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UX - Ultimate Experience


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UX - Ultimate Experience


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Artist: UX

Title: Ultimate Experience

Label: Dragonfly

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 01'23" UX Part 1

02. 07'48" Life Support Technology

03. 07'57" Chameleon (Pixelmorph Mix)

04. 09'26" Mind Over Gravity

05. 09'47" Dominion

06. 08'48" Alien Earth Activity

07. 08'43" Pure Intellect

08. 09'31" Master Of The Universe

09. 07'05" Chrysalis

10. 01'14" UX Part 2




Track 3 is quite interesting, but other Tracks are not really good (8 is very

bad and 1 and 10 much too short)

Rating : 3/10

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Guest minbender[at]goatrance[dot]com

This is one of my favorites. All of the tracks are good. I personally like

track 3 the least, but tracks 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8 are awesome. The album is

throughout quite dark and hard, sometimes even harsh, but still being very

beautiful. The tracks have a very good build-up and switching of melodies.

Good production and with lots of subtleties. It's a very powerful dance album

and full on all the time. It's an instantenuous mood changer; it just makes me

go crazy. Listen to it! 8.5/10.

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Guest Mindbender

I've been listening to this again lately and I think I have to update my

opinion. This is damn excellent! Even the 'worst' tracks are still very good

stuff. Whoa! 9/10

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Guest Tequila

A very good album!!The whole style is really nice, with a lot of pumping sounds

simultaneously.Very rich goatrance.The best track is Chamaleon but all the

others are great.8/10

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  • 4 months later...

A very good album, lots of twisted sounds, layers, mindkicking melodies,

excellent grooves And breaks.

Dont mind if its old or not, that's good. 8/10.

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Guest Goa Sage

Pretty average, but "Ultimate Experience" has its moments. "Alien Earth

Activity" is a moody track with the right extraterrestrial feeling to it.

Great electric guitars as well. The second best track is "Life Support

Technology", but the others are a bit too happy and unoriginal in some way.

This might not be my piece of cake... BUT, all lovers of melodic and fast

dancefloor stompers will love it. Just listen to "Master Of The Universe" and

you'll understand what I mean. This isn't a record I play often, but it still

isn't bad... A bit above average.

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Guest Matt

So what if this is old? Good music prevails over time... Tracks 2,3,7

absolutely brilliant! Too bad these guys broke up since they were never able

to touch this individually.

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Guest m e-mail is your e-mail

Children! you're so childish in your reviews somethimes... how can you say that

tracks "1 and 10 much too short" - these are intro and outro, so they should

be short, god damn it! and about "masters of the universe" being BAD?! - I

have nothing more to say... I'm just sorry for you :)

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Guest baltazar_dr[at]hotmail[dot]com

Still in 2001, one of the 10 best trance album ever made, this is what I love

trance for! Fast, intensive incredible! A M U S T H A V E ! 10/10, tracks 2,

4, 5, 6, 7, 8 - they all kicks asses like I've (almost) never seen before!

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OH...MY...GOD!!!!!!!!This kicks ass!!I can not understand why anyone that is

into goa would not like this or can say it is outdated. This is the Ultimate

Goa Experience!!! Hard, psychedelic, strange noises all the way, nice

melodies. And all these sounds that seem to be falling away and then start

coming back if you don't expect them to be there anymore!! For me this album

is one of the reasons I listen to Goa, and i can only say buy this and try it

out!! 10/10 UX RULES!!!!

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Guest Jason - Los Angeles, CA

Dude, Life Support Technology. What more can you say? Then there's Pure

Intellect and Masters of the Universe. Enough said. Listen open minded and not

on the currrent norm and you'll realize how amazing and before it's time this

CD actually is.

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Guest Rabbitakis[at]hotmail[dot]com

European Psy-trance at the best production .. This cd is definitely the

Ultimate Xperience of psychedelic trance. Master of the universe is the best

track in the cd.Chameleon , PureIntellect and Dominion are good too . It is

chaotic, psychedelic and freaks you out ,complicated and twisted acid sounds

that can make your head explode , The BEST CD IN 1997 ! 10/10

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Guest Quetzalgoatl

Indeed one of the best albums ever!!!!!

One bad track : Chrysalis

Three good tracks : Chameleon, Master Of The Universe, Pure Intellect

Two very good tracks : Alien Earth Activity, Mind Over Gravity (What a godamn

f*cking good climax, very danceable)

Two superb tracks : Life Support Technology, Dominion

I kinda compare it to a tunnel you get drawn into.The ultimate trip, that's for

sure.It doesn't sound dated at all, this music is ever green. The sounds and

melodies keep coming at ya (Escape Is Impossible ;)) and before you even

notice it you're at a superb climax that almost seems to last forever. Very

intelligent use of variations in the bass. The only thing I can point a finger

to is the fact that the samples are used in the same way in almost each track

(building of the climax, sample, bass kicks in). I also think that there are

very different styles on this album e.g. Life Support Technology, Dominion and

Master Of The Universe have a different style (Chameleon has a style between

LST and Dominion).

Just find it, it's a must!!!!

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  • 3 weeks later...

YIIIIIIIIIIIIHAAAAAAAAA!!! This is EXACTLY how I like 'em!!! Superfast

ultra-melodic with 1000 different layers at the same time!!! I know y'all is

gonna say that this is "outdated", "not minimal enough", "not progressive

enough" yadda yadda yadda, but if there are any people out there who want to

remeber the feeling of the true goa experience, this is a must-have!! The trip

starts at track 1 and you're hypnotised untill last track... I think this says

it all... 10/10 from me!!

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Guest peaceful warrior

I don't have this whole cd, but I do have the song dominion and I

have to say that it is a masterpiece. It is powerful, melodic, psyber-goa

trance that rips your mind open. If the rest of the cd is as good as this then

this is one of the best albums ever made. Awesome. I just wish I could find

the album.

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Guest Quetzalgoatl

It gets even better and better every time I listen to it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You just have to LISTEN!!! This is one of the best album I have!!!!!!!!!!

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