining to these tracks youll get sucked in.

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Guest nervo_servo[at]hotmail[dot]com

three of the songs released are preety old (acid soul,spastic

elastic,labyrinth of colours)!

the others are very good!worth buying!!

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Guest ir0nm0nk3y

Delicious low, dark, throbbing psytrance. Minimal.....perhaps. Not really

hard; there doesn't seem to be any harsh edge to it but, don't mistake that

for thinking it does not have the energy to blow you away. Its an even, slow,

insidious trip that reminds me more of The Delta than anything else. Strong

flowing tunes with the occasional overlay of other tempting noises. Very

enjoyable. 8/10.

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A great album..... but "Polaris" was released on Pulse 7, and i already had 3

other songs so i could only give this album 4.5/10 as i have half the traks

already. It would have been nice to at least get remixes or something a little

different... as those 4 trax were released around 2 years ago. Anyway its a

fresh fat sound thats worth hearing

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Guest Acidhive

Well, you gotta like the squeaky dark style of Planet B.E.N. and X-Dream

combined. I do, so this album is great IMO. Although I'm not so fond of the

way they shorted that track Acid Soul, they made this version 3 minutes

shorter than the original!! }:-(

Well, nothing further to add than the fact that I like that track Polaris

best!! That one is just sooo cool.

Most people won't be charmed of the fact that most tracks on this one had

already been released sometime before, this is mainly a collection. It seems

they're working on a full cd again. Can't wait for that one. I'll just give

this one 8/10...

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Guest AlexG

great album...considering i only heard 1 track before, it doesn't matter for me

that some have been already released, and they are all damn good. similar to

c.o.p. (which is also jan's project), but darker, and with planet ben's

squelchy influences. great stuff: heavy, powerful, hypnotic; perhaps best if

heard outdoors...but any trance that is not best heard outdoors is not good

trance, no? =) 8.5/10

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Guest SHIPADfuckU

This album is magical, SPASTIC ELASTIC will aslways be an all time hit supperb

quality psychedelia, ACID SOUL is also a classic , The Vacuum a very cool

evolved in style track. 100/10 for all X-DREAM's and PLANET BEN's side


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Guest TrippedOutGoaHippy

the only good minimal! this and radio are JM masterpieces though other X-dream

is great, these are classics! i hate minimal but this album is fucking

awesome! i can't wait for a second cd, if there will ever be one, because

Planet BEN sucks solo but with JM together they are hot! wow...

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I think of all the powerful dark goatrance out there that is not minimal, and

its sad that there is so few good ones. We got X-DREAM, Dark Soho, and several

others, but the beautiful thing is the deep dark, and orginal melodies in

Orgainic Noise! They are hypnotic and interesting! There is one track that

does not climax ever, but the atmosphereic ambiance, visual sound FX, and

psychedelic tides are enough to make you feel the story of the song. Its like

riding in a boat down a dark tunnel to Hell! Its dark and evil and beautiful.

I appreciate the fact that each track is very different. The music is

powerful, dark, and stylish. It is not amazing, but people should not say that

this is minimal because they don't like it. Believe me, this is NOT minimal!

The truth is that this album is not as intricate and complex as Simon

Postfords Hallucinogen, but who cares?! The track, "Labyrinth Of Colors " is a

perfect example of the awesome, evil, and beautiful melody that I love so very

much. This is true night goa and it is very well created!

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Guest the dank man

Powerful, one of the best. Very minimal, but very danceable. It definitely

has the X-dream influence, more so than Delta's Scizoeffective. one of the

best records in 2000. It's like a mixture of Spirallianz and Beat Bizarre,

with just the right twist of X-dream's sharp octave-jumping high-frequency

percs. personal favorites: 2,3,8. #8 is so good

This is the kind of album which is responsible for me falling asleep at work.

It's original and will no doubt be a classic album for 2000, like Radio for

1998. Thisw is the type of shit that takes psy-trance in new directions. So

all of you tekno-haters like Shidapu above -- boring melodic trance is dead.

This record is the future of goa trance -- 200 times more energy, 300 times

more interesting and talented, pushing the limits. So accept it or go hang

yourself on your interconnect cables now.

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Guest Psychedelic AllabertA

Well... Although it's called "organic noise", this one sounds extremely

synthetic, kinda plastic and nylon-ish ;)

Amplifier is a powerful track, the rest is also listenable but not something

I'd go crazy about...

Rating: 6/10

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Guest Kiyan[at]goatrance[dot]com

Got to disagree with 'the dank man' above. What do u call "boring melodic trance"?

If whole genre is shit for u, then u know shit about music. This record has energy, but

in different way then pure goa. U can't say that's far more energy, 'cause it's different kind of energy.

However, the record is brilliant work done by Wierzoch and Mueller. U may not

like it the first time, but laterz it will pull u into its versed vortex. Killer tracks: 1,

2,3 and 7. There is actually no bad track except track 5 which is just

pointless beating.

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Good album but nothing special actually...Both projects of X - DREAM and PLANET

B.E.N. are better than this tempt to make very quality mixture...Better

combination is FOOLS AND TOOLS that are just AMAZING !!!!!! This is a bit

pretentious at the times and idiotic...Still SPASTIC ELASTIC is the best track

here...Other good ones are POLARIS AND LABYRINTH OF COLOURS, Rest is less than


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Guest atanasg85[at]yahoo[dot]com

Spastic Elastic is the most wonderful thing I've ever heard.The

all compilation is BEAUTIFUL!!!

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Guest Pamela

I've had this album for a couple of years and every single time I play it I'm

still amazed about something like this exists. It sounds new every time.

Jan, you're such a genius, and you as well, Ben. I call this one of the

scariest, creepiest, industrialist, trippiest, unexplained kind of music I've

heard (besides anything by Spirallianz/X-Dream/The Delta). Polaris, Power

Supply and Spastic Elastic are the best...the whole album is wonderful. Crazy

sound effects! This kind of twisted music need no melodies. 10/10 from me,

at least.

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