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UX - Ultimate Experience


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This is such a strong album that is real shame how no one highlighted....This

is A CLASSIC and it should been highlighted cause it is one of it's kind...Not

a single sound in the album stands for nothing...

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Guest bengelibong[at]hotmail[dot]com

This album Rulez, the only thing you can place in the same super melodic genre

is Ka-Sol

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Guest Davidtolsn

disappointing.. such potential. there are some very psychedelic moments and

some very good music here. but all in all it seems like this cd was thrown

together too quickly. in the end it just ends up being too random and chaotic

sounding, with good moments here and there. another thing is i tend to really

not like key changes in goa music.. and almost every one of these songs has a

key change, it makes it sound very amateur. if they released a second cd i'm

sure it would be a lot better. 6/10 for this one

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This is a great album. Outdated? The best stuff appreciates. This album has some awesome Goa songs on it.

Not every track is superb IMO. Overall this is a great album with super songs!!!!! I wish they made new Goatrance today. Super kick ass music. UX is fun, edgy and very creative!

Best tracks: 6, 7, 8.

- Pure intellect ... B+ / A-

- Alien Earth Activity ... B+ / A-

- Dominion ... B+

- Life Support Technology ... A-

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Not every track is great or superb IMHO which is why I can't give it a 10/10. I mean, c'mon thats literally placing it at the same level as Hallucinogen.


is it that good [hallucinogen that is] :D?



as for UX - id be curious to hear their 2nd album [that is - them to make 2nd album and release it], but that ofcourse is too much to ask, i guess :)

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is it that good [hallucinogen that is] :D?



Probably not. :D We just think it is.
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To me this album is probably the best CD that came out in 1997, the sound quality and level of details is unsurpassed. While listening to this in headphones it really has good 3D depth.

This album makes todays dark-psy sound like something a kid would have made.


Fav tracks: Mind Over Gravity, Pure Intellect, Master Of The Universe, Life Support Technology, Chameleon(Pixelmorph remix), Alien Earth Activity, Dominion, Chrysalis.


In other words all the tracks are good, they fit togehter and makes the CD work as a whole.


And for those who dont know Kris Kylven is currently working on a new UX album, hopefully it will be in the same vein as this CD. Even if i dont know what to expect really after so many years.

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what an idiot album, all the tracks have the same melodies and synthsounds


fucking incredible


made me think of this nice album, Pandemonium! - Muinomednap! :P


i loved master of the universe, dominion and life support technology before on separate comps but hearing them now all together with the rest makes them blur into the formula soup even more :s

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Artist: UX
Title: Ultimate Experience
Label: Dragonfly Records
Date: 1997

1. U.X. Part I
2. Life Support Technology
3. Chameleon (Pixelmorph Mix)
4. Mind Over Gravity
5. Dominion
6. Alien Earth Activity
7. Pure Intellect
8. Master of the Universe
9. Chrysalis
10. U.X. Part II

I've been listening to a lot of goa trance produced in this millennium, but have decided to take a break from that and go back to the roots of it all. 1997 was apparently the banner year for goa trance's popularity depending on who you ask. As previously mentioned I missed that era so I have to experience it through the music. Fine by me because if you love this music like I do, it never gets old. UX is Kris Kylven & Pete Martin and this was the only album they released. He also did some stuff under the Syb Unity Nettwerk moniker which was full of the same melodic craziness. You can find the review of the Space Puppy EP here. His style is dark, intense, even chaotic at times while never losing the outer space melodic touch. I never get tired of this release and when I see the cover with the silver spheres I know that I am in for the Ultimate Experience.

U.X. Part I- This is a short intro that let's you know the spaceship has landed. The cauldron bubbles with menacing strings and thudding percussion. Don't turn your back on this monster as it crawls from the darkness...

Life Support Technology- It begins with a slight breakbeat before the bass line scrambles below another bass sound. Alien effects climb the walls leaving juicy, wet trails behind as the lead snakes its way through the cave. The wailing guitar was unexpected, but not unpleasant as it brings a bass key change. This track is in perpetual motion as there are bass drum runs and new sounds creep into earshot. It opens the window to the frenzied chaos you will find in this album.

Chameleon (Pixelmorph Mix)- With nary a breath, UX jumps right into the fray. It sounds like this could be part two of the song you just heard and I think it should be labelled such. His signature sound is well represented here and the layers pile up like a stack of cold cuts. He twists that lead for all it is worth. The break is an outer space moment before he bounces his melody back in there. While I still like it, it isn't one of the premier tracks on the album.

Mind Over Gravity- "From the outer reaches of space....to the inner reaches of the mind."

The aliens are crawling all over the ship's hull searching for a way in. Sure, the shields are holding...but for how long? This track seems a little slower but still maintains his deep cold feeling. The synths sound the same, but that level of evil seems to work for them. The bass line slinks around as layers grow near it. The intensity builds as more noise shrieks from all sides. Not a stomper, but a dark side trip into the unknown that breathes. Oh yes, it's alive. And it's coming...



Dominion- "Your thoughts will be with me...always."

One of the more famous tracks, it bubbles and undulates like the tentacle of some giant octopus as the layers accumulate, then recede. Scratchy sounds give it a slimy, mud-soaked quality as it rages on. These guys are working the filter cutoff knob while ominous pads float above. There is a tempo change and it allows the track to grow in another direction. Still acid soaked when it hits another break to get back to its original pace. It just keeps coming, and won't stay down.

Alien Earth Activity- "Please analyze and activate."

Mid tempo vibe with a crushing metal guitar that evokes memories of KMFDM. Dark and rhythmic with an attitude. This is how guitar should be worked into goa trance. It still percolates as the goa melody shimmers above with thick layers. Catch that key change? Of course you did. It was flawless and flows right in time. This melts faces, people. After 5 or so minutes it devolves to rise from the ashes. Despair and darkness reign as the dark things want to get out. You look for an exit, but there isn't one. Awesome.


Pure Intellect- "The power of pure intellect."

This begins simple enough but is a definite grower. The eerieness increases as does the lead count. Powerful through and through this is a true stomper. Outer space driven and sparkling with alien intensity, this track is relentless. Dark and brooding with a mow them all down mindset. The break near the end hints of some brief respite, but only slightly as it pushes the hammer down to the end. Standout.

Masters of the Universe- "I will become master of the universe."

Perhaps the most famous of all UX tracks, this is the creme de la creme. His signature lead with horror movie wailing in the background as this creeps ever so slowly from the dark. Up and down as you turn corner after corner it's all the same. No way out. This is certainly a horror movie soundtrack with its twisted and heavily modulated screaming

Chrysalis- "Extra terrestrial unknown source."

Now this one is a slow bouncer, but don't mistake its speed for docility. A creeper with a guitar chord strummed in the background gives way to a smooth break with melancholic strings. As it twists and turns it opens into a brief window of hope. Very brief as it continues to drag you down. I'm afraid that is the end of you.

U.X. Part II- I love the outro as I can see the way the movie would play out. Your ship would slowly float away in the cold of space as the evil that consumed the crew claimed yet another victim.

Obviously I have a vivid and somewhat warped imagination. This album has nothing to do with zombies, but so what? This is one of the best goa trance albums ever made in my opinion. It is dark and pulsating, with evil melodies and delicious layers. It's a shame that only one album was made, but at least we have that to enjoy. I wouldn't begin to know where to find this but I'm sure it would cost a lot of money. Still, this cannot come more highly recommended. I linked to Saiko, but who knows if they will ever get another copy.

Saiko Sounds


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Kind of crazy that Dragonfly released three of my favourite classics of the genre. The other two beeing Hallucinogen-Twisted and Pleiadians-IFO.

While technically the version I had of this UX album was released on Lyrical Robot Records. Which I assume took care of the Swedish or nordic market. I can only imagine all the nice demos that Dragonfly Records must’ve received back then during the golden era of this genre. This together with the two aforementioned albums makes for some really interesting mind-traveling with headphones and closed eyes. Sometimes there can pass many years since I’ve listened to this album, but every once in a while when I return to this album, and I’m instantly reminded of the magic and the peculiar inspiration embedded within the tracks on this very unique album. 

One aspect which is really sweet on this album besides the very organic camouflaged alien melodies, are the vivid drum programming/playing. It’s full of small details that makes it stand out. In the standout tracks there’s always something going on and the tracks never lose their direction. There is a sense of urgency/hurry, as if traveling at hypersonic velocities.

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